Today we are going to be taking a look at this shrc mini drone, guys now i’m, not really sure what they’re branding this guy but uh there’s, really nothing on the box really that they’re calling it but it’s one of them little led drones. That light up. One thing that has on it is the shrc. I did pick this guy up on amazon. It was like 21 uh. If you hurry, i do think they got a 5 coupon off of that 21. So you can get this guy really really cheap. You guys uh. Just thought i’d pick it up man, because i like these little led flyers, especially for flying indoors, when you’re bored it’s really easy just to pop one of these guys up in the air, and this one actually caught my eye because it the frame lights up, it’s, Pretty much crash proof for beginners, because you have that protection frame around it and i just thought it looks pretty cool. It comes with three batteries, guys three yeah yeah, so uh. I thought you would get plenty flight time out of this guy, especially if you’re bored indoors man i’m, just going to unbox this guy now i’m, not sure if i’m going to do an indoor flight or outdoor flight it’s kind of crappy outside. So i figure we just unbox this guy and kind of play it by ear and see what it does. This is the shrc stuff here in the box.

It doesn’t even say the name of it on the instruction manual, so here’s your instruction manual. I don’t see how yeah english, japanese and german languages so pretty sure you guys are going to want english. It seems to be fairly well detailed. For the most part, it seems to be fairly legible, so we’ll get into that. Of course you got this. What is this um a little warranty or something like that customer service so check that out what else is in there that’s that’s empty, so it just says the drone man i don’t i’m, not really sure what’s the brand name they’re calling this guy. So here is our goody bag. Look like we got a charger in there usb charger like it’s, a micro, low c connection. There is what it looks like to me: four extra propellers and a phillips screwdriver. You guys know the typical stuff that comes with these little toys really quads, so let’s go for the gus, though huh let’s see oh so check it out. Here’S the quad right here check it out and it looks like you have the option of putting this. Oh, they give you a couple. Look look at these protection rings. You get like two rings. I’Ve never seen that before, and they give you the option of. Actually, i guess putting these rings on. If you want to or not you know what i’m saying but check it out, they give you two.

So maybe these things pop off really easy, i’m, not really sure why they would, but here it is and they just actually just snap into place. I actually do think they just snap into place, so i ain’t gon na be worrying about that too much right now, because i’m, pretty sure it’s gon na take a little time to snap it into place. But essentially, when the ring is on top it’s gon na have a protection effect. You know what i’m saying i got one to try to get in there, but i ain’t going to be feeling fiddly with it too much but check it out so that’s how it will look with them. Little rings on there so looks like you have two extra batteries down there and you have your controller. Small controller altitude hold of course, label buttons. Those you got takeoff and land emergency stop return the home one key return: i’ll return to home it’s, like you, have a light button um you got your traditional trim buttons here pitch and roll throttle. Stick so yeah! You know a couple buttons up here. It looks like this would be your speed button and your 3d flips right here, because they have little pictures there so and probably going to take three aaa batteries for the transmitter. All right everything looks pretty simple. With this guy and we’ll get this protection ring put on see what these little batteries here. Look like pop one up out real quick, so yeah, there’s gon na be a little connection to the charger you’re gon na.

Stick your charger right here charge this little guy. So we’ll get one of these charged up for a flight, maybe two of these, depending on what kind of flight time you’re, probably gon na get about four or five minutes of flight. With this guy, a little shrc mini drone um thought it was supposed to come with three batteries. I guess it only came with two, so yeah man does have on and off switch on top, though that’s kind of cool – and i think it came in a couple – different colors i’m – not really sure about all the colors that came in but we’re gon na fly, Get this guy charged up and go for a quick fly with this guy, all right guys, we’ll be back all right guys, so we got the batteries charged up for the little shr3 mini drone all right real quickly. Before we fly, i did get to go over the instructions. Real, quick and we’ll go over the transmitter. So you got your automatic takeoff and automatic land button. Here. You have headless mode on this button. Here you have emergency. Stop. You have one key return. You have the light button here. Of course you have your daughter stick, which is center center, so that means altitude hold pitch and row stick and you have your traditional trim buttons on this uh directional pad here and then in the center. You have the calibration button that calibrates the gyroscope of the quad.

