I know it’s been a while. I haven’t really uploaded videos in a long time because i was just running busy and i was also planning to quit my channel because, like um i’ve been losing a lot of subscribers and a lot of viewers – and i i forgot about my my ideas and i Haven’T really played my my gaming games and plus i wanted to quit this. Like around september that’s. When i started, i was going to start quitting being a youtuber so close to delete it, but anyways merry late holidays. I understand it’s been a while. I miss you guys so for all my viewers and yeah today i’m going to be doing um about i’m, not an unboxing, but a review on this on this thunderblade thunderblade, a thunderbird two quadro with wi fi camera, so it’s a skyrider drone. I got it from ebay um, my dad ordered it for me for 30 bucks, but i don’t know if it costs 30 bucks or if it was 70. but yeah. I ordered this drone today, not today like like two days ago, it’s shipped to my house and yeah. It says that, with a with a real lifetime, videos and photos, you can use your smartphone to record this. You can use your vr stream phone to see i’m. Not sure led navigation lights and it has a controller and yeah it’s, a skyrider and yeah. You might want to download this app it’s called skyridercontrol, so yeah, ages, 14 and up and yeah.

I already opened it the box, i already unboxed it so yeah it’s a really good deal. These are the instructions, the instructions and yeah so let’s move on to the drone. So, as you can guys see, this is the drone it’s really small. I thought it was going to be big, but now it’s, really small when you unbox it out of the box um, and you got to put these on and the legs. So, just just let you guys know that it comes with the long screws, the long ones with the shorter uh little springs and the rest is aligned. They go on the bottom for the legs and the other ones. They go here so yeah. This is the drone. It comes with the camera, comes with the camera like this. The camera can move like this and to charge it you take this off. You push this back like this, you open it and yeah the battery is already in. I was flying it earlier today, but just i couldn’t really use my phone to record with actual photos to make a video because um i had a lot of space to up space, my phone and yeah. This is the plugger of the camera, so you just got ta watch out. If you pull this because if you don’t, if you pull this really hard on accent, you can probably break these cables and they don’t have parts for this drone. I was looking up earlier today, so yeah it’s, a really nice drone, it’s black and silver and the blades are really nice.

It comes with two, it comes. It usually has four plates, but it but but but when you box it it has two plates on extra one. It only comes two: it doesn’t come with four blades, only two and yeah so yeah. This is the the quad drone and yeah, comparing with the x1 drone. Now now, i’m gon na be honest with you before i uh i uh i wanted this drone. I was gon na buy the sema, the the sema drone it’s, the it’s, the one that it’s it’s a it’s, a drone like it’s, a a brand like this one but yeah it’s sema. So what i’m gon na do is that i’m, just gon na um show you a pic and yeah be right back, as you guys can see the pic that was the scene. I was gon na get yeah that one. I also wanted to get that one, but i decided to get this one because, like i’m, not i’m, not really i’m, not a fan of drones because because, like i don’t really play with them with drones, i only like to record but yeah i’ve never owned a Drone before in my life, i only own this one, this one i had for like almost a year, not a year but like six months ago. I had this one, but i never flight it because it was broken. So i fixed it and yeah, but yeah the sema ones. Uh is the same like this one, the x1, but the siemens one has the same blades and this one has the same place now.

I’M. Gon na be honest with you. The skyrider drone has the same blades like these ones, but the sky rider has them short, and i measured these ones. I measured these ones on this one and the problem is: when you fly it, they will hit and there will be an a really really loud. Sound and it’s gon na be a really big time on one, and it could be that you can probably break your damage. Your motor or your blades and won’t fly never again so yeah. I won’t recommend you putting these plates on this one. If you want, if you, if you guys own a skyride skyrider that’s, broken, then just order a new one for parts but yeah you uh, i only got two, so i don’t really crash this one a lot but yeah. This is a skyrider. So when uh as soon as you unbox it you to put these the legs on and the little protection so yeah and also the sema one i was gon na, get it but yeah. I look up videos up at the sema and yeah i’ll probably get to see my next time but yeah. If i get to see my if this one breaks, probably and i’ll, probably order the sema and i’ll show you guys the results of the sema and i’ll compare this email with this one. And this one and just let you guys know that the sema comes with it does come with an sd card and this one doesn’t.

