What is the f11 pro? Well i’ll? Pretty much show you the difference here. So this is the first version, the f11, the regular f11 and it came with a 1080p camera. This is the f11 pro, which is this version, and it comes with a 2.7 k. Camera and 4k photos all right now. This guy came out about a year ago. It was a very popular drone guys – and i seen this guy on banggood for a very good deal now i’m, not going to say the price, because it was really cheap, came with two batteries. So, just if you guys are interested run over to banggood and check this guy out man, it was a very good deal, because the price that amazon has it it’s it’s a it’s, still a good price it’s right around 200 bucks on amazon. But i didn’t pay that i’m bang good. I don’t want to say it because you know a lot of times when you drop a youtube video that price shoots up, but very good deal i’ve been good uh. Let me get that that’s my battery charging on my uh for my rc car hold on so apologize guys. I’M back had my uh battery charging from my rc car over there on my hobby grade charge and it was beeping yelling at me, but yeah. This is the pick this guy up on banggood man, let’s just say a really good deal for this drone 2.

7 k camera. Okay, 4k uh photos has a over like a 25 minute flight time and trust me. It flies for a long time. Brushes motors foldable, arms, foldable, props, gps, all right 5g wi fi, so you do have to have the 8 0, the 8011, the nato 2.11 ac wi fi, whatever it is, but this is the 5g wi fi all right guys, and i decided to pick it up Now they came, they probably banger probably had this on sale because they just recently came out with the 4k, the f11 4k pro, and it has a two axis: gimbal eis and 4k camera all right. But this is the second version of it, and this guy was very popular. Guy came out a year ago, a lot of guys picked this up. A lot of people still fly this drone and i decided to showcase on my channel, for you guys and show you guys that you can get a good bang for your buck. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and still get a decent drone, especially for this price point. Guys, i’m very excited to get this. I remember when this guy came out a year ago. I really wanted one so here it is wow check that boy out check that boy out bye bye, but so i got the two battery version and it was a good deal. These are nice, hefty size batteries as well. You get about, i say 22 minutes a 25 minute flight time, depending how you fly it and they’re both in 25 minutes and trust me.

This guy flies for a long time, i’ve seen the reviews on it already. Here is the battery right here. It says quadcopter right: there has some led indicators on there. You see that you can press and hold and see how many batteries, how many bars you have this guy is almost charged. Has three bars out of the four. This is almost a fully charged battery. Just hold it so that’s, pretty nice it’s, the extra battery there set that off to the side and then underneath the battery you have like you have some extra blades, some extra propellers drop extra blades that’s, pretty nice extra set of blades uh, see we have here. This is probably going to be our instruction manual, yes, and i will go over that that will go over everything at the drone, so make sure you go over that and leave that nice and folded up for the f11 pro guys. So yeah man see what else we got controller check that out i’m, not sure if these antennas are fake faker. Now i believe these are real antennas, though it has like a little clickable thing that you have to like click to um. There you go click it up. Oops almost turn that off you have these little arms that hold out like this. So you have little handles grips. Look at that joystick feel good. You have a short press for a headless mode, long press and that turns off gps.

You can fly without the two hole. Um let’s see. Okay, this here you have the fpv foam mount there. You have some led indicators here: power switch, return to home, take off and landing let’s see video. This is the adjust the camera. You can actually adjust. The camera in flight let’s see speeds. This guy actually has speeds for a gps drone. Then you have your photo button all right and you have your led, led indicators for like return to home, your speed button photo and video button and your gps on and off button of the indicators. Let you know how charged the transmitter is, and this transmitter actually is rechargeable. Here’S, your micro sb micro, uh, usb port nice little gimbals on it, nice transmitter for the price man very nice, decent size, fall mount check that out that’s jrc man putting on putting on so what else we got let’s go ahead and get to your dig up Out of here and uh, i don’t see nothing else in there Music, they didn’t give us no um usb cord or maybe that’s it it’s in here, maybe let’s see if it’s in here before we get into the drone. I want to see if they gave us a usb port yeah. They did so the charger. Your micro usb car charger is gon na, be in here it’s. Just gon na be like a typical android charger. So i’m not gon na open it up.

So you’re gon na get a micro usb charger for your batteries, for your two batteries and for your remote and you get an extra set of blades guys so that’s in this box here and that’s all the contents of the box. All right – and you also are able to get this guy with like a backpack or shoulder bag that you can carry with it. You know so. This guy has it’s foldable gps return to home point of entrance waypoint flight, active track hand, gestures and about it says about 30 minutes. You get about 25. It says about 30 minutes of the box. You get about 25 minutes guys, look at the lens on that. Guy nice, big lens 2.7 k camera. So you can, you know, it’s going to get some nice quality video you can adjust it look at that it is full adjustable. You can adjust it all. The way down. Look all the way down at the ground. Nice brush. Brushless motors on it foldable props nice, staggered design, check it out so it’s a real, like almost looks like the xeno to me and what it looks like to me if i had to compare it to anything which i really don’t like comparing drones to other drones. But that’s what it looks like this guy feels really quality made doesn’t feel cheaply made at all check that out. Wow. Look at that so here’s. The extra battery here you just has two buttons here on each side of the drone.