You have 3d flips on this button, sure press it give the right sticker input and the quadcopter will flip in any direction, long press it and it has an auto orientation mode where it will actually just yaw by itself and then um on this one. You have your rates, has three rates uh, low, medium and high rate, all right guys, so let’s go ahead and fly transmitter does take three triple a batteries for the back, so let’s fly. This guy does have an on and off switch, and i did get to get my all right, guys. I’M back, i apologize. I had my buddies walking up the street wanting to talk to me so, as i was saying this frame this led frame on the drone. Actually does light up around the frame and it does have actually two leds that light up in the front, but it’s hard to see that, because in daytime of course, you ain’t gon na be able to see the leds. So i will follow up with a night flight and maybe an indoor flight sometime here soon guys to um show you guys how the leds look but we’re, just gon na fly it around because it’s just a nice day, what’s up bro, um let’s go ahead. Just take off this is our first rate right here, so not too bad in the first lake kind of get pushed around just a little bit by the wind, but second rate now so now, we’re in the second rate.

Fourth flight, in the second rate, all right. Three beats now we’re in the third rate, we’re going to be, in this third rate, to have to fight the win fight a lot better in the third rate, let’s, try flip there’s a flip with it. The wind is trying to push on it just a little bit before flight in this third rate, Music lost sight of it for a second all right, we’re back. I fighted it for a second, when i did that flip. So, supposedly, when you hold down the flip button for a few seconds, it’s supposed to go into like an audio, auto orientation mode or something like that, let’s see. Okay, i did that and let’s see if we can get out of that all right. So that was pretty cool, does have two blue leds up front but i’m, pretty sure you can’t see it. You might be able to see it. I don’t know got a truck coming let’s get on over here, get on off the roadway. It is a pretty cool. Looking drone, though, like i said that the body or the frame around the prop does actually have leds in it, but it’s hard to see because the daytime, oh you know me, i will follow up with a night flight with this joker, your boy, drones and dogs. Man, you already know how we coming that auto orientation that’s a pretty cool feature there man, so this thing came with two batteries to give you plenty of flight time: Music, not really sure the size of the batteries.

But if i had to guess, i would say probably 250 giving up hour batteries for small batteries got a car coming. My neighbor fly to land on this car. Should i fly to land on this car? No, i won’t do that like a little mosquito over there. What’S up ed good day, ain’t it yeah it did she’s flying around pretty good, take a right there, Music it’s a beautiful day, man everybody’s out everybody’s out today. You know your boy joining the dogs. I’Ll go get some of this good excitement here for y’all still don’t see any flashing or blinking Music, yet she’s flying around pretty good guys. Like 20 bucks, like i said, i think, there’s like a 5 coupon with this thing, too yeah she’s scooting along pretty well night flight to follow with this thing. Man you already know this is this – is more of a night flyer or indoor flyer starting to feel like getting a little sluggish there. Maybe we got some blinking leds now. Do we got blinkies yet i don’t see any blinkies yet nah she’s, not blinking she’s, still going yeah she’s still going our decent flight tire with the one battery they gave us two. Oh man, let’s check it on out i’m surprised how good it flies with that. Little ring on it, though: oh she’s getting sluggish, now Music he’s, getting a bit sluggish there. Now we’re going over here, see what we got. I think we’re flashing, yeah we’re flashing, we’re flashing go ahead and land it land it and save the health of this battery.

So, decent flight time, decent, ah caught it, this thing is awesome guys for the price. Like 20 bucks, you really can’t go wrong boy. Drone. The dogs, i’m gon na drop a link below if you’re interested in this little shrc mini drone cool little led flyer.