As you can see, it comes in several different: colors, blue, yellow red black and white. Now lets get this thing: open: okay, nice, packaging and heres. The drum its actually very small lets get this out. Okay, there it is power button, we got the camera right there, we got four wings, two black to white and then down here we have everything else. We have landing gear four and then we have charger and extra wings just in case they break. And here is the controller, as you can see, you can go up down. You can turn this one looks pretty nicely made. Looks nicely made all right, youre gon na charge it now yep lets go charge. It okay, guys were back with our drone and now were going to show you how to charge it. So obviously we have our charger here, its all plugged in and ready to go and now theres a tab right here, youre going to pull that off, put it down wherever and then youre going to slide out the battery right there. And then you have the charger here and there is a charging hole right there and you plug it in and it should start charging and when it is fully charged, you can plug it back into your drone and start flying again. Okay. So here we have, our controller, were gon na, take this for a test flight and turn on the controller theres a switch down here on and off lets flip it on real, quick and those lights should light up and now were going to turn on the drone Power button right there were going to hold down until it turns on like that, its blue okay.

Now we can take it for a flight on the controller. You have a start button here. Press start the wings will start to go up. You take this joystick and push upward Music and down the opposite. I really love this drone, its small, but that means it moves around in the wind a little but thats what i get for having a small drone but other than that it is phenomenal.