Why and the good the bad, the ugly, the things that i do and dont like about this drone, as well as a bunch of different notes about my setup when you should use this and were gon na go dive into each of those. So lets first jump into my setup, so ive actually done a full build video on this exact route, like this exact one and if youve seen that video youve seen this crash. Oh, i have no idea which way its going, but youve also seen that its a pretty capable machine. So i want to talk about all the things they can do. First of all, i have talon 2207 2550 kv motors running the ducted hq 85 millimeter props that come with the frame. A couple quick notes about the shen drones terra plane kit is that it comes with an extra duct as well as two full sets of props that are perfect for these ducts. Then i have the iflight suck sex 20 by 20 board, a cadex vista and then the terror plane itself thats. My setup and ive been using this for the better part of two months now and i really really like it and im gon na break down. What is great about the shen drones terraplane, so the first notable thing about the terror plane is that it has a much better performance than any other city whip that ive used. Ive used squirts ive used slammed squirts ive used naked gopro setups ive used five inch adapted things like that, which i dont even really count as cine loops at that point, but the terraplane has a much better performance in terms of like its flight characteristics.

So i should be playing some freestyle over top of what im saying here, but you can see that this thing is actually kind of tearing it up where your traditional chandron squirt, really kind of struggles, especially with dives and high performance, maneuvers, and really really quick things And thats, one of the things that i love the most about the terror plane is that you can use it both in a five inch and in a cine whoop sort of situation. So you can transition from one shot to the other in the same flight. So say, for example, you are doing a cine flight indoors somewhere and you need to kind of pop out a window and then chase a car with a squirt youre, not gon na necessarily be able to keep up with the car, but because this is pretty close To five inch performance in a cine whoop package, you get pretty close to being able to make those kinds of really dramatic shots beyond its performance characteristics. I find that the tear plane is significantly more durable than, for example, the shen drone squirt. The frame is no longer a unibody, it uses thicker carbon and, as a result, its a very, very durable body. The only thing that you would potentially break are the ducts which well make a whole point about later, but theyre basically sacrificial and the body does not break the shendron squirt. However, for example, has these tiny little arms that are out here to support the duck which are made out of 3d printed materials and are a little bit flexy and stuff like that? These tend to break pretty often im, actually kind of surprised that this one isnt broken, because i run my machines into the ground and if you do happen to manage to break an arm because its not a unibody frame, you can just swap one out.

You just take off two screws and put it back together, no big deal, because the body of this is thicker and youre, not using a unibody frame. We find that there are generally like less vibrations that manage to transfer through the whole frame and then inevitably get into you and ruin your footage. Something that is amazing about the terraplane is that it is so much quieter than the shendron squirt or other cine whoops, because i dont even know why i think its the the higher blade count higher rpm and then the smaller, more precise ducts. This, the squirt definitely kind of has like a scream to it, and this is much more of like a pleasant like air. Rushing sound, much quieter much more nice to deal with on set so were gon na interrupt our program back over there to show you the punch out difference between the squirt which im used to and the tear plane which im now getting used to so lets start With the squirt, its also raining so were trying to deal with that, at the same time, all right so im gon na hover it Music thats full throttle so its not bad but yeah so thats. The squirt, while were here lets, do a quick, just kind of noise comparison, Music, its kind of shrill, its not really that fun Music now lets switch over to the terra plane and ill show you the difference. Both of these are using the same battery and are both carrying the same gopro but heres the difference.

So now this is the terror plane, Music, and you can tell that its so much quieter, like i dont have to yell as much im just talking over it. Its its a much less shrill sound, i think that it makes theres some like theres some vibrations when it occasionally kind of grabs the prop to the end of the duck but like for the most part, thing is on rails, Music back to it traditionally, city whoops Use the 14 0 xx mounting pattern so its like the smaller motors, smaller size, stator, the terra plane actually uses full size, 22 xx motors. So this is a 2207 2550kv setup, but what happens is that this has a much larger displacement, which means that when you build up heat in the motors theres, more places for that heat to cool and as a result, i find that the motors on my terraplane Run with a stock tuned stock settings, much cooler than my shendron squirt ever did my schedule and squirt. Like would burn your hand if you touch the screws. This has been much more manageable because of those bigger motors. The shen drones. Tear plane has a much higher thrust to weight ratio, which means you have more options for cameras that you can mount as well as size of batteries. Ive seen reports of people running up to like a 2 amp 6 cell battery on this, which is a monstrous battery for a squirt, which i typically run 1100 milliamp hours so having the ability to kind of change your battery, depending on the type of shot that You need to get is a benefit of having a higher thrust to weight ratio from a cinewoop like this because of the smaller surface area of the ducts.

