This is the sjrc f7 and it is a foldable drone, with a 4k camera on a three axis, gimbal uh its about two hundred dollars, actually its about 230 right now, its really nice to see drone manufacturers producing affordable drones, uh with cameras on actual gimbals. I do like electronic image stabilization, but you really cant beat a real gimbal. Now the specs on this thing are awesome. How does actually perform well stay tuned? Music? Okay. This is really interesting. Its kind of like a a phantom style uh, but it folds kind of like a mavic right so uh. To me this really looks a lot like the mjx bugs 20.. The mjx bugs 20 is a drone that it probably should be compared to. This is an affordable, 4k drone uh for about 200. So if youre considering the f7 here, then youre, probably considering the bugs 12, the bucks 20 or the bug 16.. Now the bug 16, like this guy, is the only one with a three axis gimbal in the same price range. This drone does have some really impressive specs. It has a three kilometer range thats about 1.8 miles or so and thats, because you can connect to the remote control works as a repeater, so thats kind of nice. It also has a 25 minute flight time right, which you know is on par with some of those other drones, because this is made by sjrc, i suspect, to see a bunch of clones of this coming out on amazon at slightly higher prices.

So if you see something like this on amazon at a higher price chances, are, it was made by sjrc. They have a history of producing drones for other companies that will then rebrand and resell. So let me talk about the things that i like about this drone. Starting with the controller, it has a nice feel your phone goes up, top weve got dedicated buttons. Camera photo stop return to home pretty standard foldable remote does come with carrying case uh, which i do like that it does im not a big fan of cases in this style, but it works um. It actually fits pretty conveniently and theres room for other stuff. In here, which i do enjoy so lets talk about the drone itself. Weve got 1806 brushless motors, which is nice, helps with the efficiency and the long flight time so kudos for sjrc for coming up with something slightly different. This camera is huge, looks like it could be a monster sensor, but it isnt. The camera does sit on isolation mounts so that its nice. It does claim electronic image stabilization to go along with this three axis gimbal and it does a really nice job of smoothing out any shakes and jitters, and you know i wasnt getting any jello. The sd card goes right into the camera here and youre going to want to use that right. Thats, where youre going your 4k recordings, it will record 720 videos on your phone.

It has a handful of intelligent flight modes. There is an orbit mode that works pretty well fairly easy to use. There is a follow me, a gps follower its basically following the remote controller or the gps on your phone. So you send it up. You have full control of the drone while its following you, you can move the gimbal up and down, while its doing so works pretty well. So with the follow me feature like this, you just have to work a little bit harder to make sure that whatever youre following usually yourself because you have to have the remote control – is in the center of the frame. But it is nice, you can kind of control the drone, as you see, kind of move up and then pan down to keep myself in the center. Now there is an optical follow me, but i just couldnt get it to work, no matter how hard i tried it just, never tracked any subjects for me you can zoom in and out with this drum, but it is of course a digital zoom uh, not the Best use it here to see if the they caught anything but its kind of hard to tell as its not a real zoom, 11.1 2600 milliamp hour battery. Now this thing takes six and a half hours to charge. Yeah it uh. It does not charge up super quickly, so if youre thinking about getting one or two batteries or three batteries, you know just kind of keep that in mind and just charge via usbc same with the remote controller, so thats nice, but it takes for freaking ever it Is moderately stable, i would say, on par with drones in this price range and class and return to homework fairly.

Well lets talk about the camera. I just was super unimpressed with the video coming out of this thing. Actually, i think this is probably at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to comparable drones. I take pretty much anything from mjx over this: the bugs 12 bucks 20, the bug 16 all hands down better cameras than this. You know and its suffering from a low frame rate uh its 4k 4k right im, guessing its upscaled 4k. Its 4k at 15 frames a second which is pretty poor. You got a write, speed of 15 megabits per second, which is just kind of poor right, so dont expect high quality images coming out of this thing, i feel that the uh, the saturation is too high its just not sharp it. Just doesnt look good to me. I think there are plenty of better options, in fact, i think sjrc makes better options, or at least better camera as a drone itself, its okay um. You know my first couple of flights. It was a little bit glitchy. It doesnt stop super quick, so it tended to float a little bit on me and actually i i did crash this thing once uh so theres that but yeah its its just not where it needs to be. I was super excited about. This drone has some really awesome specs, but when it comes down to it, the camera was probably the most disappointing. It has some neat things.

You know i had some cool filters and things like that, but at the end of the day i want to take good quality pictures and video and youre not going to get it out of this now im not expecting the world. I have a drone thats just over two hundred dollars, but there are better options out there in terms of camera quality. I like that sjrc is making something different. I think if they were to use a better camera in here, this thing could be really good, but the end they cheaped out on the camera to me, thats, the most important thing on a drone is the actual camera. So you cant cheap out on the camera and expect to have a hot seller on your hands, its just, not going to happen. People want quality and this just isnt it. So i think in the end, the sjrc f7 misses the mark and i would absolutely go with the mjx bugs 16 pro. Instead, it also has a three axis: gimbal and no its not professional grade quality but still hands down better than this guy, so thats. My take uh: what do you think? What do you think about the sj rc f7, my off base? Did i hit it or was i on? Let me know in the comments down below what would you get if you had 240 dollars to spend? Would you get this or do you get something else? You know i dont think its fair to compare to something like the mavic mini, because one its a more expensive drone and two its just in another class anyway hope this was helpful.

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