It going guys and welcome to rc cincy. Today uh i got another unboxing and a quick test indoors and then we’re gon na do the outdoor flight. Of course, uh i’m. Also gon na get the boat run done today and we even may sneak in another car run so stay tuned for all that to come, of course uh, but in this one i just want to do. Unboxing uh go over it with you guys, uh. Do a quick flight indoors showing the stability of it then we’ll do a separate video of the outdoor flight and then we’ll start doing the car runs. The boat run all the other ones to come, plus, i think three other orders that have been fulfilled and shipped, so they should be here soon so there’s tons of stuff to come products, um tests, speed tests. I tell you the speed of everything, because i have that little device. I can strap to it so tons of stuff to come, but anyways uh. This was unexpected purchase. Honestly, i was at the store um there we go. I was at the store and uh. I was looking for a few things you know um just want to look around like i always do just in case i find something in clearance or a new product that came out that i think is worthy to review um. Typically, it has to be rc. I mean there’s other things been on channel as well, like a really nice cell phone um, you know electric scooter my little motorbike other things that made it to the channel.

I think, is unique. Tasers stuff like that, that are cool and unique kind of, but uh or rare, so i decided to just go out and look and see what i can get and honestly i came across this before. To be honest with you guys, right and at the time i looked at it, i thought it’d be maybe 30 40 bucks ended up being 50. 49.99 and at the time i’m, like man, i just can’t justify spending fifty dollars on this, and i was looking at Other comparable ics, even on amazon, it’s 50. anywhere you go. This is fifty dollars. I thought. Okay, maybe because i got this at walmart, i thought maybe their price. Well, walmart’s prices are typically never higher on toys. To be honest with you probably cheaper, if anything. So i was like man if walmart got it for 50., i don’t think i’m gon na find it anywhere else and um. That was the second uh time. The train of thought like hey, you know, if walmart excuse me, has it for 50, then i’m, probably not going to get it cheaper. Of course, if it’s clearanced or returned or you happen to catch a sale, that’s even better, so i’ve had many drones. Actually, this channel in the beginning had a ton of drones on it i mean all kinds and nothing wrong with drones. I love drones. I’M uh, i wouldn’t, say circling back, but i love boats, drones, cars, trucks, tanks, excavating equipment, cranes, it doesn’t matter, anything rc battle, stuff, anything rc, even baby, yo to rc.

Like anything rc, i love. So i really like drones. I, like the drones. What it is about drones is a car. You could only drive it like a little parking lot and you’re limited. How smooth the surface is, how nice it is and stuff like that, if it just snowed or got just got done raining you’re. Very limited if certain products can get damaged with the moisture. Well, obviously you can’t plant this rain. I would recommend it, but if it just gets done raining or snowing, it doesn’t really matter because it’s flying in the air, obviously you’ve been in a landing point. You can land on the box. I probably recommend that um, so i just figure you can also technically. This is not so much as an indoor flyer just because the size. Obviously, if you have a great big house, why not if you’re good at flying of course, be careful, you don’t want to wreck into stuff and break stuff or hurt someone that’s. The last thing you want to do right. So, honestly, this is more of an outdoor flyer, uh and then we’ll go over all the specs and performance and what it comes with in yada yada. So i’ve seen this 50 bucks i’m like okay. What what can i compare it to that’s 50? I think the closest thing is the bolt beat and i tell you what the volt b was amazing. The bolt b you can check it on.

The channel was uh two batteries up to 45 kilometers an hour, yellow, really strong frame, really nice controller made by holy stone, great uh customer service. All that i think you get like free batteries for reviewing them and crazy stuff, like that, so a great company, a little pricey, but you get great customer support great everything right so i’m like well it’s it’s. Maybe the motors look about same size, the actual drone itself, the actual just the drone’s about the same size, i’m thinking, okay, that’s, a good kind of a good comparison, but it’s unique in a sense that it looks like a jet and it has other features. So it’s, like i guess, that’s comparable to it, so i guess the 50 can be justified if it’s good. Of course, if it’s bad i’ll tell you it’s bad, but if it’s good we’re gon na rock on with it. The reason why i haven’t made like blatantly good or bad decisions immediately when i first get a product and review it is. I want a little time on the product. I don’t want to just immediately fly it once or twice it’s great, then maybe four flights later the motor craps out or the batteries don’t want to charge that’s. Why i don’t immediately um give you a rating on the product and, honestly, i need to circle back and comment and tell you, after owning this product, so long, here’s the cons and pros and do i recommend it.

I’M gon na start doing that from the channel. For you guys, uh, because i feel like just owning it for like a day or two is not going to really tell its true story about the product, how good it is right. It may give initial thoughts that’s, why i always put like quick thoughts or initial thoughts, a quick overview, like obviously it’s, not as quick as my videos alone, but like just the beginning, uh process, so let’s go ahead and just jump right into it. Okay, so just to show you the box real quick, it does say 360. What is it 360 or 360 degree stunts? It says: advanced autopilot, assisted landing, uh, gyro, uh, stabilization, flight control, audio or uh audio, auto orientation control it’s made by sharper image. It is called the thunderbolt stunt drone 2.4 gigahertz drone um. As you already said, the gyro stabilization usb charging here is a picture of the controller which i like to. It shows you the way it looks in case you don’t, like that style of controller. I do like that um it’s, just telling you basically the same things over and over assisted landing. All that i kind of mentioned it same thing on here. Another picture of it. Uh let’s see some more uh lightweight foam, it’s, pretty destructive and destruct. Well, not indestructible. It’S pretty hard to break it like you have to have a pretty serious rack. You can always glue this by the way uh foam set uh foam safe glue because other glues will actually start melting.

