So today we are going to be checking out this skrc s2 mini foldable drone all right now i picked this guy up off banggood for like 35 bucks guys. I thought it was pretty cool now. What intrigued me about this drone that its a mini, foldable drone and its supposed to have obstacle avoidance you guys, so it has a little obstacle avoidance sensors all around it. Now something like that on a toy grade quad like that its probably gon na be primarily used mainly for indoors. I would think you know what im saying, because i dont see you pretty much using that outside, because its not its not um its got um its. Not going to go around things like a dji, would you know im saying the dji or something like that? I got the optical voice. Essentially it will actually like go around it. This is just going to avoid things like that, so i thought itd be pretty cool. Just to test to check this guy out and test it for 35 bucks now on the website, um banggood. They also claim, like an 8k camera 4k camera, something like that. Come on guys. We already know for 35 bucks im not expecting this guy to be an 8k or a 4k camera ive said that so many times on the channel before weve gone through this. I dont know why these companies boast that when they do that, when they claim 8k or 4k, something like that, all this guy is going to do guys.

It really just has like a 0.3 megapixel camera on there, which is a tiny little lens, thats, not going to shoot 8k, but its going to record it in like 720p or maybe 1080 at most, and then its going to interpret that into like a 4k file. On your phone, all right being that this guy saves directly via wi fi to your phone is going to just save that, and then the file will be 4k size, but its not going to be 4k video or nothing like that. Okay guys. But it does come with this nice little case and my case is really mangled up guys. This thing was really bashed up and shipping, so hopefully the drone flies well because uh uh really going over it really quickly. A lot of my extra goodies heres, our uh quick, start guide, so we got a quick start guide with the qr code. I want them chinese. They got one side in english. This is like the only english the instructions in all in chinese, its the only english youre going to see right here, showing you the qr code for the app the app is the ky fpv app. So you can pause that and hit that code. If you guys dont have your instructions so yeah and then this is this is the s2 skrcs2 and all this is chinese guys. So all chinese look at that so and then, like i said you do get a set of extra propellers look at.

You got gears and stuff, but look at my gear is all broken up. Like i said this thing was mangled in shipping mangoed in shipping, but uh you got a usb charger there, its a common usb to micro, usb thats, going to charge our battery pop guard. That im not going to use in a set of extra props extra propellers, guys thats our goodie bag. There, set that there um im doing this with one hand holding my camera you guys. So here is our controller. You see they try to copy a little dji style controller here and everything is labeled. You got your fake antennas up here, fake antennas up there get your speed button on that side. You got flip button on this side on and off switch this oas, thats, your obstacle avoidance sensor button to turn that on and off the traditional trim buttons right here, trimming buttons, you have your automatic takeoff automatic takeoff and landing your one key return, and probably your Headless mode on this, one single press button right here this button right here so and then you got your automatic, take off and land notice that its got a spring loaded bottle. Stick so thats out the two hole you guys and this guy takes three triple a batteries for this guy. You have three aaa batteries and you notice these little things they fold out, like i said im doing this with one hand, you guys they fold out when you stick your phone, underneath there stick your phone underneath there, your phone will just sit in there and access Your fpv phone mount – this is wi fi fpv, you guys so were going to see what this guy does.

So here is the drone. Now you can get two different colors, you can get orange or you can get black. So after for the orange got, the orange will be easier to see. So let me get that out the way. So here is the drone. You guys check out the drone. Its really nice has an led light up top on and off switch here. Heres a sensor right there for the front optical, avoid center sensor right here got some led lights right there heres that point three megapixel camera that i was telling you about and it is manually adjustable from the ground, so you can adjust it from the ground guys. You got a foldable arms front and rear, so you want to fold out these. You want to actually fold out these front arms first because they have the extending landing gear on the front. You got to fold out these front ones. First, so doing that folding out the front ones and its really wet nasty out you guys, so i doubt ill be able to get this guy outside. I might pop out pop up for a quick indoor flight today, but definitely wet rainy nasty out today. So i doubt it look at that. Thats all folded out check that bad way out that bad boy looks nice check him out, check him out there. So, like i said you got optical avoidance sensor there. I do believe they have them on the side too.

There you go, you got one on the side there, you have another one on the side. There, you have a optical flow sensor, underneath there theres no sd card slot and theres no sensor in the rear, either just a light. Well, not even a light on anything theres, nothing in the rear. This is just a single battery version. Heres, our camera, like i said you cant manually, adjust it so single battery version, im, not sure the size of this battery pull this guy out. 3.7. 1800 milliamp hour battery yep 1800 milliamp hour battery, so you should get a decent flight time out of this, its a lightweight drone. So you definitely aint got to worry about in certain countries. You aint got to worry about that weight. Restriction is definitely underneath. The 249 grams – you guys this is very lightweight, so you aint got to worry about that. Its definitely underneath the 249 grams, and here is our charger for the, where you charge it micro, usb port to charge it right there that could focus focus there. It is see their charger stick, the usb in there so and there there is a light, also led indicator, light its red and it will turn off when its fully charged so thats pretty cool and that boy just snaps right back in the back like so so There we have it guys xkrc s2 wi, fi, foldable drone for obstacle avoidance. So, like i said you guys give me a minute.

Uh well, probably pop up for a quick indoor flight, but this would be just the first unboxing initial. Just first look at it be curious to try and see what this guy is all about. 35 bucks, im, bang good! I will drop a link below, like i said, im your boy jones, the dogs hitting you guys with the bankers dont forget to like and subscribe catch you guys in the next episode.