I reviewed this drone two years ago. A lot of people got heated about this drone. It did not deliver as promised. One thing it did do was give you an excellent camera right there um, but there’s. No image stabilization, they said they were going to do follow me. They said they were going to update the app. So we are going to check that out and see if they did so. I know as far as iphone goes, you can no longer download the app it’s not supported, so you have to use the android device and the app is supported. So we will try that from that i have my wife’s phone to do so. So the first thing that we are going to do actually we’ll just hold this and we’ll. Do it so everything’s in frame you’re going to turn this on and if you notice this is real touchy, the controller so but hold this. It needs to full chime and why is it not lit, maybe i didn’t full chime. It let’s try. It again turn this on. Oh now, it’s not staying on terrible. What is going on here. I literally just had this in the air all right, so we’re going to bounce back come on. How do we get the battery out? Damn? Maybe the battery actually was not all the way in let’s. Try to shut this off turn this on. It won’t stay on all right, so i got it figured out.

I don’t know if this button was supposed to lock down or what, but i have figured out how to get it to stay depressed um, so let’s go ahead and turn this on. Let’S go ahead and press up on top of the button. It’Ll stay depressed again. I don’t know if that’s something that’s malfunctioning or not – i don’t know, but here we have another issue. I can’t find the wi fi cannot find the wi fi for this drone. I tried it on my wife’s. Android i’ve tried it on this iphone and i can’t find it for some reason. This red light up here i’m thinking should be blinking to be transmitted. Wi fi. I can’t confirm that because i do look at my own videos, i don’t know so. We’Re gon na do a basic flight video, but what really sucks about this is there is no record button on here. Nothing on here to my knowledge, will start recording, which sucks, because that’s the whole purpose of this drone. It flies very docile. It doesn’t brush this motor, but it flies very dark and now the camera is pretty darn good on it. So maybe what i can do there was plenty of left on the sd card that wasn’t here. Maybe i could include that in the end, but we’ll do it basically fly in here to calibrate your gyroscope, you can go down and out you’ll get a green light. Hopefully you’re able to see that i’ll.

Do it one more time, as you can see, my one target is sticking um, but let’s go ahead and find a motor spider man just hit the unlock button. It’S gon na make a light out of me press it. Oh we’re, having all types of issues here come on now. This is ridiculous, guys, unreal unreal, you got ta reset, it doesn’t seem like my button on here is hitting there. It just did there, we go holy smokes guys and it just fell, probably because that button came out of where it was what man fyi don’t buy this in 2020 2021 man, um i’m, determined to get this in there. I i don’t get it. I really don’t get what’s going on here. Don’T get it at all. Can’T get the wi fi to connect that battery should be locked in if it wasn’t the battery, then there’s a button here. Frustration level is building, should be good. We’Ll go ahead and calibrate gyroscope we’ll go ahead and look for the wifi signal that we’re, probably not gon na, be able to find. I have the app up. I have it on the cell phone um, but it’s useless. If this is not emitting the wifi signal which it’s not so, what we’re going to do is we’re long holding we’re not getting a beep it’s, not registering there. We go all right. This arm seems like it popped out on the last fall. Yes, both arms popped out on last ball, which caused this ball.

I have both arms in. I think it’s actually designed to do that. That way, you didn’t break the arms, so that’s, one good feature be nice. If one of these falls would make this wi fi work because again the the the drone is, if i could ever get it in air and fly it’s extremely docile pressing the unlock pressing unlock man. This is ridiculous. We will get this in there. I don’t know how long it’s gon na take on how much this video i’m gon na have to edit and there’s no manual to get these motors to fire like no ends. No outs unreal unreal. What the heck we’re gon na try to bring that button back out this way, it may have actually just popped off where it was supposed to which it did wow ridiculous i’m. Almost done with this guys, i don’t know if we were going to get this in the air, because now the button is off, maybe i’ll tear it apart all right. So this is what it looks like inside. You have your gps unit here um. You also have two antennas gray wire here, there’s another one over here. One of those is probably going to be for the wi fi, the other one’s, probably going to be for your signal between the drone and that our button here, as you can see, is bent. I don’t know if you can see that maybe it’ll focus focus, focus.

Focus bamzo is bent considerably i’m going to try to get that, so it works we’re also going to mess around with this. With the shell off see. If we can pick up wi fi and then maybe get the camera working again as far as the app goes, so this button literally was just glued to this canopy. So i’ve taken some uh, loctite and we’re trying to re glue it, but it doesn’t make sense that that button has to be fully depressed. You think once it was depressed and held it’s on and then you hold it to turn it off i’m mildly confused here. Uh you can see, i have the button to press down. I also have a piece of wire in there keeping it depressed down because it won’t stay down. We’Re gon na try to fly this now um as far as the wi fi goes null and void. So the camera is null and void. Maybe i’ll show you the footage at the end, but again don’t buy this. Do not buy this drone even second hand right, here’s, hoping that our launch button works it’s ridiculous. Here we go here. We go guys. We are in the air, i told you we’d get in there, so i’m pitching left to right. You can see how docile this is. We’Re gon na go ahead and go up back forward. These are brushless motors. This roller does absolutely nothing you can see. It is holding pretty good dude.

