Hs 110 g drone so ill. Show you what it looks like the box here is the hs 110 g number one. One thing i was surprised about: it came in a very nice case, so heres the case for the hs1 t holy stone drone. When you open the case up, it has this cover which covers the drone. It came with a manual and heres the manual for the holy stone, its a thick manual because it has um different languages like most manuals now have one of the items i like about the case is these straps, which allow you to strap in this soft cover That goes over top of the drone, so the soft cover can be strapped into the case, so ill pull the items out or ill show you. There are some extra items in here theres, a pack of replaceable blades, of course in case the blades break, or you crash it in the blades crack inside this case too theres a small screwdriver as well. The drone also comes with two batteries: theres one battery and heres, the second battery. I took the batteries out and charged them up. They say it takes um 90 minutes to charge the batteries it takes longer. If youre using a computer, i use the cell phone charger to charge them up, so those are the two batteries it comes with. As some people have pointed out, a downside of charging the batteries is, they have to be inserted into the drone, so you couldnt, for example, be if one battery ran down while youre flying you couldnt be recharging the battery the second battery that is heres.

Our first look at the drone, and i pulled it out because in order to get the controller out, you have to take the drone out. It comes pretty much assembled as you can see. All the um propeller blades are attached. The propeller blades are also just to show you if you replace them, theyre by a b c d, so theyre all labeled according to their number or their alphabet. So i couldve done one two three four, but they did a b c d. Let me correct that. Its not a b c d for the propeller blades theres a and a and b and b so theres, two as and two bs is how it came assembled. This is where you insert the battery and the battery simply slides in and locks into place, so ill demonstrate putting the battery in you see the convection points at the bottom and then on the battery. You have connection points as well so hard to see because its black, but you can see the connection points remember the top here goes that this is the top of the battery. So you just slide the battery in as such push it in and there you have it its in place. Now im not going to bore you with the manual other than to point out. There is a app you can download, hs gps v1 thats the app or you can press the q card here and pull up the app uh the cue card, wasnt working on the android phone i had so i did pull up the app and just installed it.

I have not installed it on my ios phone yet, but i did install it on just a spare android phone. I had the instruction manual does take you through the initial setup, which is pretty easy, a little complicated. If you think you got to remember out in the field, but what i found once i set up the drone i didnt have to reset it again. I was able just to go ahead and use this drone, so im going to see if its still set up. I would like it to somehow be able to kill the memory. That knows, it was set up ill show you its set up were inside the house, so im not going to fly it in the house, but i will turn it on and when i take it outside, i will fly it so, according to the instructions. The first thing you want to do is turn on the drone and there you see it turned on and there you see the lights flashing. Now the lights are flashing red because its really looking for gps and, of course its not going to find gps inside the house. So let me just turn it back over. Then. The next instructions are for you to turn on the remote. I accidentally turned it on because it comes with a charge when you first get it, so i accidentally turned on the remote, but you turn it on just hold it here. This folds up.

This is your foam holder for the remote. Let me turn it, so you can see the foam holder to pair the drone. You push the left button or left toggle up, and then you pull it down and you notice the lights on. The drone have changed and now theyre blinking a different color and once again its looking for gps, its been paired already, and at this point you will want to turn on your phone. So let me go get the phone and well turn on the phone, so heres. The app on the phone right here, thats the apple on the phone, so its the hs gps v1. So let me open up the app heres. What the app looks like fully open. You have a quick start. You have controls, you have learn to fly. You have photos, videos and you have support. So if i tap the quick start, it takes you to what the different features will do on the uh drone here and then, if i go back from quick start and i believe thats it or it has a little more takes you through the pairing process too. As well, it turns to vertical or portrait mode and you can read how to calibrate it, which is nice because uh the first time i thought i had to take the book with me. So well just go back, and now, if you go to controls, controls touch controls its actually looking for the drone, but its not there, because it doesnt have gps.

So normally, if you touch controls, you would be able to see what the camera sees so thats. The start we have to go outside, like i said to let it find gps im going to take it and put it in the driveway okay im taking the drone out and its looking for its uh satellite right now, im gon na turn back on the remote And pair it and not gon na fly here, because theres too many trees as you can see, but i will take it out that little open area – okay, im gon na start over here, starting it so the first thing im gon na do – is turn the drone On you turn it over on the back, you have the on off button, so i turned the drone on the second thing. Ill, do is im going to turn the remote back on and then im going to pair the remote you push it once up and once down and that pairs the remote to the drone. Now, im going to carry the drill now here to the edge of the concrete, this will allow it to see the satellites and if you come back in and look at the remote, the cameras not showing yet so i have to see why the camera is not Showing okay well dummy. I forgot, like i told you, this is only my second drone. I forgot you have to go to wi fi. You have to find the wi fi for the drone and the app so lets go to wi fi and there you see some of the wi fi addresses.

