My review and testing of the sky. Viper um it’s it’s still it’s the first one on level, one it’s it’s about the mini one, but it but it’s but it’s below the white one and it’s below the one that’s below the white one. I i always have to remember the scale i don’t remember. The names so yeah let’s just get straight into flying this. Hopefully i don’t drag crash down the roof again, but it’s hard to plug this in sometimes all right, you got it, keep it away from the garage as well. Oh, okay, he’s down. Okay, what all right go ahead and review it tell him what you did well so to barrel roll you hold the stunt button and either go left right up or down to do barrel. Roll this way up barrel roll! This way. Do you think it’s a simple to use thing, yeah, it’s, really simple to use and it’s very, like you just have to it’s, basically just two taps: it’s it’s, a pro it’s a button press and a stick shift so it’s easy to control easy control, easy stunts! Yeah so that’s the review guys, hopefully you enjoy it i’ll most likely do some more flights in the future, and maybe even this was my old drone. Did you end it? Oh well, anyways guys? Hopefully you enjoyed that.