This could have been a great drone. I was excited to get this back in the air. I really was there’s a reviewer on youtube. I think uh captain drone or something notorious for bad reviews. Uh tons of subscribers um, but the dude quoted this to be one of the best drones ever two years ago, when it came out which was complete garbage because you could see the issues that i’m having with it. If it was one of the best drones back, then it would still be one of the best drones right now. That’S, not the case. It is holding really nicely, which is really surprising. So if i wanted to go outside and do a line of sight fly with this that’s, how i’d have to do it i’d have to have that wire in there depressing the the button down to hold it down? I doubt any other reviewer that’s ever reviewed. This still has this drone because they probably ran into the same issues that i have whether they’re on the apple iphone uh, where they can’t get it in the app anymore or they have it on android, and they can’t find the wi fi settings i’m, going to Uh, my cell phones, here somewhere we’re, going to let it sit there i’m, not controlling it, it’s lightly, toilet bowling it. I do want to raise out to just a little bit here that we were above stuff, so it has a little bit of leeway to move around um.

We are going to go ahead and get into here. I want to see if maybe now the wi fi is kicking. No, i don’t have the wi fi that sucks, because again, that camera was pretty darn good uh, like i said, maybe we’ll include the footage that was on the card that was in this forever and i’ll show you that really cool looking design to it too. When this thing is working good, it’s, pretty good, it is not the best drone ever even if this was working great, it wouldn’t be the best drone ever do not confuse uh people that are just trying to take your money for profits because that’s. What a lot of the big guys do, a lot of the big guys say, and this is kind of junk, but you know what my following is huge, so i’m gon na say it’s amazing, my initial review i’m telling you what i’m telling you here i liked It i showed the video the video from this drone was good was not great, it was not stabilized, but it was clean and it was crisp um for a super folder super tiny drone, brushless motors it just did not have enough pep outside uh. The company said they were going to update the app who knows if they updated the app. I can’t connect to the drone itself guys if you haven’t, subscribed, smash subscribe button if you’re on tick, tock yo check me out on tick tock i’m doing different things over there than we do over here.

So it’s kind of like multi platform, uh multi platform chasing jay drone, seeing that behind the scenes of j drone, definitely thought we were crashing there. So i don’t know. Maybe i can repurpose this drone. There is four good brushless motors on it um it is foldable. Maybe we could do something else with this put a different board in it: uh maybe connect it to a jumper or something uh get a little bit better use out of it, because right now, without that camera being able to be record like i wish somebody’s drones, Like the hubsan h107c had a button bam press, a button on the drone you’re recording or why? Why did they not include a record button on this controller is beyond me and remember that little silver thing, sticking out of the back of the blue, is not an antenna. That is a piece of wire that i have the button to press down, that i had to re glue um because it ended up breaking, which is weird. I i don’t know again. I don’t know how something sits and then you come back to it. Two years later and it’s, just man it’s, like nah guys, if you haven’t, subscribed to this channel. Please do so. If you have questions comments, concerns, let me know if you have this drone. Let me know down below. Let me know again: it’s not very sporty for something with brushless motors. Do you think this thing would rip and again this roller does nothing.

I don’t know that we’re gon na do a full flight in here. I really wish we can get a record button on here, but there is no record button on here. There is absolutely no record button. You guys got to see the inside of this, though i’m sure no other reviewer has done that, where they’ve actually gutted it and opened it because they’re dealing with frustrations, i only have one screw in it. The rest of the screws are over here. Um pretty impressive, though indoors that’s, pretty impressive. It is gps drone who knows how many satellites is locked onto because there’s no telemetry on this, just as well as we cannot connect to the app because the wi fi is not transmitting. We are getting a mild toilet bowl, not really even toilet bowl but left to right, shimmy, maybe just a little bit of a toilet bowl, but nothing crazy. Like we’ve seen on larger gps drones of two to three years ago, we’re gon na attempt to land this. I don’t know how this is gon na work, so i’m going to press the center button Music and it did nothing center button – did nothing we’re going to go ahead and maybe press the one off to the right Music. The button off to the right did nothing. We’Re gon na move the mavic pro um that if you haven’t seen my unboxing on that, we did get a mavic pro 2. We also have an hotel up there, just as well as a million other drones in this room.

Um we’re gon na get it close to the ground and the button that we used to take off with i’m going to end up. Holding that whoo easy there i’m holding down the motors are not shutting down i’m holding the button we took off with which seems to have button issues. Long holding the center did nothing long holding the right. It did nothing i’m holding down on our throttle. It’S pulsing. I think i need to hold this unlock lock button, but it’s not registering it is not registering, so we can try to shut our controller off and that did it guys i’m jay drone if you have not subscribed subscribe. This is what i do. I go. The extra mile i hold on to stuff, as you can see, unlike a lot of the other reviewers, who probably threw this in the garbage or passed it on to the next guy, very quickly, again. I’M. Very sad about that camera, because that camera was actually pretty darn good subscribe hit. The like button check me out on all right last part of the video here, so this is the drone just sitting on the ground. You can see my shadow moving around look at the tree in the background. Look at the detail on the cadillac on the impala it’s, really good and it’s really sad that uh, the controller never had a function to start and stop recording because, as i showed, you i’m no longer connect able to connect to the wi fi.

Now this is the drone in flight, as i said before, it did not have any type of image stabilization, but if you flew this on a non windy day, i do believe this was a windy day. When i did fly, you could fly in a forward. Motion. Walk the dog type of flight and get decent footage, because the clarity of this camera is pretty darn good.