This message is a wi fi, comparing with the controller. This is the controller of the of the sky rider and yeah. This is just think too for the phone holder, so the controller, i really like the controller, it kind of looks like um kind of like, like a playstation controller, because it’s like the like the controller, the triggers from the controllers on and on. So if i turn it on right now, it’s gon na be a little quiet, and then i remove this and yeah you press and to fly it well. I’Ll come back later with the flight, so yeah. This is the this. Is the controller it’s really nice? I really like this controller, comparing with my ps4 controller and yeah so yeah as you can see the ps4 controller, the joysticks on the bottom. This one are right and left so yeah stick them together like this, and i can tell that the skyrider one is a little bit longer than the ps4 and yeah. The skyrider is bigger and yep and yeah yep. This guy is a little bigger than the ps4, and also this this one. This controller also takes four double a batteries and yeah. Now now let’s talk about the stand holder, the stand holder. I don’t really like it, because whoever made this and really made a really bad job, they should have more work on it better than than how it looks like because, usually usually my phone is really heavy because, like my phone has a a super heavy cover case And when i put it on like it bends back like this, it bends back all right anyways, and this is what happens when the the charger now let’s talk about the charger, the chargers like all the way to the to the kitchen, because i was charging it Earlier today, so yeah the charger.

This is how you take off the battery. So yeah you just close it like this. You push this in like this, and then you close it yeah. You push it like that. It’S, just a snap, sound, okay, now to take it off, you push it back the camera like this open it down. You pull this and then you won’t, pluck it and that’s the battery. Exactly. I only have one i have two so yeah, then you plug it in and also when you charge it uh. When you charge the battery, it has a red light on the on the cable, and if that red light is on, that means that the battery is dead. If the red light is off. That means that your charge, your battery is, is successful, successfully charged and now let’s move on to the flying. Using my my my phone because i don’t have a camera and just let you guys know that if you guys have a skyrider drone and if you guys um ever recorded a video and want to upload it to youtube you guys. This is going to be a really tough thing. You guys are going to are going to have to screen record the video that you guys made um frying flying the drone i’m, just going to record the video as soon as you’re done flying the drone and then, after that, you can just guys edit and upload. It to youtube, but yeah anyways.

This is how this, how it looks like when i turn on some solid red and blue lights, so you put in the ground like this. You turn on your you turn on your controller like this, and then you move this up. Like this, you press this button, so yeah so yeah. If it lands on the floor. That means that they want to stop it so yeah, anyways, i’m, just gon na, say uh, taking a quick fly inside my house and then yeah so yeah i’m gon na take the camera and yeah, hopefully and yeah i’ll come back later i’m teaching that’s. How connected to your phone and yeah so first i’m gon na fly for you guys here it is, and yeah Music really nice drone. I really love it yeah! I just let you guys know that um yeah it doesn’t matter how high you can fly but yeah. I don’t, usually, i don’t, usually recommend flying outside my house because, where i live, i have there’s a lot of tall trees outside my house and i’m kind of afraid to get stuck in in one of them, because my house is really. My house is really small. It’S big from the inside so yeah it’s, really big from the inside, but the outside of my house, uh there’s, a lot of tall trees and there’s a lot of cables from the electricities, so yeah that’s, where i’m kind of afraid to get stuck and i’m also Kind of afraid to uh fly this strong super far away, and then it doesn’t know where’s my controller but yeah, but yeah i’m gon na my dad told me that he’s probably gon na give me another, but all i’m gon na do is just enjoy this room And yeah i’m just gon na take care of it and learn how to fly it and then, when i’m ready to get the other one, then yeah and also just to let you guys know that if you guys want to know how much is the dji drill? The dji drum uh there’s a lot of prices, but but usually, if you buy a dji on the internet um, you should buy one for 120 because in in ebay they have a dji drone for uh 120 dollars.

