Today, let’s start with the build quality. The build quality of this little tiny drone is very good it’s, most probably aluminum body, and this propeller are most probably made by polycarbonate, and these are very strong and build. Quality is very, quite good. Next come to its battery life, the main issue of this type of drone is battery life, because the flying time is very much important, but bad luck, it’s, not so good company claim that it is giving 17 minutes, but i like, but i personally received most probably 10 to 12 minutes only next, what the work for the purpose – the camera camera is quite good. It captured very good quality picture from above and from near. I will provide the picture click by this drone in that link and in my facebook page next come to video quality. Video quality is fair, not that good, but not bad, it’s, fair and when Music, the wind is very strong in the drone, vibrate and shaky. I have never pound shaky video from this drone approx, 25 foot above the ground level, otherwise it’s very good uh. From my point of view, and then i come to control. Maximum drone available in our market is controlled by like video game console, but it’s come with the one and single handed controller. When i started first to control the drone by it, it is very difficult, but i have to go through the guide and go through internet.

How to control this drone when i learn to control, then it’s very easy and very, very uh. We it’s very much freedom to control, 360 degree, rotation, heat and other, and there is uh automatic control setup in mobile app by saved, and it is very good now. I am giving you the live demo of this drone how to fly next. Is it i look for money, it’s, very important in this category, the entry level drone which is available in india in amazon dot in 16 000. I think it’s quite good for the beginner to buy this little tiny, drone and it’s. One more thing and you have to you: don’t – have to register in government website for this little room, and now it is flying you can watch so the verdict is this. Drone is value for money. You can try it, but battery should be improved. Camera quality is good, but not very good. I am satisfied with this drone. You may go for it. Thank you. This is for now. I will make another video very soon. Please like and subscribe my channel.