The i found out with the airplanes when i first got them. So you need, i bought foam care and other uh foam, safe, glues, they’re, not very expensive, four bucks, depending on the size and the quantity and whatever it may be in the brand of course, um. It has landing wheels and then uh, just real hip, really quickly. Uh, like i said, it’s the thunderbolt usb charger remote control for replacement props. I do like that a lot. You need three aaa batteries that you need to provide, and then it has a 3.7 volt, 400 milliamp battery and i’ll. Tell you the pros and cons on that so that’s. Why i really like the holy stone? Is they give you two batteries and it’s it’s a proprietary battery? Yes, it comes in a cartridge, so you have to buy those style batteries, but at least you get two and you can charge uh. You can charge them both at the same time that’s. How cool that thing was. They can charge two batteries at once or once or one battery time. I can’t remember but uh yeah, so this has a built in battery that’s. What i that’s the main thing off the rip that i didn’t like that i almost didn’t buy the fifty dollar drone because but we have mahdi so we’re not gon na get into the modding today. But this thing has so much potential, so let’s open it up. Really quickly, oh all kinds of stuff falling out so there’s the box, it does have the handle, put it back in the box, it’ll kind of protect it and you can just carry it with you, that’s kind of neat.

I do like that. Nice little touch. Didn’T. Have to do that obviously, to keep moisture out that’s. All there is there. This goodies will set it to the side, the airplane or technically, and then last but not least, let’s start with the boring stuff first manual. This sticker was on the drone i removed it. It says before flying, read, always always read the instructions. They’Ll tell you all the controls how to properly charge it, how long it takes all that fun stuff to do’s and don’ts. If it has important calibration or anything like that, it will tell you, please read it. I know you might have flown a few drones or whatever, but read it. It says practice flying indoors before flying outdoors because they don’t want you to lose your drone that’s, a very smart tip, that’s a little tip list it’s on there read that really quickly. So it unfolds like so it tells you about charging pairing direction. Remote controls read all the caution: warnings power lines stuff like that at the wreck into you can damage stuff. It tells you about the props replacement that you need to put um each prop blade match it with the blades corresponding to the letter there’s a on this prop and b there’s, eight props in b one is counter, and one is uh. One is clockwise and the other is counterclockwise, so that is important. If you put a wrong prop on the wrong one, it will not fly well either a wrecker won’t do anything at all.

So that is very, very important emphasize that enough shows you all the little everything you get and it tells you how to properly charge it with a drone being turned off you plug it up, connect it the lights on when the light goes out completely. Your drone is charged and estimates. It 70 minutes depends how drained it was and how far you drained it um what else there should be other little features. I need to read that i didn’t read uh. It tells you about the lights, the landing gear, the motors off and on switch, and then it has a fully detailed thing of the controller. But what i like brands like holy stone and sharper images. They label the buttons, the most important thing: you’re not going to pull this out and try to read this when you’re flying you can quickly glance down and see that it’s labeled. That is very, very important. I can’t decide enough i’m, like what button is what especially having so many different products. I can’t always remember everything after flying it a few times. I typically remember it, but um yeah, so it’s telling you what button does what showing you which direction? What goes what orientation shows how to do the 360 stunts all that troubleshooting tips uh operating the drone? All that is right there very easy to read very simple. I recommend reading this um instruction, man instruction uh, i kind of skimmed through it, but i really recommend reading this let’s set this over here and then the next thing we’re going to go through is everything in here.

So let’s pull everything out one by one. Well, yeah, so here this is what i like when they give you these. They give you a 1 800 number that you can call don’t return this to the store just because you can’t figure it out. Obviously, if you want your money back, that’s fine, but if it’s something simple, it’s, troubleshooting or whatever this right here will literally they will guide you and help you and sharper image does have great customer service, so that’s always fun. So shout out to them. I do love great customers. I hate it when you talk to someone that can’t help you or doesn’t understand anything right. So here is the charger this charger. This connector is common jst. What i would have wished is, they would have simply made a little hatch that pops open and had this connector on it, and you just disconnect your battery and charge it that way. That way, you can buy extra batteries and it’s easy to switch on instead. Having to wait another 70 minutes to charge the fly again, how much could that have cost? You know those batteries are literally, they get them for probably 75 to 50 cents. I would imagine right because you can get five batteries in a charger for ten dollars. Literally, a smaller capacity, one like a 400 or 300 it’s, probably a 400 in there. I think that’s what it said so think about that that just kind of bothers me, but that can be addressed so we’ll, see how good it flies if it’s worthy all that we’ll do that later.

