The lock drone stay tuned for the video, so i have the app all set up its all binded and ready to go um. What i didnt show was how to calibrate the gyros. So what you do is you just go. Both sticks down to the right and then it blinks and itll beep and it just started blinking. You cant see the lights. That means its calibrated Music. Another thing to note on this: yesterday i took it for a flight um and it was crazy wind, so i ended up losing it if it flew away and um, i lost the propeller, so do not fly in windy conditions, so lets just take off. Well start the recording recording has started now you dont get great video recording with this were going to rate two and then well do automatic takeoff its hovering. We can trim it out its got a pretty good hover much better than yesterday. Well, do a little walk around. I am recording if she is drifting on me now in the high speed, its very wonky but shes hovering nice, nice altitude holes set. The trim wanted to go back so be very careful when flying this, if youre a beginner, there are no lights indicator. So, if you dont know what youre doing you go by the lights, its very tough, but i like it in the medium speed its flying comfortably. Much better than yesterday uh there is a plane overhead im very low.

Do some funnels um. So i would fly this in the normal speed. It seems to fly real nice. If you fly in the high rates, it is way too aggressive and its uncontrollable but im having a much better experience uh with this today than i did yesterday, um it does have good hover. I dont know how the recordings coming out. I know when i said in the unboxing of this ill link it down in the description box um that it was 1080p camera, but it is not 1080p thats for sure, so we just buzz it around, but it has no no lights on it. So be careful of that um bring it. It drops very slowly so dont let this creep up too high on you um, because she will take off. She took off on me yesterday and i ended up finding it and i broke a propeller. So now, im only down to seven propellers um, but hopefully the video is coming out will fly over me here. We are so i paid 25 its advertised for 50. um im, not sure id pay 50 for it. I got it at 25. So look out for a sale if theres ever a sale um, but it is fun – comes with the two Music well batteries around. Hopefully my video, my video feed, looks like its its still coming in. I believe it would be 720p, so that advertisement is false. I purchased this with my own money, so i dont get anything for free, but theres a quick fly around lets uh.

I dont want to go too far because i dont want to lose orientation but well head out here a little bit shes sitting nice. I still have video feed turn around ill. Come back. Oh i lost it. She went down. Dont know why. Let me stop the recording. It just dropped out of the sky, so i dont know if i went out of range with this guy yeah, i didnt even take it too far. Its still, the lights are still on lets, bring it back to the spot. Now i have video feed, so i did not go too far with this guy um, so i brought it back to me. Im gon na start, another recording, so it seems to be recording. I dont have to go up and down so lets automatic. Take off so thats what it was, so you got to keep this real close, because i wasnt far at all, i was worried about orientation. Um see what speed im in im in third speed now and its fast, so its too fast for this guy, you cant its uncontrollable, pretty much um. Yesterday, like i said i was in the wind and i could barely control it so lets check the slow speed. The slow speed is for beginners, but i wouldnt say this is a beginner drone um its easy to fly, but there is no like indication lights and when i learn how to fly pretty much thats how i go by and i still go by the lights.

A lot its good to help with orientation, but im going to put back in that medium speed, so there we go recording again lets see, will come to me a little bit here. I am in the pic back her up Music but yeah its a great flyer. Fun yesterday i was like i dont, like the drone, but today its a whole different experience, its a keeper Music. I am going on vacation in a few months. I might take this mess around in the house. The hotel room so stay tuned for that video. If i, if i do it, but yeah shes, a good one, some funnels those are always fun Music, so the medium speed thats, how i like it the yeah. This beats too high. Another thing to note with this drone, like i said, dont get too high because it doesnt want to come down as fast, but when you go all the way down on the throttle she lands. Now i wasnt having that i was having an issue with that. Yesterday, um and it wasnt shutting down the motors, i think it was because it was too windy. So im gon na stop the recording that stopped and im gon na take back into the air. Now we all come back with a slight breeze, so automatic take off, which i like so now. There is a breeze, so shes fighting it now. Music lets trim it back out. I feel like i was the trims yeah the winds.

Picking up so, you can see how shes, acting now, when shes in the wind Music, its drifting im, trying to trim it it aint going anymore so before it was just sitting there. Now you can see the winds picking up taking it, but yeah see she gets away from you. You got ta thats. What im talking about with this one you got ta, you got ta, be careful thats, why i say its probably not good for beginners, because its gon na be easy to lose, especially in the wind. So i would say this is an indoor flyer, like i said, im gon na take this with me on vacation, but yeah so lets bring it in, but ill do ill ill bring it in ill land. It see im not even im, just controlling the yaw and its just the wind is picking up, so it was flying beautifully. Before i said i lost, i keep losing orientation, so im gon na bring this in quick. This is the problem i had yesterday. It just wants to take off on you. Sorry, i dont know if youre dizzy, im getting dizzy so lets bring this in no Music propeller just came off yesterday i lost one, it ended up breaking so that was the flight. With this guy, he got a little crazy towards the end, with the wind picking up but thats. What happened to me yesterday so smash the thumbs up button. Please, like subscribe and um stay tuned for the next video now this will be a bonus clip because i landed it too soon, so im gon na take back off.

I never showed that it does flips so lets. Go you hit the button and then itll do the flips. It does lips pretty well now, when you do the flips, it does take a lot uh off the motors, so i never do flips, but it does have that feature. Lets see well go low here, so it raises, and then it does the flip so thats cool. I didnt put that in the film after i landed it because the wind was too much, but the wind did die down and its drifting, but its got a good hover. Its gon na cause me so she moves, but shes got no optical flow, so Music, its pretty steady in the air, but always be careful when you land this guy. If you, if you get into emergency, just hit that auto land and itll itll itll, just drop Music ill, probably just take clips of this video Music, i do wish had a micro sd card in it like the telo. I hope they ever come out with a tello too it uh has sd card because it gets choppy Music, Music, Music, hmm Music. Here it is heres. The beeping im talking about Music now were gon na land. It those funnels made it dizzy, shes beeping at me.