Stun drone let’s, take it out of the box and look what’s inside here’s. What comes in the box here’s the drone and four propeller guards that i already put on here’s the battery. It is a 3.7 volt. It has 650 milliamps and it is a lipo battery here’s, the charging cable it’s, usb it and it plugs into the battery like this next there’s, four replacement props. If you break these ones, um there’s, two greens and two blacks, they also provide with four extra screws. If you need to put the blades on because there are screws here and these match up next, they provide you with a screwdriver for screwing the screws into the drone, also there’s some instructions which you can do what i do and throw them over there, because i Already have drones and i know lastly here’s the remote. It requires three aaa batteries. It has the stunt button on the top here: um there’s, the launch and land button, the power button here and sport mode and normal mode now let’s install the battery in the drum. What you do is there’s this little um thing here and you pull it up so that it creates a hole for the battery to go in. Then you snap it back down um and put the battery into this little hole here and you get lights. Let’S connect! The remote to the drone, you hit the power button, you get that little sound and it connects we’re ready to fly let’s check this out, we’re ready for our first flight let’s check out what this can do, the other than our launching square right here and i’m Gon na walk over here, just in case, so this thing is really cool.

It has hover mode and autopilot it’s in hover mode right now i don’t even have to touch the levers right now, i’m in normal mode, but maybe i should switch it to sports now. I’M, going to go back so we’re gon na try to do a stunt in the rain let’s hit the land button and land this drone land. This thing is really cool for an entry drone, that’s really affordable. It’S super easy to fly has some really cool features, and i would recommend this for anyone thanks for watching keith’s trusty world goodbye, Music, Music, Music.