So it is a usb charger and the output is 7.2 volts. I mean 4.2 volts, which is one cell. It says 3.7 on the battery, but it charges the 4.2 just to let you know, and it is a 750 milliamp charger. So actually this should charge faster than what it said in the manual. The manual will tell you um: unless the battery is bigger and then the manual just type out it. The manual says 400 milliamps. This is 750. This does 750 milliamps per hour. One hour is 60 minutes, there’s, no way it’s going to take 70, even if it’s completely drunk there’s, no way it’s going to take 70. one hour. This would charge a 750 milliamp battery in one hour, that’s only 400 that’s, almost half by 50 milliamps. It would be exactly half so i would say: 35 minutes would be an accurate time more, like it 35 to 40. i’m, going to bet money so that’s pretty far off, but i’ll charge it once it’s dead and i get done flying it because before they ship And they charge a little bit, so the first charge is always going to be faster. So keep that in mind so go ahead and charge it the first time after you fly it the first time char uh charge it and see what it is. That’Ll be more of a uh, accurate thing, but that’s nice that they have the 70. I guess usb. Maybe if you have a slow output usb like if it’s only like a one point, something amp.

No, i should still cover it. Okay, so this can take input. Five volts five point: five, two two amps, so you can technically put the 2.4 amp little charger, brick that’s, a fast charger or 3.1, whatever it is or watts or whatever it’ll charge a little bit faster. I noticed that because i always hook it up to that and it’s easy faster than just a regular outfit, a regular cheap, like five watt, adapter or whatever so that’s nice next thing is look at that a complete set of props that is so important, so let’s See if they’re easy to read that’s in the first test, this one clearly says i can’t tell it’s a number. Is it oh right here, a2, b1, a2, so it’s a1 and b2 yeah, so it has a and b’s one’s going to be calculus one’s going to be counter here. Let me show you real quick, see how one’s angled this way and then, if you take the same exact, prop it’s angled, the other way counter and counterclockwise, so that’s nice. Typically, the a’s are typically clockwise and then the b’s or counter simply make sure you put them on the correct one. There is a on the manual shows the orientation with the letters so let’s say you take them all off. It’Ll show you where they need to go and then once you get one correct like say once you get one on this corner, caddy corner and this angle will be the same, and then you get this one correct counter corner.

That angle will be the same. Typically, how it works so there’s the props and then we’ll go over the controller next. So this is the controller one thing i like about this: a lot that a lot of the drones always want to have the spring on this side and therefore it’s altitude hold meaning wherever you move up and let go of it, it stays there. This one is going to be a much better trainer to help you learn to fly drones. Why i say that is this: is non altitude hold this proportional so throttle, so you can see you could be at zero and then you increase it yourself. So you got to remember when you wreck it’s, not like the other one like cuts itself off, you have to kill the throttle or something gets caught up in. There kill the throttle, it’s foam, it’ll land nine times at a time, you’re not going to be sky. High with it, because you don’t want to lose it, so this will teach you much better. This will teach you throttle, control being able to control it. This is much better for teaching pilots it’s going to be harder to fly initially than any altitude hold, but once you learn to fly most of the time i don’t even want to fly altitude. I want to control the throttle myself, i feel like i have more control. I actually really control it. Altitude’S whole knife: if you’re doing something you have like a camera joining a holding position, i kind of see that, but you can, i can gently guide it and hold it there as well right um.

You can give it that much throttle and kind of stay there. The stick is kind of firm, so it might not move, but you always want to have your fingers on it and these unscrew nope um. What else? Absolutely love that that’s going to teach you to fly much better and be able to fly more drones? Because, if you can fly this, you can definitely find altitude to hold one right, so that’s what’s, so important that’s. What makes it i wouldn’t say a beginner. This can be a beginner drum, but this is more like you’re about like a little cheap altitude or when you want this, or this could be your first one at all, it’s, not that hard, if you can figure it out and practice flying. Obviously, as the manual says probably indoors, because that way you can’t lose it you’re only gon na hit the wall or something right so throttle. Then we have your power button press, it light flashes red and it should go solid when you’re bound press and hold and let go because if you just press it one time, it’s not going to turn off as a safety thing. If you accidentally bump the wrong button like that, then we’re going to start from the top and go down so this one right here is um is labeled stunt. I don’t know if it only hit the button and it only flips one way you might be able to hit the button and then go left hit.

The button go right hit. The button go up hit the button go back, so i had a lot of drones where you hit the button to do a backflip hitting button. Do a front flip hit the button. Do a right flip, like roll or whatever front flip back flip roll right roll left and hit the button. You might just hit the button and it just does a normal flip and that’s. All i can do i don’t. I need to try that out right um. Then you have a speed button, so this is your rates and aka rates. So this is speed. One speed, two speed three, i don’t know how many speeds it has. Oh, it should have been a speed button. It’Ll at least have two a low and a high, or it may have a low high or may have low medium high. We don’t know we’re going to find out, it should be, or at least flash will make some kind of noise. Hopefully it should be for a lot of these buttons we’ll find out if it will not 100 sure and then went over those two buttons. Then, like i said, the uh throttle is um non altitude hold, so you have to control yourself. I love it and obviously the right stick is normal with the bounce back, because this is your. You know right pitch uh pitch um forward pitch back right pitch left. You know what i mean and then your yaw is here to turn the drone uh to.

