My name is adam bottom line up front yeah. I like this. This is pretty cool. If youre looking for a strobe for your drone, you should definitely check out the v fly. Strobe and the price on this is around dollars and it weighs six grams. Oh my gosh thats, so bright and thats pretty much all you need to know lets get started here. Vfl sent this to me to review. I did not purchase this and im really glad that they sent this to me, because i really like it, i love flashlights and lighting products, and that is what this thing is, and one thing i want to note just to be very clear. I have not actually tested this out at night on an aircraft for a long duration of time, so this is essentially just my impressions of it powering it up and trying it out indoors and testing it out outside a little bit. So this was designed to be stuck onto a drone, probably a photography style drone like a mavic mini right here, pretty much just stuck on and the reason why its designed for that is because it has a built in battery which is very cool. So you dont have to wire this up to anything. You could put this on a plane on a drone. Whatever definitions of things anyway, i mean really anything that you didnt want to have to wire up a power source to the strobe, so that is super cool.

Now, before we get any further, i know what you want to see so lets just look at the actual strobe itself and how it works. This is really cool. It has three different colors. It has white red and green and lets go through those. So it has this button right here and you just press it and hold the button for, like i dont know four seconds: oh my gosh thats so bright. It looks probably not very good on the on camera right here on the table top, but it is stupid. Bright, so you have kind of like a double flash: uh white strobe, uh press the button momentarily and then it will change to the next setting. So we have a blinky uh white light, blinky white light, and then we have a solid white light and it is very bright, its the brightest of all the colors, and then we have double blinky, red or double strobe red again. It looks really dark on on this tabletop camera, but its its really bright, and then we press that again we have slow blink red press it again. We have solid red press it again. We have double strobe, green press. It again we have slow blink green and then we have solid green press it again it goes back to white strobe. Now what you can do is you, can um just press and hold and it will shut it off and then, when you press and hold to turn it back on, it will come back to the whatever mode you had it left at.

So thats really cool. So like say, if you want a red light um, so you dont like blow out your night vision or something you could have it set to red, and then it will stay on red and it wont just you wont, have to cycle through everything to actually get To the setting that you want, which i think is really really cool, it does come with two uh hook: side, velcro, sticky, patches and then a soft sided, velcro, sticky patch to actually put on the the actual strobe itself. And it also comes with a usb cable to charge the battery according to the manual. The working time is about four hours i have not tested this out. I would imagine it depends on the setting that youre on. So i would think that if you do like a blinking red that would take a lot less energy than like a solid white. According to this, the visibility is three plus miles. The one thing i really like about this is the clear heat shrink tubing that they used. It is uh pretty thick and it allows the light to kind of like wrap around the strobe. I think thats a nice feature, i will say it would be nice if it was waterproof or or water resistant. It looks like its not, but you could probably easily just you know, waterproof it by kind of plugging up the holes on the heat shrink on either side now, obviously, the the ideal use case, or the intended use case for this would be something like a camera Drone like this mavic mini where you just like: stick it on there and then boom youve got like a lot of visibility or you could stick it on the bottom.

You could do one one of each something like that, but you could definitely use it on an fpv drone as well. Something like this, however um it. I would probably just go to the trouble to disconnect this on board battery and wire it into the you know into the flight controller electrical system. But i guess at that point you that probably wouldnt be necessary, because you could just have other leds that could be controlled by the flight controller, so yeah. It probably makes sense to just keep it in this one unit and keep it nice and simple. So the good thing about this is that if i did want to use this strobe even on an fpv drone, but like say, i didnt really need it most of the time when you do need it, you could just stick it on here. However, you want to do it or stick it up, probably on the top of the battery actually but yeah. Definitely having two of these would be cool to have on the top and the bottom for maximal coverage, im, not sure about the longevity of the battery um, because it just it looks like a generic little. You know one cell lipo battery, but i think if you take care of it, it should be all right now. Heres a lighting example uh. I was in a backyard and it wasnt totally dark outside, and i adjusted my cameras iso to basically match what i could see with my eyes.

So it should be a somewhat realistic example of what this looks like at night, but its kind its hard to capture it on camera because of the the led, the nature of the led and how the how the brightness is regulated and all that sort of stuff. But anyway, here i am and im going to walk about 40 feet away and show you what these look like. Okay, so thank you now out of all the different modes. I think i would prefer to go with the slow blink, because if you are flying a fast object, like maybe an fpv drone or an airplane, i think that gives a better indication of your movement across space, because you have that longer. Duration, blink, as opposed to the fast strobe where you can see where you are, but then maybe the next time the strobe goes off youre much farther away so and then, if you just do a solid color, its kind of uh its not nearly as eye catching. So in terms of anti collision type of stuff, that wouldnt be as useful, so id probably go with the slow blink, maybe the strobe, if youre doing more, like still photography type of stuff, but thats thats, just my preference. So if you are looking for a simple stick on solution for strobe lighting anti collision lighting on your flying thing, definitely check out the v f v fly, strobe ill have links down in the description to where you can purchase this and all that sort of stuff.

Thanks for watching everybody, i appreciate you.