And if you compare these side by side, you have the added benefit of that. This is a little bit less affected by both wind and by like things that youre chasing the wash of whatever youre chasing because of that smaller surface area, when it cuts through the air theres not as much catching and it doesnt have all those kind of vibrations Or get pushed around by wind as much combined with the fact that its actually a little bit heavier of a machine make sure that youre act youre able to operate in higher wind conditions or in places where there is a backwash like when youre chasing a car Or something like that, as a builder thats, not always the most focused on getting the exact right details and making sure that everything is perfect. The tolerances of this drone have been much better than other city loops. That ive worked with, for example, because of the molded ducts. The diameter of the duct is exactly the same without having to like make sure that you have like the tpu turned exactly the right way and as a result, you dont have like props getting stuck on the inside of the duct or anything like that, and that For me has been a big benefit, for example, with 3d printed ducts like on the squirt. You know if you throw it in your bag, when youre traveling to an airport like the tpu gets, squished and kind of deformed or youve got to make sure that its like twisted just the right way on the standoffs to make sure that the ducts and the Prop clear each other: the tolerances are just kind of a pain with this sometimes, and those are problems that ive not had with the tear plane.

Because of the placement of everything in here i can reach in and get to the usb port just kind of maneuvering. My way around the ducts, but i can also take the whole duct off with just two screws, and i have full access to the usb port with the squirt. In order to get in there. You pretty much have to take off the whole side of the duct, which is you know, a pain, and then you get it back on and then you got to kind of twist everything and make sure everythings back in place with this. Its a lot easier to get in and work on your drone, and, on top of all this, i think that this just looks a little bit more professional. You know having the ducted molded plastic, the kind of clean design compared to, like you know, squiggly lines of tpu and stuff, like that. I just think it looks more professional showing up on set with this than it does with this. Its not a big deal, but just something that i think about when im working and then. Finally, because the body of this is a little bit longer than the squirt theres more options for where you can mount your battery, both on top and underneath the drone. As well as making changes to the center of gravity based on what size battery you have on there, just a little note that theres a little bit more length in the two top plates of the drones.

To summarize, this thing flies so much better than any other cinewoop that ive used theres some sacrifices in terms of weight and size, but i think that it more than makes up for itself in the wide variety of doors that it opens for you. So now that weve addressed the things that make the terror plane, great weve also got to address some of the downsides. So the first thing that ive been struggling with with the terror plane is that the screws and the ducts seem to want to kind of pop out like this one here, doesnt even actually have all four of them. Whats happened is that the screws that came with it are a little bit too short. I would argue, and in a crash my fault fully my fault heres, the crash uh. They stripped out from the bottom of the motor so like they pulled out part of the threading and uh because they were a little bit short so fully on me. But ive noticed that these screws tend to get a little bit loose, so i definitely recommend using some loctite and potentially going and finding some slightly longer screws to make sure that theyre getting the full bite on the threads inside of the motor. But if you do get longer, screws make sure that theyre not touching the windings inside of the stator of the motor. I personally, as a lazy builder, dont really like to have super slammed builds.

The default standoffs that come with the tear plane are 20 millimeters. Ive. Put 25 millimeter in there just to make my life a little bit easier, thats, just a personal complaint, its not a criticism of the frame, its just thats, my preference, so i just use slightly longer ones, but everything works perfectly. Despite that, i used the wrong stuff. We made it through one page due to its weight and the perceived protection being a little bit lower. This is probably not the best for like super technical indoor, cinewoop flights, where the shendron squirt is a little bit smaller and has a little bit more protection on the props, as well as a lower thrust to weight ratio. It means that it produces a little bit less downwash its a little bit more safe from people accidentally getting a finger stuck in there or something like that and its. I think its a little bit easier to be a little bit more precise when you have to hit a smaller gap or do like an arm gap or something like that on set. So one of the many reasons that im keeping my shen drones squirts together, is that i think theres certain situations where im gon na still choose this over the beast. That is the terror plane. Another downside about the terror plane is that it is a little bit bigger than the shendron squirt its, but its such a minor amount that its bigger it doesnt really matter, and thats kind of my argument about naked gopro things.

You know this is a uh. You know probably the best case scenario for a naked gopro thing being nice and small and yeah its significantly smaller than the terror plan and the squirt, but, like you know, were working with really minor different changes here in terms of like this to this. So if i can have the performance aspects that i have available through a beast this size compared to something that is really not that much smaller im going to take this 99 of the time and save this for the only circumstances where its really really important to Be working around talent or something like that, so the terror plane really only has one option for propellers and its these 85 millimeter texa props, theyre perfectly fit for the ducts and the frame even comes with them, which i think is a really good thing. However, ive found that these props are generally less durable than the props that i would typically run on my shendron squirt and, to that end, like ive, probably flown this, for only two months, ive been flying squirts for three years and ive probably broken as many props. Since ive started flying this with this than i have with squirts like its pretty insane to me that i have broken that many now. That means that being said, you know this flies a lot faster. It flies a lot more agile. I do a lot more risky things, so i dont know whats.