Like turn the drone this way so here i’ll show you throttle up and down to your right, it’s gon na turn. This way to your left, it’s gon na turn to your left front. Pit forward pitch is gon na go forward. It’S called pitch forward pitch back pitch to go back, it’s going to be roll right, so it’s going to go and the left is going to roll left pitch forward is going to pitch forward it’s going to tilt it go to go forward, that’s how you basically Go forward – and this is how you go up and down simple as that i like that, so then we’re going to go to these controls. This one is auto orientation, aka, headless mode, so headless mode means that you could turn it on and hit ya. Have it spin and then you push forward it’s going to go forward, no matter if it’s spinning, if you didn’t, have that on it would go forward the way you’re facing so as you’re spinning, whatever face, whichever way you’re facing that’s the way it’s gon na go. So if you’re spinning and you hit forward at that moment, whichever way you’re facing at that time, that’s the way you’re gon na go headless mode, it doesn’t matter if it’s, spinning, it’s still gon na go the way you push out away from you. So when you turn on headless mode, you want the drone facing away from you like you’re standing in front of you.

You want the drone perfectly as much centered again in front of you and then turn it on and then as you’re rotating or spinning or flying around you hit that way away from you it’s going to go away from you when you hit back towards you it’s Going to come back towards you that’s the nice part about headless mode that’s a beginner feature. I really don’t like it, because i don’t need it, and then you have your land button. You hit this. It will land. I don’t know if it has a feature where the battery’s low lands on its own, and then you can’t take off typically that’s with altitude hole but we’ll see. If this has it we’ll find out i’m sure it’ll have a light flashing or some kind of beeping at least lights back flashing at the very least. All of them have the light flashing feature then over here you have your turn trim and then your right turn trip. So, if you’re flying and a drone kind of wants to turn slowly like this that’s, how you trim that, then you have your forward trim. So if your drone’s constantly going backwards, you could trim it a little bit forward to make it hover a little better. When you hold the throttle yourself, obviously, and then you have back trim if it’s going forward, you want to trim it back a little bit and you have right and left trim. So if it’s drifting kind of to the right, you put a little left trim input.

But balance it out, it’s going to the left put on the right trim boom. It balances back out that’s what you want. These buttons are not labeled and they’re hard, so i can tell they’re not being used see how hard they are same thing with these, like they click. I don’t think they do anything same thing with the center button that center button clicks, but i guarantee it doesn’t do anything so um that’s, all the buttons you are gon na need i can’t remember these are double a’s. Yes, three double a so it should have decent range. I think i said somewhere on the box. I had a decent number of decent range on here. It says flight range, 250, foot radius from this fake antenna. It might be a realistic, it might be. Fake 250 feet is substantial, that’s line of sight, that’s nice um, so that’s, really nice uh. It can now the thing about flying outdoors that’s. What i don’t want you to fly. First time you lose orientation, you start to get up there and that wind hits it and starts to gust it and blow it away, you’re going to lose that drone or crash into a tree or whatever it may be or lose control. They don’t want that to happen. They want you to understand the controls, get used to the controls, start slowly indoors and then uh on a non windy day for the size and that all that foam will grab hit.

The air will hit all that foam. All that surface area and blow you away, because i guarantee that can’t fight, strong wind, might fight very, very light breezes, which i will test myself because i’ve flown joints quite a bit so i’ll. Let you guys know those capabilities, not saying that you should do it, but at least i’ll, let you know um that’s the controller. It feels good it’s kind of like an xbox controller, feels really good, like the bumper buttons easy to hit every button yeah. I like it, i like it a lot. I don’t mind the controller one bit i like using more full size controllers, they fit better in your hands, so for my hands, they’re, perfect right and then finally, this. This is why? Because it looks uh f18 f18 that drone right there see it that’s an f 18. I can tell by the two little stabs right here: f 16 has one in the middle, so it’s an f 18 hornet. I say it’s f, 18 hornet. Does it say that i don’t think he says anything? It says thunderbolt drone that’s their name for it, so i like it. This will help it fly forward. I guess a little bit help it stabilize it kind of like wings, but they are cut out where the props are uh. Has a nice little nose? Has these little little wheel, uh landing gear, so you can’t land on these? I wonder if you’re on the ground, if you like, pitch forward, if it’ll, just roll and then like you, could do like a take off.

I thought about this like. If you have a really smooth surface, you can literally hit pitch forward which will make it like kind of roll forward and then hit up and forward and then kind of like and then tilt back a little bit as you’re going forward as well and kind of Like well, you can’t go backwards or tilting, but, like you can you can make it look kind of like it’s taking off like it’ll, be weird because it’s not pulling back it’ll be kind of going forward when it does that, but like still it’ll look cool um, Really durable foam let’s say you break this: you can easily glue it it kind of bends and gives a little bit so that’s good for impacts and wrecks. It has looks like has metal uh posts for the arms. I do appreciate that uh already, i wouldn’t say completely, took it apart, but i took it apart. Some two screws will separate you. Let’S say you don’t want to fly with this heavier foam. You want a longer flight time and just a basic drone. This is your answer. One two screws will separate this entire foam off of it, so it’s badly broken or damaged and it’s too much weight on one side, it’s, making it kind of weird just remove this and fly it as a normal drone. What’S gon na be weird is the way they program the orientation on this is this: is gon na be your front, so your front, you may have to mark it with something it’s going to be this arm right here.

