Anybody see this on facebook. The shift red drone, although it’s blue don’t, know why they’re calling out this is the flex pack we’re gon na get into it. Unfortunately, the weather here has been like in the teens, not good for flying, so let’s do another unboxing. So with the box open. This is what we see uh the drone itself. I’Ve already picked it up. It is a little bit smaller than i thought. It’D be that’s my hand, i do have large hands um, but it seems like there’s a little bit of tech in there camera and we’re not bragging about camera tech. We do have direct feed motors, which i do like. Obviously brushless would have been better, but it looks like we have maybe an optical flow sensor underneath this and maybe an ultrasonic sensor. I don’t know don’t quote me on that and then we have our this thing goes on your finger don’t mind my dirty hands. I was out playing my new mini bike. If you check out my store, you can see that this thing’s supposed to go on a finger. I guess maybe like that, and then this thing here or no that’s supposed to go on your thumb and then you like wave it around here to control it raise up, raise down to control it uh, definitely a weirder concept. This is going to be something completely new to me. Uh again, i don’t know tons of tons about this, but let’s see we’ll just pop up bam.

We don’t need yeah we’re, probably going to need to what was supposed to go okay, so nothing was supposed to go there that’s. Actually, the bottom of that that just fits into, i believe, as we can read, we can read your charges in there. We’Ll take a look at the charger and then that’ll be about it for this video again guys it’s terrible weather conditions. I can’t get out to fly um and the days aren’t long. So me, working monday through friday, it’s not allowing much daylight either, which makes it even colder so i’ve taken the battery box out and the box looked like. It was a little bit deeper and it is you have your instruction manual over here. We also have another battery accessories and protectors, and that says batteries how many batteries do we have we’re gon na find out let’s get all this open and then we’ll show you that’s everything you get so i’ve lined the boxes up. Accordingly, the box just said batteries. You get two batteries, the box that says battery there’s one battery. We could take a look at this see the specifications on it. It is going to be a 3.7 100 milliamp an hour um and there’s a little qr code. I don’t know what the qr code is for the charger, clearly that’s, where your charger and it has three ports, so you can charge the three batteries. This is the flex pack, so i don’t know if all of them come with this many batteries, but it’s cool.

That they give you a three pack, obviously usb or type c you’re gon na plug into it. You do have your cords back there in the accessory and protectors parts. The prop protectors are back there. You get two sets of blades here uh. You also get a blade removal tool and check this sd card out shift. Labeled 32 gig uh that’s cool that they hooked us up with the card. We’Re gon na look at the drone one more time and then we’re gon na wrap this up, and hopefully the weather will break sometime. So we can get some stuff in the air that i’ll uh battery is charged it’s ready to go. The new dreamer uh battery is charged it’s ready to go. We got stuff to go. I wish the weather would cooperate. Okay, so i wanted to give this a real good look, um and here’s a big reason why i thought i’d seen reviews on this drone where the battery was underneath and it was real difficult to get at these batteries are just going to slide in. You can see the terminals all the way back there. Sd cards are going to be over here. On the left hand, side, you could probably charge it like the tello uh, where you just stick your battery in charge by there. This, i thought, was a ribbon which actually it’s looking like, maybe it’s, actually a light that yellowish colored thing. Uh it’s, definitely not a ribbon.

I was gon na say if they put a ribbon on the outside of there. That is going to be catastrophic failure. This is really light. I’M excited to get this in the air. I seen i seen the the facebook um advertisements for where they didn’t show it flying at all so i’m, really curious, uh how this is gon na fly, how our hand manipulated controls are gon na fly supposedly in the app there’s, a bunch of features that you Can use again that’s from apps, and maybe they were older ones, because again i swear that you had to take stuff apart on the bottom, to slip the battery in that’s, not the case with this. This the battery is literally just going to slide in and it’s going to touch those gold prongs all the way in the back. I don’t know if we could focus on them there they are there. They are so it’s just going to it’s going to connect onto there it’s going to be a really simple connect, guys i’m j drone. If you haven’t subscribed to my subscribe button, questions comments, concerns definitely get at me below. I don’t know what t i e stands for: the batteries have them on there, too um duh, perfect small, no that’s what it says up there, the perfect small i don’t know what ti e stands for. Hmm i’m perplexed, maybe y’all know.