You know thats, probably partially user error, but i do find that these props are a lot less durable. They can kind of bend pretty easily across the hub due to the bigger stators and higher kv. With bigger props, this is a little bit more power hungry than the squirt or other cine whoops, and, as a result, you need to run slightly bigger batteries, which means that you have a bigger weight, which means that youre pushing more thrust down to keep it in The air, which means that theres more air being sucked in more air being displaced out the bottom. So you just kind of have to factor in the fact that its going to be heavier in the air and its going to create more disruption in the environment in which youre trying to film winston here say. Hi winston hi winston noted that its easier to get sucked into walls theres a some sort of magical thing. That happens. Where stuck did drones kind of just get sucked up to a wall and they get stuck and then they you have to like. You know get off the throttle and let it drop super embarrassing when it happens on set and winston noticed that its a little bit easier to get sucked into walls. So you may or may not as a novice or like a newer pilot to cine. Whoops may want to keep that in mind when youre talking about displacing more air like this, because it creates that kind of bubble of air underneath it starts to kind of wobble, and then it eventually gets stuck to the wall, and then it pushes itself to the Wall, its just not fun when it happens, and it seems like its maybe a little bit more likely to happen with the terror plane.

The shen drones terror plane is expensive. I think its 120 dollars with the 3d printed parts ducks props and body thats a lot for a drone frame in 2021 and for that price i thought it should have come with like an antenna holder, like mines, literally zip tied to a standoff. I kind of just figure at that price like come on. Lets get some lets, get some more stuff in here and its okay, that the price is high right to do. Injection molded plastic things theres a very, very high, startup cost. You know that just drives the price up right, the ducks end up being fairly expensive per piece because of the r d cost that has to go into it. That being said, a 3d printed part, you know, costs like what cents on the dollar. So just give me a cadx antenna mount so despite the awesome performance that this thing has, some of those downsides can become an issue right, its a little bit potentially easier to get injured by it. It weighs a lot more, so it displaces more air its not maybe i dont want to say its, not as precise as a squirt, but having a much higher resolution of throttle makes it sometimes a little bit trickier in tighter situations that combined with the extra downwash That happens as a result of it being a bigger machine. I think that in 90 to 95 percent of the situations in which you would find yourself, this is still going to be a better option, but because of those downsides, i think its worth paying attention to what those things are and where i would choose something smaller Or something different over top of the shenrons terror plane, so really quick.

I just wanted to compare the weight of the terra plane with the squirt uh. This on my freaking scale turned off so squirt with the gopro, and i just left. Both of these are gopro. Hero9S with batteries in them is 473 grams. Take that off switch over to the terraplane. I dont actually have no idea, ive, never weighed it so im trying to predict. I think its going to be if this is 473. This is going to be 5 15.. Im way wrong: okay, so this is 597 grams, so this is significantly heavier, but i think that the performance characteristics counter that weight, so i thought itd be worth taking out just like an actual standard. Five inch freestyle. This is my project. ‘9 super g with a gopro and seeing how much that weighs 575 grams, so this is actually heavier, so the tear plane is actually a little bit heavier than a standard 500 freestyle. But i dont care like that really doesnt matter to me, like. I still prefer flying this to this court for 90 of situations. So, alongside of all of the good and bad things about the terror plane, theres a couple just notes that arent really good or bad that i want to add to this conversation. My first note about the shendrans airplane is that theres full stack screws for both sizes, which makes options for whatever hardware you want to run really really easy beyond 30 by 30 and 20 by 20.

You also can fit the full size air unit or the caddux vista and theres mounting options for both of those. So, despite having motors and props that you should be running, the terra plane allows you to be really flexible, with whatever hardware you use. So if, for example, you have to recycle a drone to build your tarot plane, you can take all of the parts out of another bird and put it into this, no matter which one it is apart from. Maybe the motor so ive, taken apart a full squirt to put into here winston, has taken apart a full five inch drone to put it into a terror plane. It doesnt matter its agnostic to what parts you use. So one of the reasons that i love the terraplane the most is that i am a big fan of running full size gopros. I hate naked gopro, builds or stripped down setup like this, because it it it just is fickle. Doesnt always work right. Youve got to use an app to get connected to the camera and all of that stuff, where i can fly this break it, take it back to best buy, get a new one. Have it back on the drone and just do everything from the back of the camera, and that simplicity is very important for me when im on set so having a drone that can kind of do it all, meaning its got performance for outside flying its got precision For indoors flying its got protection and bumpers and it can carry that full size, gopro thats, the sweet spot for me.

Im not saying that. The way that i fly in the way that i prefer to be working is the most important thing in the world, or that everybody feels the same exact way, but for me checking off the boxes of performance, protection and predictability. Three ps for you is really really important, so thats, why i love the shen drones terraplane want to thank everybody for watching this review on the terraplane. This thing is quickly becoming one of my favorite tools. Ive got three of them built up im gon na keep two or three squirts built up for those moments where i need to be interacting really closely with talent, but for the most part im switching over to this bad boy, the terror plane of the parts that I use to build the terror plane are linked in the description below, as well as a link to the frame itself. Please definitely support andy shen, who makes awesome products for the world of fpv. If you want to support the channel, you can use affiliate links in the description below for all the parts shop at store.nerc.