So you’re used to flying like not like this you’re used to flying like this, so it’s going to be off a little bit, but you can deal with it. You have the two red lights for conan’s, maybe put like a green light here and a green light. There maybe put like a green light or a yellow light here to separate or hook up another light to this and put the red light in the back and then hook up a green light to the front to know what’s front back that helps out orientation. These lights do help it make it a little bit visible, so you can see it uh, but you can see the shape of it. That’S orientation on this particular drone, so uh. What else two screws will separate that and then there’s a micro board with the adapter that screw that the the charger port is screwed to you can unscrew all those take the board out and then it reveals the battery. I didn’t want to go that far because there’s a lot a lot of tiny, tiny little wires and i would hate to break one of those wires before i did the first flight uh after i do the first indoor and outdoor flight. This is hitting the modding table for re. I’Ll. Show you why so stick it look? Okay, bye, looks okay, wheels, uh metal arms, nice size, motor i’m, really surprised at the size of motors. They use that’s a decent sized motor that’s like equivalent to the mjx like the x6 or whatever see i forget, the name of it, but it has six motors.

I replaced one of those and i have this size motors and it looks similar to the um. Why? I compared it to the bolt, because the bolt b had similar size motors like this nice healthy, strong motors. They are brushed by the way. All these little drone legs are typically brushed, so you have a simple off and on switch on, you have two lights. Flashing from underneath is what they look like side, so you’re mainly going to see when you’re looking, maybe underneath or from the top it’s mainly for show, but you can see the orientation just because the way the jet looks uh turn it off really quickly. You have the port that the charger wire goes into. You can see the port right. Where is it right there next to the off and on switch and then all they had to do is make it. You can see where i try to find it. I’M gon na do is make you see what i’m gon na do is make a little door right. There see that line i’m going to do is make a little latch or something that just snaps or anything, and this would have been golden like this definitely looks like a 400. Maybe bigger i’ll have to check on that uh that batter right. There would be so nice because i guarantee this drone is gon na. I don’t guarantee it, but i think the drone’s gon na fly good it’s, gon na be fun and the only thing that’s gon na not ruin it to make it harder to justify spending this money on.

It is having just this one battery, so i don’t want to see the phone. Oh yeah, dude don’t worry myself right in your screen. Oh yeah, this phone is bouncy and it gives it strong yeah. This is going to take one heck of a beating. I could tell you that right now that crease isn’t for me doing it. It was like that everything the way it looks, looks that way like yeah. This is going to take a heck of a beating, so that’s, really nice um. What else is underneath to say? Kinda, like has like this, is like this plate kind of holds everything else. All we had to do is literally cut around these edges with a dremel like all the way around boom get to the battery cut the wire uh. Do the adapters done and then make like a? I could do like a glue one side of the velcro strap here and then the other side and go or a rubber band or anything a little piece of tape. I don’t it doesn’t matter to me. However, you guys want to do it. We could even cut this around and stop cutting right here. Maybe make this bend and have like a little piece of something i don’t know i get real creative with doors or make a door or just make opening whatever it doesn’t matter, that’s in a later video don’t do that fly learn to fly, enjoy it and then, If you really really enjoy it, and you want more flight time, then that’s when you do the modding and then you do it at your own risk.

I can’t emphasize enough. If you don’t feel comfortable or don’t know how to do it, don’t do it just because you see me, do it honestly, guys whoops, i nudged the camera. I do have batteries and motors for it. So i’m, not too stressed out. Oh yeah, the boat battery off topic. This is the boat battery 3.7 volts. What is this 700 milliamps? This? Is this connector? I wonder like if it’ll power it or charge it i mean like that’d, be crazy. If you can just look at something charge, it watch me like blow it. No, no! No do that, but i wonder if you can take like another battery and plug it up and then suck the battery after that to charge this one like make a connector and then hook it up to like a big one cell, like a huge one cell, and Then, ah ain’t worth it but anyways uh, so yeah. So it comes with the charger everything you need so honestly guys. The next thing to do is to fly so what we’re gon na do we’re gon na turn this out this way with the light shining. This way, i’m gon na try to give myself as much space, we’re, obviously gon na turn this around or restart yeah. Let me just restart it and reset it up one. Second, okay, so there’s the drone. I try to make it like a big open shot. So you can’t see it flying around on these drones.

