These are my favorite kind of videos because they come in just such good little packages. I love a nice case for a good rc. Now to our drone. People were back with some drone. Love were gon na check out this drone called the be wine f7. I think thats, what the name of it is its linked in the description box below and it comes in at a pretty reasonable price for what were going to be looking at surprisingly theres, a pretty good sized drone and a lot of stuff that fits in this Bag now for something to have a 4k camera brushless motors and all the features that you would ask for out of any drone. I think this is fairly appropriately priced, but you guys, let me know in the comments below what do you think about the price, its kind of neat, to see a drone at this size that is kind of one of these. I think i call them phantom esque drones, you know, theyve got the legs down below its, not a mavic ask drone its more of a phantom, and it comes in this compact size were not very used to seeing drones like this, and especially the way the arms Fold, i think youre going to really like it. This comes with a cool little clip to hold those motors in place at the top, which i think is really nice and a gimbal saver on the bottom. I try to be a little bit delicate when taking that gimbal saver off, but thats pretty nice and its robust thats not going to go anywhere, then the way these arms unfold.

Your front arm has a funky way of doing this, but the back arm is pretty traditional. It just kind of goes back now. The front arm does unfold like this, which i think is really cool, and once you get all these arms unfolded, it turns into be a fairly substantially sized drone. I think its cool how the motors stack like that when theyre folded together, you know when we see a phantom esque drone like this a lot of times. We dont see folding arms, but i like that this is compact and this good sized drone fit in that bag along with a really good sized radio – and this is one of those cool unfolding radios too – which i just feel like youve got a little mini, futuristic Transformer in your hands, when you have something like that, your phone fits down below and again theres more stuff in this bag. I feel like some kind of magician that just keeps pulling goodies out of his magic hat. You know ive got a whole extra battery in here and a box of spare blades and just it doesnt stop. I mean theres little, my usb charge cable, its crazy. In my opinion, it looks like a nice quality drone at first glance, from what i can tell, but the only way to really find out is to actually fly this thing so lets plug the battery in and see what it does. Okay lets uh lets take off down and in the grass there, okay and lets take off.

Aha, the good old sound of a drone people think you guys that drones are spying on them. All the time cause you know were so stealthy with these things. All right lets fly out thats a really solid, hover test in this about eight or nine mile. An hour winds, so lets go away because we are very very loud and see how this gimbal quality looks in this wind. I mean, i think you guys can probably see the blades of grass moving ive actually got to reposition abbys phone just a little bit because its hindering how i fly the drone. There we go now i was limited. I couldnt even push the joystick up all the way, all right, uh yeah nice little hover test. We always like to do a solid, like 20 to 30. Second, hover test on our maiden flights of drones, because sometimes these things will toilet bowl out of control and go nuts um. This one feels rock solid, but we dont want to you know, lose our drone or put anyone in danger or anything so thats. Why? We do this hover test and yeah you guys. This looks great, so abby and i lets lets walk out here where we wanted to go okay, so you know 10 seconds of hovering cut out there, but we wanted to take off uh where we were standing, because there was a small little gravel spot. So we could actually get enough clearance to take this drone off.

All right lets get a nice drone shot its backing up. The only thing i did before taking off was i turned off beginner mode which is going to limit how far and how high the drone can go, which is extremely limiting um at first. So i wanted to you know: i turned that off, so we could actually go a little farther and higher, and that looks really good. The image quality im really impressed with so far the gimbal quality, its a nice three axis, gimbal and weve got all kinds of telemetry on here abby. You can check this out yeah its awesome. It tells us how high we are, how far we are hundred and twenty one as opposed to this cool sun glare, oh its beautiful yeah and the place up here has just been mowed. So its looking really good uh lets lets just fly out and have a little fun touring. The property were showing 79 percent uh battery, so we have telemetry on the screen to let us know how much juice we have left so far. Thats not been extremely accurate, ill apply a little faster because its still showing 79 percent. Now it is saying that were not connected to the internet. Do you want to use cellular data or keep trying wi fi data? I guess yeah lets go. We might have a better like experience, doing that now bear in mind you guys this is no dji drone abby and i love our dji drones, especially nowadays that theyve worked all their kinks and bugs out theyve done a few things, though, that have really upset me.

Like their mavic mini, one doesnt seem to be supported on the is it the apple store or maybe its the samsung store anymore. We told you guys not that right, buddy of mine reached out to me, and he was like hey man. I just bought the mavic mini original uh im having trouble getting the app to work and – and i said um well im – really sorry to hear that. Let me look into it a little bit, but i i couldnt find it for him even straight from the website. Now, even even though beginner mode is off thats the farthest out its going to, let me go so. What i have to do is go into my app here and my parameters. My flight distance is currently set at 98 feet, so im going to lengthen that out much further in my altitude make sure you hit save my return and then save it and well go back, and now we should be able to fly out much farther. So that was my wall there. So lets see how a signal test works on this and really push the range, because weve got great line of sight out here will go a lot faster and we should have really nothing blocking our signal. So this is a really really good spot to test range of drones. Looks like someones, been having some fun up here with a four wheeler abby. Look at all these tracks, oh yeah.

