I will be unboxing this sky viper rc drone um some things you could do. You can do 360 flips. It can have auto autopilot like cold position, its a stunt, drone and yeah so lets get into it. So first im recording with one hand, so its gon na be a little hard opening. This, let me go get some scissors yeah after that were all set so ill, come back to you guys once i get it open. So what you got in the box is your remote, some safety things like you put you put it right here and its just lets say you fall, you dont, destroy the propeller and i believe thats, where the battery goes and since im working with one hand, let Me cut these then ill. Come back to you guys so now that we got everything, undone um, it doesnt come with three: how much triple a battery, so youre gon na have to supply your own, but with everything else, it comes with the mini yeah, its a lipo battery you put into The drone and ill come back to you guys once i get it all running so now, so the remote has launched land normal and sport. So for now were just going to go normal then were just going to press launch. Then it launches it for you, then i i need to press land and it fell. Lets go see what happened. So it looks. Okay, oh no! No! No thats! Not a good idea! Lets pick it up lets go to our open area and yeah.

So lets press launch now lets. Try sport mode, see it just hovers um im, not even touching the control lets, try one more time so were gon na go so my sisters recording so so lets. Try going up. I dont know if you guys could see it. Well were probably about how much like 20 feet in the air. I think you can see it still wow and now were just gon na press land and its gon na last. All right guys, thanks for watching this video.