You always want to turn the vehicle, the drone on first and you want to slide it on a flat, a level surface and that’s. The way, if you want to use orientation immediately make sure you face it straight away from you straight from the controller and then turn on this and then what it says to bind. It is to go up down solid light bound simple, as that give it a little throttle. We are golden. Oh, that sounds good. Okay, so let’s hear the speeds. How many speeds you have and if it makes any noise one two three one. So you have speed. One two three and then let’s hit this one time now. I think you just hit it i’m gon na try the directional thing, maybe more outdoors, i don’t want to wreck it already. We have the landing button orientation. I don’t care for we’re going to use the landing button and then try out the speed that’s about it in this room. Okay, so here we go so there we go speed one. Oh, my goodness. Let me see what kind of shot you get. This thing is so easy to fly like i’m, not kidding guys dude, that is pretty darn balanced. That is speed. One and it’s got a little pet whoa. I, like it, c2 Music, oh dude, this one’s got something speed. Three whoa i shot up so fast and i didn’t even gun it full throttle and look at that.

Not a single mark, speed. Three still: okay, let’s do speed one and then rotate your speed rotation. Well, that’s. The one rotation set it back down on flat surface. Excuse me make sure my pants are pulled up, uh been a while, so let’s rotate. I got ta rotate and hold my Music ah i’m, just so rusty. Okay, so you kind of see that’s the speed, dude it’s got so much punch, that’s the one kind of rotation speed. Two rotation definitely faster, see that that’s only faster and speed three rotation. Here we go. Oh yeah. Definitely faster dude it’s got power. Dude this thing with the body off would be bananas, let’s put some lights with some kind of markers for orientation, but this would be banana. Even with this body, it doesn’t weigh much that’s why they put that big of a motor on it for power. I mean this thing rips like well here. Let me try to hold it into this one right here. We go Music, so drifting forward that totally hit. So you want to be careful with the hit stuff. Let’S check the props zero damage to the props nope, nothing. So i love this freaking material. So here we go uh let’s do a stunt screw ready? Oh, i did a triple one. Oh, my god, you can do that. One cool thing i used to do where you’re up high and you do a flip and right before you do the right before the end of the flip.

You kill the throttle and it does like a bunch of rolls and then you quickly cut on the throttle and then catch it before it hits the ground. I used to love doing out my box three, so let’s see let’s, try and do a flipping it to the left, see if, if it only puts one away right, oh man, i hit that all right watch it there. We go Music, oh that’s, b. Okay! Here we go yep you can choose. I went to the left that time you can choose what direction you flip, so you can flip right left front and back incredible. I tell you what guys Music dude, i can’t emphasize how powerful this thing is. It’S butter smooth, it sounds great. I can feel the performance of it. I guarantee i can take off rolling forward and then take off the ground like make it pitch forward roll it forward and then lift up make it look realistic. You can fly like a jet. You can make it hover like a harrier. Ah man, guys guys, okay, let’s do let’s, do auto landing, look, it’s got about a quarter thought or whatever it is i’m gon na hit it Music with lights flashing. There you go there, we go, and then you have to throttle back up and back down because that’s like emergency lighting, once you hit land once it’s ground kills the throttle and the lights flash you go up back down and then re bind it and you’re golden Let’S, do uh orientation is not really enough room um! I don’t want to be spinning it and going forward to hit stuff.

I don’t want i’m, not saying it’s going to damage it, but i want to take a chance. It must be me, i’m going to join the battery for the lights flash. It says a six minute flight time on the box and that’s probably full throttle three gears. That’S, probably perfect, condition speed one just hovering honestly. As long as we get five, six men support it. Music, you just don’t, know how to just come out of stuff. You know what you’re doing this is so nice. Okay, let me stop bouncing like boy there we go. Let me try to train a little bit. Applause, Music definitely wants to lunge forward so Music. I caught it that’s hilarious dude. This thing is incredible, guys, Music, look! This is just throttle right now: go Music back Music, one more time, Music! Look at that guys! That’S just throttle that’s! Just probably that was just wrong that’s, pretty darn good. I could probably spin it more there’s the flashing lights i wanted. That indicates that the battery is low and you should land really soon. I don’t know if it’s going to land on some yup Music, it just landed on its own, see the light’s flashing really really fast up back down. Nope love that feature it’s, not letting you take off when it’s flashing super rap. Like that it’s saying: hey, battery’s dead, you fly any more on this you’re gon na damage. It absolutely love that that was great.

I love it me tell you guys so far honestly impressed it’s got power, plenty of it. It can fly, it can for the weird shape that it honestly is for a drone. It does really well hovering. You can literally sit there and tune it, get it to where it’s reasonable. It will drift ever so slightly, but it’s really really slow and very manageable. I wrecked it what three four times the props, pretty much look the same throughout yep um, no damage whatsoever to the buyer wreck into the ceiling into the plane into the chair. I wrecked what three or four times at least so zero damage zero anything um i’d like to measure the actual motor. Do these look like the same motors like i said, they’re in the the mjx drone and the uh holy stone drone, so honestly guys truly impressed. No wheels, nothing came off yeah. This is gon na be a lot of fun. I cannot wait to get this outside uh. This is gon na, be the only indoor flight, i’m confident i’m gon na fly it outdoors. I obviously recommend uh zero and overwind the first time you fly, get the controls down, figure out the controls and then maybe try to go fly outside unless you have a tiny, tiny space and you can’t fly indoors um all right. I can understand that so make sure you do it somewhere, where it’s, open, uh, no power lines or trees, try try to get as open as area as you can.