They sell it for or you can buy a theme at the fry’s store because there’s a store, that’s called fry’s, electronics and there’s a lot of a lot of um helicopter controllers, there’s, rc helicopters and yeah anyways. Also to connect the the camera to your phone. You wan na uh download here i’m gon na screen screen record for you guys, okay guys. So as you can see i’m in my phone right now and as and as you guys can see, you guys want to download skyrider control it’s this one. You open this up and also um these are they don’t show really the the thumbnail but yeah. These are all the videos i’ve been recording, so yeah they’re really embarrassing. I don’t want to show that right now, i’m, just going to record a video inside my house flying my drone and yeah. This is how it looks like so also to connect it you might want. This is the home page and also, if you guys download this app, you guys got to follow the rules. You press this setting right here. You want to keep the these two on and also you want to leave and also you’re gon na. You want to go to settings so first turn on the drone. The controller too then pull out your phone go to settings, go to wi fi and it should say: skywriter um, uh, dot, dot, uh for numbers. You press on that. Until you get a check mark then, after that, when you, when it’s connected, you want to go to skyrider control, you wan na you press the on button and then issues it should show the camera like here.

I will show you guys here. I’Ll turn it on. For you guys, so, as you can see, i turn on the drone right now. I turn on already now i’m gon na go to i’m gon na go to my okay. So, as you guys can see skyrider, okay, so yeah, you guys can see that blue check. Mark now you want to leave and you want to go to skyrider control and, as you can see, the the i’m holding i’m holding it right now and yeah and yes it’s right here, i’m recording and then you want to press this um the arrow button on The corner on the top: not that arrow, not the camera, but the video right there. And then you press that to record and when you like this and then when you’re done, recording you just stop and then a video save. And if you want to see the video you just press on this on that um play button, and also you also, you can guys also fly the drone using your phone, but just to be honest with you guys, it’s really tricky to fly with using your phone. You guys gon na need to have skills and yeah you press on this on and it teaches how how to fly so yeah and yeah i’m. Just gon na leave but yeah as you guys can see that’s how it that’s how this drone works and yeah i’m. Just gon na fly it around the house and yeah and that’s gon na be the end of this video and, as you can see, guys that’s what i recorded it.

I was on yesterday because uh sadly, i couldn’t record right now, because the battery just died on my drone so yeah. This is how it looks like when you fly it and yeah the graphics from the camera i don’t like them, but i’m, okay with them at least it’s worth it. The drone is worth it at least it’s a good quality, so yeah i flew it outside. It was a really nice fly. I moved it like that. That was me controlling it, so yeah so yeah that’s that’s my house right there yeah. That was me flying it. I was outside my house and yeah, so i flight it. I thought i was going to crash it to the through the truck, but i did not crash it so yeah so yeah. I flew it like that, and also also i was flying it and also uh. The battery died yesterday. So i landed on the roof of my house. I had to get it up up the ladder and yeah i landed between between the the truck and all that so yeah. I landed there there’s a long, video i’m just gon na skip that. I also floated on the top of the roof in my house. Those are um that’s, my that’s, my backyard that’s, the shed on my backyard of my house. Those are uh gramercy through the sun right there. That was my neighbor’s house and yeah it’s, a really nice drawing you guys.

It may look ugly from the camera but yeah and also to upload videos. You might want to screen record it and and just add whatever you want to add, but yeah i’m just gon na stop now from here and yeah. Okay looks like it froze okay, so so yeah guys hope you guys like this drone it’s a really nice quality. It’S uh, like i was trying to say, it’s a really nice drone, it’s a really good quality and yeah i’m. I guess i’m, not gon na fly every day. I’M, just gon na fly sometimes outside my house but i’m just going to be very careful with it because you know you guys want to live here. It’S really it’s, really like there’s a lot of tall trees. Here, where i live, i got ta go like a super feel like a super flat fields where i can fly this thing, but yeah and also just let you guys know that if this drone breaks, you can just guys order a new one but yeah. If this drone breaks i’m not gon na order, uh the same one, i’ll go with the sema and i’m gon na make videos about the sema and also as soon as i get this email i’m just gon na compare the this x1 with the sema and see If they’re both the same and yeah guys, because this one, this drone disconnects it while you fly super far away from the air and the controller, it has the same controller as the sima and yeah.

The sema has the same so yeah guys. Let me know in the comments which drone you guys have and yeah guys. That is the end of this video.