I series lenses, which consist of six premium compact prime lenses that are designed exclusively for mirrorless cameras.. They are extremely compact, all metal built, and the coolest thing is that they have manual aperture control and even a magnetic lens cap. Sigma calls their. I series a premium compact primes that are stylish in appearance with impressive specifications and optical performance. And actually right here. I have one of 2 of their. I series lenses The Sigma 35mm F2 DG DN.. It is a small weather sealed and on the full frame, considered as a medium wide prime lens that comes both for L, mount and Sony E mount mirrorless cameras.. Since I dont have a full frame camera yet or anymore, I put it on the Sony. A6400 crop sensor camera and went around Copenhagen to take a lot of lovely and moody fall. Pictures that I am really excited to show you in this video. 35mm on the crop sensor is roughly 50mm, and that is one of my absolute favorite focal lengths after 85mm., So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and lets see how this lens performed. And before Really getting into this video, my friends from Epidemic Sound, are offering an amazing Black Friday deal exclusively for you.. They are offering a 90 day trial, Thats 3 months of access to more than 35 thousands songs and 90 thousand sound effects. Ive been using Epidemic Sound for almost a year and really love it.

. Basically, you sign up now and can use the service until like March And best thing no strings, attached. Download and use as many songs. You want on YouTube or any other platform, and if you are not happy just cancel without paying a cent or taking down your videos., This is a very limited deal and will last only until December 2. So if you wan na try it out be quick about it, use the special code. Toms90 and off you go. Link, of course, is in the description. Quick disclaimer here. Sigma did send me this lens, along with a few others for testing purposes, but I dont get paid or dont get to keep these lenses, so I have complete freedom to say whatever I feel like., Alright, so few key things you should not about this lens Aperture Range is from F2 to F22. You can focus as close as 27 cm 10.63. There is no built in stabilization in this lens Hood is included and it is all metal The lens weights, 325 g, 11.5 oz And is weather, sealed Okay, but whats the thought process of releasing such a lens. Well, there are actually a lot of 35mm prime lenses, and most of them are f1.8, 1.4 or even f1.2., And there are even two 35mm primes from Sigma itself. One is the f1.4 version and the other one is the f1.2 version which a lot of people love, But it is just humongous.

, So this new f2 version is basically designed as a more compact and more reasonably priced alternative to other prime lenses., But it definitely does not mean that Sigma has cut corners on build or optical quality.. Despite its compact size. It does not feel like a toy lens since its fully metal.. This lens actually has a lot of features like the previously mentioned. Aperture ring, smooth focus ring and also the AFMF switch, which you usually get with highly priced lenses.. The use of materials make me believe that you can be quite rough with this lens and it wont break with the first bump.. Remember Sigma gives a 5 year warranty to all of their lenses. That brings a lot of confidence. Quality. Wise. A plus point for Sigma is also the fact that all lenses are made in Japan, where they really care about the build and optical performance.. I cant stop talking about its size, but even on a small crop sensor camera like Sony a6000. This lens just feels right.. If you have the Sony A7C, then I think the I series lenses on a small Full Frame body is a killer. Combo. Speaking of price, its suggested retail price is 6′, which is a bit cheaper than Sonys 35mm f1.8.. I had this lens for about 3 weeks and I tested it in various scenes, but mostly I did lots of city walks around Copenhagen, just when the leaves were turning yellow., Since I always shoot in Aperture Priority mode.

I really used the aperture ring a lot and it allowed me to quickly shoot the same scene in several apertures.. Obviously, Sony a6400 is not a 61 Megapixel beast, so you cant expect insane quality with such a combo, but even when shooting at F2, I felt pretty confident about this lens performance., The further the objects were and the more I stopped down. The more sharp pictures looked across the whole area, even in corners. I especially enjoyed taking shots of buildings, trees and the city in general.. There were a couple of close up shots that I was not happy about, but I cannot scientifically prove if it was the lenses fault, it was super cloudy and a bit dark. So my shutter speed was not the fastest and it was also really windy. So it is likely that objects were moving a lot. And by all means this is not the sharpest lens I have seen. The sharpest I have ever seen and actually own is the Sigma 16mm f1.4 for crop cameras, and I feel like its hard to beat that lens.. But as you can see in several of these examples, there is plenty of sharpness and high quality, even from a 24 megapixel sensor., I absolutely loved the bokeh on this lens.. It is really pleasing and soft. In this shot. I love how the light bulbs and the whole market is blurred so nicely in the background, giving the image a satisfying mood.

. It was also really fun to frame my shots by adding objects in the foreground. They got blurred nicely giving a natural frame to the image. So that the viewer can focus on the subject easier., All in all, this lens is quite universal, as it can be used perfectly to capture objects in close distance and blur out the background, as well as have everything in focus and capture the image in its fullest Sharpness. Reading some reviews online, I found that some people complained about the fringing and chromatic aberration, but I took over 1000 photos and couldnt really find any of that. Maybe I should have tried harder, but with that being said, I dont think there are too noticeable problems with the optical. Performance.. Sigma also takes advantage of technology and they use in camera aberration correction, which helps to eliminate things like vignetting distortion, etc and at 35mm focal length. I would not expect those to be present anyways.. I did a couple of AutoFocus tests with this lens and without any scientific proof, but just sharing my personal opinion, I can say that the Autofocus was fast snappy and super quiet.. It had no problems quickly, switching from an object that is close to the minimum focus distance and then to the object that is far away.. I also moved the lens closer to the object and further away and the results were very good.. I dont imagine someone doing motocross or Formula 1 racing photoshoots with a 35mm prime, so it is safe to say for what this lens is intended to be used.

The autofocus is good.. I didnt test it myself, but rumors are that there is some focus breathing with this lens. In case you wish to use it to shoot videos.. I did not test its video capabilities as I think this is purely a photography lens and there are lots of other and better options to choose from if you intend to have a dedicated lens for video shooting.. To wrap it. I think this is a pretty cool lens aimed for those who care about the quality and want to take advantage of a compact setup.. If you are not someone who must have an f1.2 prime, then I think this Sigma 35mm f2 lens could be a really good, option. Thats it for me today. Thank you so much for staying this far in the video., As always, Toms jurjaks.