That way. If you drift a little bit, you don’t get stuck in a tree or whatever fully charge it, and then it will auto land. So the minute you start seeing those flashing lights, i’d say you got less than a minute. You got a few seconds to get it close, as you can to yourself and start to land yourself and then before it starts landing out of landing. Let’S, say you’re 200 feet away from it. It’Ll auto land that’s when you got ta, go get it. So you got ta, think water or tree or whatever in a way it’s gon na auto land. So watch that and you can’t really fight it like it’s gon na make it outline because it doesn’t want to kill the battery, so be very careful with that. Keep that within range it says 250, so you should find a radius somewhere where you can stand in the middle. Have open area around you, nothing around you as best as possible and then fly this and really enjoy it. So this is the kind of drone you want to fly more than one battery. This absolutely needs the mod, in my opinion, if you’re happy with flying it for six minutes bringing a usb charger with you, charging your car hanging out, maybe drinking a cup of coffee or whatever, and you know i’d say realistically, with a nice 2.1 volt usb charger, Which is the maxis2 anyways uh? You should be able to charge about 35 minutes to 40.

, especially if you let the lights in the auto lands. That’S the safe voltage so it’s, actually not that low. So it will charge quickly. I’D say i’m gon na i’m gon na charge it and time it and let you guys know, but honestly, i really like this a lot like a lot. A lot like i really like it. Uh looks like this body can have lights, or this body had motors on it. No, not motors looks like it can have lights like forward facing lights, see that the little channels, the forward facing lights, ain’t even back facing for orientation, the four facing lights, would be nice orientation. But honestly, i had no problem telling what side was? What? Just being honest with you guys, so maybe if you’re 250 feet, i don’t know, i recommend it 250 feet away from you, but especially not when you’re first learning to kind of get a hang of it’s a little different but absolutely love. The controls of the controller works perfectly feels good in your hand, uh, responsive, you’ve, seen the power i mean the dropping to catch yourself with itself back up takes quite a bit of lift and it hasn’t uh. Is it gon na drain the battery faster? When you do that, yes being aggressive and flying at speed, three, yes you’re, probably gon na get like five minutes four minutes except six. So just watch that but um i’m genuinely impressed with it it’s got some pep.

Dude it’s got the power to put a pretty big battery like dude it’s got the power for a 700 all day long i would go. I would go with 780 or 500. I would not go less. If you were to mod the battery, a 500 will fit. It looks like it has a little bit of space because you got ta think you don’t have to abide by this door anymore, because this area is gon na, be missing and you’re gon na be able to stick a. I thought about it. Just remove that battery and then make a cage or something on on here, maybe put the battery drop the battery in or cut out a spot in the center. I don’t, i don’t, know i’m gon na there’s gon na be so many options we’re putting the battery, but you wanted somewhere in the center to weight because it’s already somewhat balanced from the company. They designed it this way, so it flies really well. I don’t want to change that, so the weight’s gon na have to be somewhere in the center it’s, either gon na be inside the cage and the inside of the cage or inside the cage on this side of it somewhere like that. So we’ll see the kind of batteries and sizes, i think i know i have a here. We go. This is at least what i’m going to put in it. This is a milliamp battery. Look at that perfect that’s, how mine’s gon na look.

I mean i’m gon na make it look cleaner, but yeah i’m gon na get it towards shove. Dinner yeah cause i’m gon na cut this side of it too. So literally, i can get it shoved in there. That would be perfect even the 500s. I got the little stubby 500s would fit in there perfectly, but 650 would increase the flight time it’s, not that much heavier i’ll. Wait the differences, give you guys the weights, but the amount of thrust it has. I still want it to be thrusty like that. So at least we go to 500. I guarantee 500 will have like no impact. Honestly, i’m. Being honest with you guys, i think of 500. They wouldn’t even know it. Was there honestly that’s what i think i’m gon na shoot for i’m, trying to think where oh they’re right here hold on one second let’s show you guys the 500 so here’s the drum remember i made my own adapter. Let me move this to the side. Remember this one i made the own adapter, so i could plug up those batteries to it. This has this adapter. Luckily i have an adapter and i can make an adapter so i’m not worried about that or i could change the ends here they are here. We go so these are the batteries i have. I actually have another um 500, whatever it is, and what does this come with i’m, so confused right now i can’t remember where i kept this battery.

What this battery was originally – and i don’t know but anyways i just had so many products like i lost count, so this is a snub. 500.. Look at that look how stubby that is right! Look at this there’s a 400 in here, so this 500 would fit beautifully if that’s, even a 400 man. It looks small. This deserved uh 500.. This deserved two five hundredths right there, just like that shaped in there right with a little latch or a door or a little, even a strap, and just to have the 500s in there with the black little door latch pop pop. It out drop the 500 in there or 400s. Give me two 400s with the latch. Then i can buy more of them like if you had like a pack of five or six four hundreds and those six minutes per flight, that’s great that’s, absolutely amazing! You know just anything more than six minutes, so the 200 would be a light dude that would have some pat. This is a 2 30.. It quickly drained these big motors quickly draining, but the lightweightness of it you’d be surprised because i think once you get so heavy, these batteries are nowhere like see. These two 500s would be perfect. Like that’s a 400 in there, i wouldn’t even consider the weight difference. Like this one, even matter like this is nothing right, so i have the adapter, so i have the batteries. I would need in the adapter to change these out or i’m, probably just gon na.