You just pull it out or you press in and that’s how you take the battery out snap it in there’s your battery, so you get two batteries. I already showed you the one. Two batteries foldable props buses motors leds. There leds underneath check it out. Man, sjrc f11 man, and there is sd card slot on the side here. I think i think it takes up to a 32 gig there’s. No, it looks like there will be optical flow sensors that’s, not optical there’s, no optical flow sensor. Here, there’s no sensors at all on this drone, but for the price guys, you really can’t complain: it’s, quite windy outside, but we’re gon na go for a quick flight. Anyways we’re gon na see what it does real, quick because i’m really excited to fly. So we’ll get this guy out. I didn’t want to make it this uh table review or unboxing too long guys, but that’s. The sjrc f11 pro we’re gon na get this guy outside let’s, go for a fly, what’s up guys, all right so i’m out here with the sjrc f11 pro guys. This guy has a 2k video 4k photo nice wide angle lens on it guys 90 degree wide angle lens so we’re going to go for our quick maiden flight, now it’s a little bit late in the evening here, sun is beginning to set here guys so we’re, Not going to do nothing too crazy with it. You know i’m saying this is my first flight with it so i’m folding it out nice foldable drone with foldable props, brushless motors um.

I do have a 16 gigabyte sd card, but, as i was saying, we’re not going to go too crazy with it like sending it too crazy far and all that stuff like that right now. This is my first flight. I just want to see how it flies. How it handles and if it flies well all right, maybe to see what the camera looks like and we will follow up with another flight and test all his functions and his distance and all that stuff. So here it is all folded out in this glory, guys check it out. It says f11 quadcopter on the front arms nice brushless foldable motors. It was like we have some leds on the arms, um 16 gigabyte sd card right there on the side battery indicator with four lights. Let us know it’s charged. I did fully charge this battery guys. So yeah man let’s just go ahead and just fly this guy. This is the sjrc f11 pro guys all right now here is the controller and it’s. Everything is pretty much laid out return to home power button. You have some led indicators in here, like your return home indicator, your speed, um video photo button, uh, gps mode and stuff like that automatic takeoff automatic lane um. This is your short press for headless mode, long press and it turns off the gps. You can fly in altitude, hull mode, all right, you have a let’s see you have a photo button right here on this shoulder.

You have video button in this shoulder. You have the speed dial right here and you have your angle, the camera up and down. So you can uh adjust the angle of the camera in flight, so that’s pretty cool. So you have two handles here: fpv foam mount let’s get into the fly this guy. This is the sjrc f11 pro guys we’re going to turn this guy on let’s, go ahead and turn on the remote let’s do up down, binds it all right and look like. We do have some leds underneath that’s, pretty cool nice man, nice. So first thing we want to do is we’re going to go ahead and connect into the wi fi of this guy. This f11 pro guys. This is my first flight with it so we’re experiencing all at the same time, so it’s scanning for the wi fi network of this guy and, like i said this, just be a quick we’re just going to cruise it around real, quick we’re, not going to do Nothing too major with it. You know what i’m saying maybe test the return at home and stuff like that it’s getting a little bit late here in the evening. So here we go sj gps, pro all right, let’s connect to that so it’s connecting you do need a 5g wi fi capable phone for this i’m using a samsung um. Here it is the app you need, sj, gps, pro app let’s click.

On that sorry, i clicked they do have a little video. So then you just find the drone that you want. We want the f11 gps drone and it has a couple little indicator. The quick start guide to go over how to start the drone controls, learn to fly your photo and video gallery and then support so let’s go into controls. Click controls all right, so we already have fpv feed guys so that’s pretty cool. Now i want to go into the settings and make sure that i’ve turned beginner mode off. I want to turn beginner mode off, make sure you do that or you will have a geo fence. Yes, quit beginner mode. Yes, quit that, and i want to turn everything up so let’s get out of that, so essentially quick we’re going to mode yes turn everything up on my flight parameters, i’m, going to set the return altitude hold at like 40 all right and then hit save so That saves all right, so you make sure you turn your beginner mode off or you will hit the geo fence guys and it’ll just keep returning once you hit someone so far, so it says ready to fly essentially all right. My flight parameters are saved so guys. This is a 2.7 k, camera 2.7 k, camera 4k video all right guys so let’s see if we could go ahead and just start the recording recording started. So i have beeping coming from the transmitter and i believe it’s both sticks down.

