This is the lock. I picked this up off amazon for about 25. I think it was a sale because i looked the other day and it was up to 50 dollars, but anyways you get the hd camera, it says 1080p, but well have to test that its got 360 rolls its got automatic takeoff and land its got headless mode. Its got three speeds, its got the orbit mode and it says its got gestures so lets take a look in the box and see what we get inside the box get a warranty card. You get the owners manual, you get the paper that tells you where the app and hold up to the screen pause it. If youd like this will bring you to the app inside youve got this hot plastic piece and lift up underneath you have the drone kind of looks like tello, everybody says the teleclone youll have the transmitter and plastic and it has all the modes on the transmitter. I already took off the screw this one you you could take out, leave out its gon na, take three double a batteries and then just clip back in underneath. That is another plastic piece. You get an extra battery. It comes with two batteries which is real nice, like i said i picked this up for 25 dollars. It was a sale, so i think thats a score well have to test it out in this bag. The prop guards and propellers one, two, three, four, five: six.

You get the prop removal tool, you get a charger, seven another eight you get eight spare blades, you get another charger which is pretty nice. You can charge both of them up at the same time, screwdriver and the rest of the prop guides, which i wont be using so with this transmitter its very toy grade. But i do like how they labeled on the controller, everything um. You would just pull down the phone mount. I have an iphone 11. okay. So when connecting your phone to the wi fi, what you want to do is you want to turn the drone on first youll see it blinking youll turn on the controller. Then what you need to do is go up and down on the throttle it beeps twice. The lights will stop blinking on the drone. That means its bound. So now, once you go into your your settings, when you download the app what youre going to want to do, is you go into the settings you go to the wi fi youll hit wi fi z020 dca. You want to hit that and connected, and then you want to go to the app its the drc. You go to that. You turn it on its going to come to this. What you do now you just hit play and there you go now. You have the app it to your phone, it does have a lag and the camera is very close up. Theres, like a zoom on it, so its not going to be that great for flying fpv itll just be for footage to record, but as for the drone, it has no micro sd card slot, so everything will save to the cell phone.

It does not have an optical flow and its claiming a 1080p camera on the website of amazon, but well have to test that and see what we get. But you would just press and hold the power button. The lights turn on and thats all you got for lights, its just those top lights on there, so its like the tello, where theres not many lights. Now i do have the telo here to see comparison um. This lock drone is nowhere near the telo, but if you want to get started and maybe looking to get a tello this, this is a good price for good price point. I paid 25 dollars, you get the transmitter with the telo, you do not get the transmitter, but this has stabilization and it has optical flow in it. So this is a much better drone. These go for like a hundred dollars where this one is only 25. So you get what you pay for um, and this one did come with two batteries, where the teller only comes with the one battery and no transmitter. So just keep that in mind. If youre looking, you know for a tello or a lock theyre. Nowhere near close to each other, so that was just the first look at the lock drone um and what it comes with quick unboxing, like i said, check on amazon um. I got this for 25. I know its its up there again for like 40.

, so just keep an eye on it. I i think the price point i paid 25 was a great price point, so im just gon na have to get out there and test flight it um.