I personally didnt get what i wanted. I got a pair of socks which i could always use um, but i really wanted a skydio2 drone. Ive got the dji currently and i really want that autonomous feel, follow cam and the dji just doesnt do it so. But there is good news, my buddy mike who you all know from fun life on two wheels. He got one for christmas, so were gon na test. It out were gon na see. If it will really follow us were gon na do roller coaster. We may do road to. Nowhere were definitely do the downhill section were gon na just put it through its paces and see. If im gon na be ultimately happy that i didnt get it or sad and wanting to kind of borrow it all the time and ride with him, so it sound like a plan sounds good. So what are your impressions so far? You took it out of the box, took it out of the box, took it out front of my house, threw it up in the air seemed cool, but i havent really tested. This will be the real test. This will be. The real test took about all of 30 seconds to get that thing out of the box and ready to fly Music. It is airborne. It flies lets program that bad boy into some follow me Music. So one of the options we can follow it from behind us in front of us to the right of us to the left of us gon na do motion track Music man.

I can tell already that this thing is gon na be fun, so mike got the sport pack, so skydio used to be about a thousand bucks, a few add ons, and then they raised their price and now for black friday, they lowered their price to what the Old price used to be basically so roughly 1400 later mike, has the sport pack that includes the beacon for the most accurate, follow as well as three batteries and the charger the drone and the case, all in all, i think its a great value Music. So we had the bird up, we reviewed the footage. I think what were going to do this time is were going to go a little bit further away. Is what were going to do? Are we going to do the one were going to test it in front of us were going to do further on this one? You try further away lets, keep both of us in frame a little bit longer um and then hopefully, itll highlight a lot of these clips were going to be riding along, but today its about experimenting and testing it out, but the first run was good. The only drawback that we can take away from it was the fact that everything looked kind of flat and not as steep as what we hoped it would show, but maybe were going to try it further out, and maybe you can catch more of the topography. That way, ready, yes, sir, so just want to remind you that mike and i are both guys that have never flown a skydio.

This is really the first time weve ever got this thing in the air, and one thing we were not aware of is how the audio works. So what youre hearing right now is the audio directly from my gopro. I just pulled the track because the audio that came from the skydio, which connects directly to your phone, was horrible part of the problem. Was we didnt realize that the phone was recorded in the audio? So i think to fix that in the future, instead of just having that in our pocket and hearing the rubbing of the the phone against your pocket or backpack, i think if we threw some bluetooth audio device, maybe even an earbud wed be able to eliminate that And pick up some better sound but thats. Why were doing this were trying to learn and then share what we learned with you as we go? This should look pretty good mike nice. All right. Okay, so now were gon na try. Some follow cam directly behind us were using the motion. Follow cam. We didnt realize theres, two versions of it theres, one that is more of a spotlight or actually a fixed version, which will focus directly on the beacon which is in mikes backpack. This one is focusing on the motion of the riders, and that rider is mike whats interesting. Is it picked me up quite a bit like here, take kind of mike out of the frame a little bit.

The only explanation to that i told mike, is it just likes to focus on the better rider? I doubt it Music, one of the cool things about this too. Is we get to highlight to you some of the awesome parts of the trails here in southern utah? I mean look at these views. This is less than five minutes from my house and i get to ride it all the time. Man – and this is also the day before a huge storm was going to come in, so it might be the last day of the year knock on wood, maybe well get another ride in, but winter is here Music. Now we wanted to turn it around and do somewhat of a reverse. Follow cam. Where were following the camera and its as you can see right on our faces. Whats interesting here is: we are climbing up a significant climb. This climb probably is going to give us another 60 to 70 feet in elevation, but what you notice is the drones capability of just staying with that elevation gain as we gain without going up or down up or down it was super smooth. It was fun to see how it worked. If you notice, we did a whole bunch of dips and turns, and the drone stayed with us the entire time Music. Okay, so we were on a relatively uncrowded trail and some people just absolutely hate drones, so be careful when youre flying around.

But if you do come across a group of people on the trail and you have it in the air – pretend that it is just following. You and youre trying to get away from it because its autonomous and they cant tell that you have control of it Music, so looking at the video and watching the features go by and also comparing it to my actual pov on my gopro one drawback to this, I dont think its too huge of an issue is, it makes us feel like were actually going a little bit slower than we actually are, but i think that has to do with just the distance away when youre closer to the ground, with the gopro, its picking Up everything going by it, making it appear to be faster. The other thing we were concerned about is: are we going to outrun the drone and we got to one point. We were doing about 23 miles an hour, and the drone stayed with us thats about as fast as i ever can ride anyway. So i think its going to manage to handle the speed that we throw at it, no matter what the trail is Music. So before today, my only drone experience has been with my mavic air dji that i carry quite a bit. The nice thing about that is. It fits right in my backpack um, actually my fanny pack and its just not even noticeable, but when you try and throw it in the air and just take off it loses you constantly it doesnt do what this thing is doing right now.

So right now we switch the mode to a fixed point which is in mikes backpack. So you can see. I am not in the video because im just a little bit out of the frame and in order to get in the video with mike on this, i need to be exactly right on his tail or in the right angle. What i notice, when we switched to fixed versus just the motion um, is: it was like a laser. It didnt dance around the sky as much as it had before, and it just seemed to focus right at mic, which would be really good in the future. If youre going to be doing some single pov type stuff, that little section mike just went down three weeks ago, we were not riding that thats, how far weve progressed in our rock roll section, its actually pretty steep, if youre ever on, dyno tracks check it out. But it makes it just a little bit more fun, Music, Music, Music, so to wrap things up. Am i sad that i didnt get a skydio for christmas? Well yeah, but am i glad mike did heck yeah? He even called me last night after and said: hey anytime, you want to use this thing. Let me know ill come film, you so its gon na be in more videos. I guarantee it and, as we learn how to fly this thing even better, because theres a lot of different things on that menu that we havent even played with, i think its gon na be good.

The potential is great. So if you got a skydio2 for christmas, congratulations get off the couch, get out and fly it Music. Once again, thanks for watching this is jason from riding my best life. Please like please share.