This is the unboxing of my new skydio2 autonomous drone. So several months ago my friend randy said: hey. You got to check out this new skydio2 drones, yeah yeah yeah. He said no it’s made in america. You know drones made in america because you know i have the dji and that just all goes right back to the communist party’s computers and yeah that’s. Why you can’t use them on government uh installations and for good reason, so an american made drone and then one that has a very amazing ai and is essentially autonomous. This thing has cameras everywhere, so i check it out. Well, the starter kits a thousand dollars a thousand dollars. It didn’t even come with a controller. So for a thousand dollars. Oh, let me let me just stop right here. That was when i ordered it back. Then you know, if you pre order it the normal price, the the new price, they even said the price is going to go up when we start rolling these things out, pre ordered it. I put 100 down so that 999 dollars for the starter kit is currently 1349 and really it’s worth the 1349 dollars, but for that 999 for that thousand dollars, you know man, i mean it’s a lot for a drone it’s american made and it’s it’s better than The new dji – i can’t stress that enough, but watch the reviews, because you know my review on this gon na suck because i’m just doing an unboxing.

So, as a starter kit, here’s, what that thousand dollar gets you, it gets you the amazing drone, with all those avoidance obstacle, avoidance cameras. It has. It gets you that drone you get one battery, you get a pretty nifty case and they call it a soft case, but it’s not super soft it’s, a pretty firm soft case. You get a charger and you get two props. Let me tell you what you don’t get you don’t, get a controller of any kind. You don’t get that mini handheld controller thing that mini thing: it’s, pretty cool it’s about the size of a smaller tv remote. Maybe, like you know, a dvd player remote and with that the drone will follow you, you set it at which quadrant you want it to film, yet it’s, pretty cool, some very simple buttons and that’s. The first thing i’m going to try out it doesn’t even come with that and it doesn’t come with. Definitely doesn’t come with a full controller. You need. So if you go up a level, i believe, when i was ordering it would have been like 14.99 ish, 1500ish you’d get the sports kit, and that comes with the drone that soft slash, okay, which is called soft case, the power cord for the charger. The two spare props and you get three batteries. In addition to three batteries, you get the dual charger, which is very cool, and you get 128 gig micro sd card and, like i said you get that beacon thing.

So the difference between the basic one, your starter kit and then the sport kit is the two extra batteries didn’t used to be that way. It used to only be one extra battery. So now you get two extra batteries. You get the dual charger which is back, ordered you get the sd card and you get that beacon controller. You know that’s really cool, but i wanted not just the beacon control. I wanted the real controller, so i had to go up to the cinema kit. Now the cinema kit was, i think, 1899 or 1999. You know just a little little below 2 grand it’s currently at 21.99, so it’s, currently 2, 200. Now what you get at that is. Obviously you get the drone and the drone warranty. You get three batteries which remember you also get that in the sport kit. You only used to get two in the sport kit, so you get three batteries. Instead of the two spare propellers, you get four, you get the all the other stuff charging cable wall, adapter, blah blah blah. You get the micro sd card, you get that handheld beacon. You get the dual charger, which is very cool. You also get the joystick controller, which i definitely needed. I had considered getting the sport kit there and then just ordering the controller afterwards and then not knowing exactly what the controller would cost. You know 200. 275 bucks. I just what the hell i’ll just go with a cinematic kit.

You get the joystick controller, which is essentially a parrot drone controller, and we can talk about that more later, but the controller is made by parrot. Yes, you have to hook your phone to it and if you remember my horrible samsung ae10, you know just my basic crummy phone doesn’t have a strong enough processor to run any of my drones. So i had to buy a used note 8 on amazon. For a couple hundred bucks, you know a little stuff burned into the screen, but that’s what runs my dji drones? It runs my gladius underwater drone, my chasing my gladius chasing drone or chasing gladius drone, and it will run this, but a couple of extra really neat things come with this cinematic kit. You get three, i believe, they’re three polar pro nd filters. You get some pretty cool camera filters, you know and when i bought those, maybe not would you really like to have some filters on some drones? Sometimes, yes, i would please and they’re supposed to be pretty good quality filters, but you get a custom pro hard case. Now this hard case has slots for everything you need to haul around all your junk, and it is custom cut just like that hard case that one we bought for the dji mini 2. They laser cut all the little things, so everything fits in there. This hard case is very cool and really, if i hadn’t have bought the hard case here, i’d just go, get an aftermarket one or go to harbor freight and cut my own and then obviously, if i cut my own, it looked like crap wouldn’t be specifically made For this so yeah, currently, if you want this cinematic kit, you’re at two thousand one hundred ninety nine dollars, you got ta put a hundred dollar refundable down payment down, you reserve the basic and then within 45 days they contact you and say: hey your drone’s, going To be ready in a week, wait for the email and then you get the email and they say your drone’s ready and i think you have up to 60 days to actually buy the drone, because you know maybe you don’t have a 2 grand laying around you.

Want to wait till payday to cover it, and then you buy it. Oh, and when you buy it, you you’re buying the starter kit. Then you upgrade right there. So, even if you weren’t sure if you wanted the cinematic starter or sport or whatever you wanted or pro kit and the pro kit, i mean that’s like out of my price range, because that’s three grand and with the pro kit, you have pretty much everything. We talked about, except instead of four extra propellers, you get six, you have the same three batteries. You have the hard case. You got the filters, you got the joystick controller, you got the other goofy controller, you have a tablet adapter for the controller. You know, and then you have skadio premium support. I do not know what a tablet adapter cost. Nor do i know what skydio premium support is worth, but i can’t see i mean i can’t see how it’s worth 800. I mean this thing. Just must be amazing. Um get the hard case and everything so yeah. I don’t know what the premium support means. I would never use it um so yeah something you will notice about this drone. The props on the back are located on the top. The props on the front are located in the bottom now that could make it a little difficult for you know, hand landing. I mean you can still do it, but you watch out for those props um and then how you’re supposed to fly.

This is to land. It you set the case down the case. Has that symbol on it, the skydio symbol? The drone looks for that skydio symbol to land on so it’s, also a landing pad being autonomous, and it will just fly itself: hey that’s, a drone pilot right there. I still have to get my commercial drone license, but at least i can well you think i can say: hey i’m, not actually flying the drone it’s the ai is flying. I think that the drone itself might be able to get a license, but i won’t have to go. Take the faa test. Yeah, you have to go in person. Take a freaking faa test, so yeah you can do the renewals online now, but the original test you have to go down to one of the faa offices at an airport all right, so i hope to get the rest of this video going. We can see some good videos from this in the future. Leave comments in comment section, as always, thanks for watching, as you can tell, my camera is running out of time.