The the image quality is really good. I, like the nice, vibrant colors, the uh, the latency is getting to pick up just a little bit, but it looks like were 600 meters out. I can still very clearly see the drone its right above that tree line there, and i am just pushing out to the edge of the hill here. I think this is still in meters. We can switch it over to feet if we want to uh either way were 900. Almost a thousand meters out. That is really crazy. Look at that abby look yeah! I can see you thats crazy. Look at the live feed. I mean its very pretty. With these fall colors starting to kick in now, as im rotating the drone around im, getting a little bit of latency but its not horrible, its, not horrible, its still controllable lets fly out this way toward the edge of this hill itll push the range out just A little bit more and well fly just a little higher. What we like to do guys on our drone tests is you know we call this a lot of times the meat and potatoes and it doesnt look like its recording anymore. Did it stop? I guess i believe it has stopped so my screen, my screen, recording, should be gone so well have that to fall back on, but at one point, probably when it said you want to use the cellular data that may have stopped the recording, so the thats a Little annoying thats a little annoying, but i suppose these are the kinks that we work out.

The reason we do rain not range test, but the reason we do these maidens is so you guys kind of know what to expect too. But as i was saying, we like to do these meat and potato flights that i like to call, you know theres all kinds of bells and whistles that this drone comes with, but i like to test and see how the drone can do on a basic level. First, before we do any of these extra tests now there is the pond and we fly over this pond. Sometimes when we do airplane videos up here, it looks its just really pretty the one thing i dont like about this drone is the snapback. So when i push yaw to go right then watch this, i let go and it just snaps back over. I really dont like that, so you kind of have to plan for that. So if i want to get a shot of the pond, i got to go a little over and there it didnt snap back that time, so its a little bit quirky but oh thats, a nice tilt. Look at that. Our gimbal is very smooth. Nice brushless motor its not in steps that looks good, so this drone comes in. It says its four hundred dollars, but there is a coupon when you click the link to amazon that we have in our description box, theres that snap back again when you click the link and itll.

Take you up to amazon. It says its 400, but i believe theres, a sixty dollar coupon that you just click, so that puts it at three hundred and forty dollars and for a drone that comes with two batteries, its brushless and it has a 4k camera and you can buy it on Amazon and you buy it on amazon, you know theres a lot of people that just dont want to buy drones on banggood and they sell a lot of drones there. You can save money, but you might wait six weeks to get your drone this being on amazon. You know you can get it in two days or some people even sooner so why dont look im circling around this pond, as you guys are watching this cloud looks like a teapot anyways. The issue is when you guys see its not a smooth shot, and it goes like this. It looks like im just wiggling back and forth, like this thats, the snapback of the yaw that im talking about with the drone. You see me abby, im just right out. Yeah, i know where you are ive been watching you the whole time, so you know i dont love that i dont thats, probably my least favorite flight characteristic of this drone. So far it looks like it flies good, though its flying really solid, yeah its not getting any drift or any toilet bowl effect. It has most of the telemetry that our dji drones have.

The live. Feed is really good, like im looking down at this reflection in the water at the clouds and its really pretty. Can you see your dreams lets see lets see if we can see well aim down that far oh yeah, we can go straight down lets see if we can see the drone. Oh look at all the bugs. You know what i dont think thats, how reflections of water really work um. Well, you know you got to see it at an angle. I think, thank goodness most of the time well get a little lower science failed, uh science, yeah public school system. No, nothing against certain proud graduates of the public school system. Well were right down over the water im rotating around. I can still see the clouds. Well, you know what i think that is me now were going to be stupid and splash it right. It does say my height is at zero, because im below the point where i took off so guys, you tell me, is that black dot in the middle of the screen thats us right. That totally looks like us. I dont want to go down any closer to the back. The fish is gon na jump up and eat. My drone thats got ta, be awesome, going down even lower okay lets angle up and see how high we actually are. Oh, i can get a little lower. Look, oh my gosh look. I mean theres theres room to go down.