The one you want to focus on is the holy stone. I already paired it once or connected once to the wi fi, so its saved so ill be able to connect it again. Lets connect it to the wi fi. All right now, as you can see, were connected to the holy stone wifi. So now we will look to see what we see on the drone Music. Okay, you can hear it. Those are the blades running. You can see them turning well turn it off the same way. Actually, it turns off if you dont, um go up in the air, so well walk it out to the center away from these trees. It is a little grassy area out here, but were right above the um grass blades. So we turned it back on everything at the grass and well go up now: im gon na land, it with the same button, sorry for the shaky video ill, take it out: okay, im gon na start, it again and remember: just pull the two joysticks down and Then you have a one button: take off right now: im in the uh im in the um beginners mode, so now ive taken me up and its just hoovering, looking at my house and so im probably took a photo. This is the drone shooting the first time it was relatively low light, but i was surprised how well it picked up the apartments now. This is the drone shooting the sunset.

This is here. I have two disappointments. One. The sun does not look like a blob thats. The first disappointment: now the second disappointment comes in this video. Even the slightest bit of wind will really rock this drone. Of course, you can try using software to compensate for the rock by was disappointed. One final example: you see the rolling taking place bible grade. The camera probably has a c its okay camera, not great, but okay, okay, heres, the holy stone, hs, 110 g, all back in the case and heres the box, and i have decided after using it for a couple days before anything, happens to any damage im going To return it to amazon, and you might wonder why im going to return it to amazon? Well, if you notice the video, the video was too shaky. The camera also is not that great. When trying to catch a sunset view, the brightness of the sky, which was not all that bright, was just too intense for the camera and it just looks like a big bright blob. So for those reasons i have decided to return the hs110g. Now i might say, if youre just using it for a camera to show pictures or the fly around, maybe even to practice, with its not a bad little drone. It suits that purpose, but i really want, if you look at some of my other videos, the sunsets. I did with the iphone and ill compare the sunset with the iphone with the sunset with the drone camera.

It really is a very, i think, very mediocre. Uh camera ive almost put the camera down when youre trying to sunset as poor other pictures, not in the sunset, i would just say its an average drone, so i have decided to return it and so im going to return it. Like i said before, i gain damage im going to try another drone with a different camera, at least with a gimbal on the camera and ill be showing you that video. Once i get that drone okay folks, this is a wrap up. Our review of the holy stone hs 110 g drone. Well, the packaging was excellent. You couldnt beat the packaging for that nice case. The setup too was easy, simple. I think anyone could set up this drone. Okay lets talk about flight control. I mean, when youre at the controls its easy to control this drone. I think yes, i dont think this is one of these drones. Thats going to fly away from you and crash has a one button return and it does return and hoovers a little bit before it drops. So i ill give it an excellent rating on flight control, which is important if youre selecting a drone. Moving on to stability, i would have to really rate this drone. Sadly, below average you saw how it rolled in the wind and, if youre, trying to take smooth videos well its not the drone for you – and i will emphasize that was not very high wind.

Well, lets talk about the camera. The camera was disappointing, especially when it came to shooting the sunset. The sun just showed us a big blob. If you look at any of my other videos, where i shoot sunsets with the iphone 8, the sun is very clearly seen, but not in this case, so i was disappointed in the quality of the camera. Now i might mention something, though i probably should have been disappointed. The drone only cost 170 dollars, so dont expect a four or five hundred dollar camera quality from a drone that costs 177.. Okay, let me give you my overview, keeping in mind that this is a very low cost. Drone 177, so dont expect profession from 177. Maybe i thought i would get lucky, but thats not going to happen. Youre probably going to have to spend if you want a quality drone for taking pictures, sunset videos, sunrises, weddings, youre, going to need to spend in the neighborhood of 600 or more or have a drone that can attach a gopro so thats. My recommendation, its a great toy, if you just want to fly around, show people how drone works buy it, but if youre expecting something that youre going to use for good you to videos. This is not the drone for you. Move up in category youre going to have to buy a more expensive drone hey. This has been john walker from the con tv thanks for watching. If you liked the video please like and subscribe, i do videos that focus primarily on three areas: technology, travel and cooking.