What am i going to do i’m? Probably just going to make an adapter on the thing to where it’s jst i’m going to switch them all to jst, probably i don’t know we’ll decide. Uh i’m actually i’ll make adapter, because i want to plug that in there because it has less space. This has more room to add an adapter or whatever so i’m, going to keep these ends like that and just make an adapter that i could plug in this i’ll switch this to these kind of batteries, so that’s no problem that way, this 230 is so cute. I do actually have a uh 300 as well that’s too small. We want to go bigger. We want to go smaller, so honestly, guys let’s get rid of this 200 because that’s not what we need. These are gon na, be the batteries i’m gon na use. Definitely the two, the two 500s 100 short and the 400 i’m gon na, save that one so i’m gon na have three batteries and then i’m gon na try a 600 milliamp battery. What comes with uh the plane? Oh, those are two cell. Three hundredths, dude that’d be beastly, but do you sell them? Man, i’m gon na handle them i’m gon na take a risk. I mean that’s, not that much, that wouldn’t be bad man that’s the power it would have with these. These motors, with the two cell, would scream but that’s brushless that’s. Why that’s running it too? So that’s brushless airplane, my uh, my trusty airplanes? I absolutely love that’s.

What got me into airplanes that uh, xk or kx uh a600 beaver, whatever d 600 beaver whatever it is: hdc beaver, whatever the hell it is, that got me into the hobby and i absolutely love it like it’s, not in the hobby, but into airplane. More serious about airplanes and i have another one i actually have a brush from loader and a brushed set up. I could put in another plane and i have other amps and receivers, and god knows what else so: anyways there’s just so much stuff. I thought about building modern airplane that’d, be interesting or helicopter, or something but anyways um yeah. So i recommend probably the 500s and then we’ll try the 600 placement, but this would be it’s not you’d. Be surprised like the weight difference is not it’s, not big. Enough. Look it’s not big enough to where i don’t think it’s that much weight. Theoretically, these ends have to have the same connectors in the top and it’s just that much more battery right there not much more battery for 150 milliamps. Okay, so i think it’s worth it. That’S going to increase it, this is a 700. This is the thing, though this is a 700 milliamp battery this one’s, not that heavy that’s totally doable like put a strap on it, paint it black. So it looks like a tank. You know there’s drop tanks like a fuel tank that would be interesting and just plug that in i don’t know, if it’ll charge it or just run the power off of it, i don’t know, but that would be super interesting to have that as a battery.

Like a drop tank – and this is 700 milliamps, like basically a lipo, so yeah lion or whatever, but yeah would be beefy because i think it’s spread out between these four motors so but yeah. So i think this is going to be super interesting. Obviously the mod is not gon na be this video because it’d be too long. It’S already uh forget what the other two was it’s already getting long enough so guys. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. I think this product is gon na be amazing. I cannot wait to uh. Do the outdoor flight i’m thinking about the speed box on this honestly that’s a lot of weight? You know, if i would put it be obviously right here or underneath right here, that’d be a lot of weight. A little speed box would be killing this thing i don’t think i could do it. It’S harder on, like bigger airplanes, is fine on airplanes. Okay, but like cars, it’s, no problem because the wheels are on the ground like it rolls it’s, not that much weight. You got ta watch it. What you put it on, because it can’t affect it’s flying especially flying, is the only one like a helicopter or that my brushless beaver. I wouldn’t even put it on like that’s how heavy well, it could probably do it, but it’ll make it slower, so never show it it’s. True speed, uh, the smallest plane i’d. Probably put it in.

Is that one point one point one plane right there that little or these jets i don’t have no problem putting these just at 64 millimeters but anyways yeah. So unfortunately, i won’t be able to do that for that one, but we can do it for the other stuff, the vehicles, everything else. So we get speed tests we get so much stuff guys. I can’t emphasize three new products coming one’s gon na do battle. It’S gon na be the jada versus the the mustang versus the hellcat versus. I forget. What kind of car that is another car, it’s gon na be a three way battle. Then it’s gon na be another scale. Two way battle, guys that’s gon na be it’s gon na get crazy, so stay tuned. Obviously all those videos are to come run. Videos test videos, all kinds of fun stuff. So please please subscribe uh, please watch those quick little ads or skip or whatever it helps out a lot. The revenue like i put out so many videos, like some videos, do really great and do okay and make a couple bucks. No one’s really do nothing like that’s fine, because i like to share everything i can with you guys like. It really helps out that, like button helps out a lot, the subscription helps a lot and views. So please check out the channel there’s tons of other videos. You can surprise all kinds of products that are on my channel like a lot so there’s a lot of choices there, not the best, edited quality videos in a little long but uh at least you could see the product and check the product out, at least at The very least i’m gon na be working on all that, like i said, my editor right now is kind of stuck in the house and honestly she should be ready to start editing soon.

For me, i think she’s supposed to either get a laptop or computer just for editing. So i’m super excited about that that’s, going to help out tremendously with editing so i’m.