I want to. I want to know for sure isnt that actually you know what were below dirt. So the fact that i have any signal right now is really impressive because were up here on a hill and were down in a hole yeah and i still have a live feed, so thats, actually pretty impressive, so were over here at this only tree right, yep Lets fly back, okay, its looking good its looking good, okay and lets head up this way. Now that is like flying and exploring the area like. If, if you wanted to on foot, take a walk and see everything that were seeing with the drone it would take. So much longer weve done it before it takes forever. The hills are way steeper than what they look too its just really pretty up. Here too, we need to fly more planes up here. Dont we well, we didnt were out of order on videos, but we have a video in the pipeline of them. Uh mowing pain, pain because were farmers so thatll be released sometime but yeah all summer, the grass is just too tall. It is a little too tall right now too nice to come up here and make yourself a strip push mode or something yeah. Okay, it looks good. I like that. Look you can see where the tractor has looks awesome. It looks really cool. Well, the battery. You guys is at 36, so thats about time to bring it back and land oops.

There goes your phone thats. Another thing i want to address when we bring it back here. I like landing them, you know were facing away. Abby get a shot of it coming in here, its gon na im just gon na hover, so i can fix my phone fix. The phone okay well bring it in for a nice smooth landing, hopefully well see how it does in tall grass overall im fairly impressed with this. There are a couple things that id like to see improved upon, but mostly its not too bad. Now we do have a return to home. Would you like to test the return to home, because we have that one little gravel spot see how close it goes. Sure lets do it so lets do return to home right now and im going to slide to return. All right lets, go back, Music were hearing an airplane and were just trying to put our heads on a swivel while the drone lands, but you guys check it out id say were about two to three feet away from where it took off on uh. So thats really good. Of course it didnt pick a flat spot to land but heres, where we took off you guys right here. So this is where the drone took off right here, and this is where it landed. The return to home on its own thats, pretty good. I think my really main complaint about its flying characteristic is that when i yaw, i would say, 75 of the time it felt like i was having to kind of overcompensate for the yaw like.

If i wanted to turn right lets just say: 90 degrees, i would hold it and it would rotate yeah yeah thats the right way, id hold it and it would rotate and lets say i wanted to stop right there at 90 degrees id let off of the Yaw on my controller – and it would be like nah – were going back to 45., so that was probably the only real issue i had while flying this thats an annoying thing to have to deal with. But if you can like prep for it and be okay with that, then youre gon na save money by not buying a 1300 dji drone uh, not that im comparing this to their 1300 drones. But you know i mean if you compare this to a phantom. Its still coming in at half the price or less than a dji drone, and if you still want a really really good range abby and i were basically pushing it to the extent of what we could see line of sight thats about. As far as you can fly, i mean thats as far as you should fly, speaking of which i highly recommend you guys sign up for ama, which is the academy of model aeronautics, whether youre flying airplanes or drones, and believe it or not. They insure rc car people too. You need to have ama in your pocket when youre flying. So i encourage you to check out the academy of model aeronautics.

They do ensure those people that want to fly their drones too well, have them linked in the description box below so pair. Your new drone with insurance, its just a good idea. I like that it comes with two batteries: thats really cool, but the only downside to the battery system is that it does charge through usb. Now it is a usbc plug, which is great. I love when drones are you know any any battery? Anything is going usbc. Now, instead of micro usb its just better, but it still took a while to charge so its nice that it comes with two batteries, because you can plan ahead, keep your batteries charged. If you know youre gon na fly them charge them the day before, because it does take, like i dont know six hours or something a really long time to charge. Theres a nice indicator on the battery. That tells you how how much juice it has and uh you know. I love that, this being a again phantom style, it has the longer legs on the bottom, its not a mavic style drone. I love that it folds up so compact and everything fits inside that really great carrying case to any drone company. Listening right now, if youre putting a drone out there and it doesnt fit in a really cool case, youre doing yourself a massive disservice, because every good drone is doing that now. So i love that that is existing, because when drones were first coming out, they didnt do that and the fact that this comes with the extra battery too, is a big deal for me, its nice and smooth, and it does lock in really well theres, no toilet Bowling theres, no drifting, i think the camera quality looks great.

I think the gimbal smoothness is better than most and so for an above average drone experience for less than 400 dollars. I think this is a legitimate, buy, a good winner, and i would give it two thumbs up for what it is well have this linked in the description box below and maybe youre not going to buy a drone today, if you are, this will be linked there For you, but lets, say you need to pick something up on amazon. This is linked on amazon, itll, take you right there and you can buy whatever it is, that youve been needing to purchase itll help support our channel and our family, where family, friendly content is the priority of what we do, and if that means something to you, Your support is greatly appreciated. Now we havent been doing as much drone stuff on the channel lately, but i actually do have two or three more planned to come. So if you dont want to miss that be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell and leave us a like guys, the die, hard fans that watch every single video but forget to like this is your reminder. Please leave us a like, and let us know if you want to see more drone videos in the comments below. I want to say a massive thanks to the big guy upstairs for letting us get in front of the camera and do this flying an rc drone or just sharing our rc experiences with you guys.

It means the world to us and just giving thanks where thanks is deserved, a massive thanks to our patreon supporters too, for everything you guys do for us. You mean the world to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.