Inboard starts the motors and then we’re going to throttle up nice and smooth nice and smooth guys. Now it is a bit windy, i’m just going to throw it up and let it just hover there look at that. You can see the wind getting on it. Recording this started i’m, not touching anything i’m, just letting it hover. Let me raise it up just a little bit. Let it hover! I want to make sure that it’s not toiletable or anything like that guys. You know what i’m saying and it didn’t ask me to do any compass calibration to be honest, but that’s, another thing, i’m kind of usually you have to calibrate the compass if they didn’t ask me to do that, but it’s holding this position and there’s no there’s. No um optical flow or nothing underneath this guy, so i’m kind of i’m kind of shocked that it uh it has gps, lock, already guys that’s kind of crazy. Does it have gps lock? Yes, it does. I guess it does. I mean it’s sitting there i’m, not doing anything guys and, as you can see, i didn’t do any compass calibration or nothing like that. So maybe it just automatically just grabbed it with a little glow, nast i’m, not too sure, but it’s sitting there and it’s home. So we’re recording let’s, just let’s, go out, like i said, it’s pretty windy and that beeping you’re hearing is the recording going look at that it’s, pretty windy let’s see if i can increase my rates.

So all right, i’ll increase the speed, i believe, with the dial and she’s flying up there in the wind let’s. Let me just plant it right there and see if the dps holds guys that’s, pretty crazy, no compass calibration or nothing like that, and i don’t recommend without doing a compass calibration, but i guess it automatically: just did it on its own by just sitting there. This is my first time flying the drone that’s pretty cool, so we’re going to fly out a little bit check out this f11 pro. You say i’m not going to do anything too crazy with it because i’m kind of nervous without doing no copper calibration of what it’s going to do to be honest, so we’re out there camera looks good. This says: we’re 75 meters out and we’re 14 meters in height and i’m kind of curious i’m gon na hit the return home just to see what it does. So i hit return to home and see if it comes back. Look at that raised up face towards me and it’s going to go up to that 40 meters that i set it at it’s, going to go up to that 40 meters and it’s going to return wow what the f11 pro is a beast! Yes, so here we go guys. That is amazing. I can’t believe that guys you seen that i just unfolded this guy set it down connected to the app it didn’t ask me to do any type of compass calibration or nothing, and this guy is on point the f11 pro man.

This is a very popular drone guys and i can see why and we’re flying in quite look at the trees we’re finding quite a bit of wind here. Sorry, so we know it’s returning at home. I want to cancel that so i’m able to hit the button again and cancel it and we’re going to stop the recording, so i’ll stop, recording and stop beeping guys. Look how windy the trees are i’m going to take a photo, so it took a photo buddy. This is dope. Ah, it is quite breezy out here guys. Look at this boy. This is the f11 bro. What you can angle that camera up too look at that. I don’t know if you can see the camera going up check it out, check it out. So let me start to record it again: let’s start let’s see. If i can angle that camp look at the camera, you can see the camera going down. Can you see it guys? Look at that that’s, the camera going down check me out there. Your boy draws a dog. What this thing is super dope, yeah man, f11 pro man – i didn’t know now you know check it out. I got people over here to see we can see these people over here. This thing is super dope guys. Let me angle the camera. Let me angle that up hold on hang that up. I got the camera angled up, it’s, pretty windy. I think it has over a 20 minute flight time.

I think they say like 25 minutes wow, so i got the camera angled. All the way up, i believe, that’s going down i’m trying to get my camera lens angled up all right, so i got the camera lens. Angled up check that out the f11 pro is a monster guys, like i said, we’re not going to do nothing too crazy. With it did a quick return to home test footage actually looks pretty good with it kind of surprised, and i got a 16 gigabyte sd card in there so check it out. Man f11 pro man guys got this guy on banggood, with the two batteries and it’s doing pretty good i’m, actually pretty happy with it. Even in the late evening, with the sun starting to set, the colors are looking really good on the camera. Flying in some decent wind here check it out, look at the trees they were blowing out and keep in mind, there’s. No, no gamble, no eis or nothing like that, but even with that, the camera still looks pretty decent, though wind is blowing guys let’s bring it on in go ahead and bring it on and stop the recording and snapped another photo really quickly and bring it on. In let you guys take another close look at this f11 pro here, really close! Look at it again, because this thing is a monster. I’M super happy with it. Finding some decent win let’s check that boy out just holding there sitting.

There hovering doing this on a little thing, guys your boy drove this dog go ahead and see. If we can get this guy for a landing here, we get a smooth landing. I will be happy i’m going to go ahead and just press the land button, and it should just look at that: go down really slowly really slowly i’m, not touching anything Music, that’s, really nice check it out, taking a little minute to come down and that’s. Really, nice, you guys i’m, your boy, drones and dogs. This is the sjrc f11 pro quick first flight with it awesome drone very, very happy excited to see what the camera looks like guys. I will follow up. We will test the app functions, it does have follow me and all that good stuff, waypoint fights. We will test that out coming here in the next coming weeks.