Listen today is the first drone review this one sharper image thunderbolt stunt drone that i will be doing on the gopro hero9 guys, look, look look! So what we got is we got the sharper image thunderbolt stunt drone. 300. Look. 22 at walmart, it’s, pretty it says, advanced autopilot, auto orientation, gyro stabilization and assisted landing here’s, the back of the box it’s just a little guys. It’S shaped like a jet, but it’s got four blades on it like a drone, so let’s uh take it out of the box here, see what it’s all about and get a closer look that’s. What we don’t need. It is made out of foam. Let me get the controller out and i’ll. Let you take a look at this here plain make sure i don’t break anything. I hate breaking stuff soon, as i get it. I guess. We’Ll, take a look at the controller since it’s in my hand, we got throttle up down spin and then we got all of our. You know left right up and down. Then we have left turn trim right. Turn trim forward, trim, uh backward trim uh. You know spin trim, you know all that stuff, then there’s land right there here’s our speed, control it’s got three different speeds and stunt, which i think it’ll do a flip. It is made out of foam. You can see the four blades there – hmm, okay, i had it charged up. You guys have never flown it.

I’Ve wow! I flew it inside for about a minute just to make sure everything worked and it was going to take off here’s the bottom. Where you hit the power button, you can see the power button there. This is just about as simple as it gets. There’S. Nothing special there’s, no cameras basically turn on and fly and that’s. What we’re going to do. Becca is on her way over here right now, alrighty guys so becca’s got the camera i’m gon na turn it on. Stick it down there on our normal. If you haven’t noticed by the way, this is the normal field across the street from our house that we do drone reviews in it’s, big it’s, open. Yes, it’s got the beautiful views of the mountains in the microwave slab. Can they see it that concrete slab right? There is my takeoff point so let’s turn this on turn this on set it down, see what happens all right well. Can they see that yep it’s about? Oh, you know what let me move all this that’s. Okay, this isn’t a stunt drone it’s, not a crazy drone. It’S gon na get up it’s gon na fly. I know it’s got a couple different speeds. We will take it around right here and just see how it goes. You ready, hey, well right away. Hang on. I can tell you right now that speed one see i’m fighting the win right now to come back to us because of the speed now i’ll click it over.

Just you know what let’s do this wow? This gopro is amazing. It i don’t have to move the camera at all. I mean you’ll have to zoom in and such, but if i keep it right here, focused on the field: okay, i’m gon na land it and bring it back. Okay, okay! Well, i can tell you something right now: what’s up wind is a major major factor in this drone. Okay, okay, listen! I want you guys to listen. One beep that’s speed, one two that’s speed, two three: is it three that that’s speed three and that’s high speed? That’S triple guys there is you can’t, even see it in the trees. It’S such you can see it in your hair it’s such a light. Wind yeah. Can you okay? It will not fight that wind i’m gon na try to keep it lean forward. How will you do it? Oh look, it’s going now: okay, there we go straight, the higher you go up in the air it’s, not very powerful, see i’ve got it leaned as far as forward as i can lean and that’s speed. Three, if i put it on one seat, that’s a lead as far as i can lean it when you click it on two three, it leans just far enough to fight the wind let’s, try a stunt. I keep thinking. This is the bugs. Did you see that that was awesome? The bug yeah you’re kidding me right yeah, i was like.

Why would it this? Is that little see what that does make it awesome? Yeah things are usually not meant to be played in the wind when it comes from walmart fight, the wind yeah. If i could keep it right there, if i can keep it real low, it might make it back up here guys it will not fight the wind. Here it comes that’s full forward. Wow i mean it’s far, look, look full full forward. Did you see the roll? Yes that’s, amazing, Music, okay, Music? That was amazing? I’M. Sorry, i didn’t really scream in y’all’s ear like that, all right, let’s try it front. Let’S! Try a front flip. No, it won’t do front or back flips. Did it say it would uh? No. I was just trying all angles all right, so let’s do this. Okay, i cannot add any front trim to get it to go any faster that’s. It that’s speed. Three, but it is pretty cool, see that’s fun. Oh so it’s meant to be played inside the house. Uh it’s, indoor, outdoor wow. That thing is awfully bored look see how fun it is. If you’re not trying to fight the wind um it’s hard to see because the sun is glaring in my eyes so i’m just going to point the camera, where i think it’s at oh, yes, now i can see with that shade looky there. It actually does thanks. Yeah, this is fun now yeah it’s fun for 22.

I just wish it was a little stronger, but for 22, what do you expect exactly? Look at that and on a windy day, yeah we’re gon na have to do a second look. Yes, on a on a calm day yeah, it just will not go forward Music i’m trying with everything. But if you turn this way, it’ll fly yeah. Look at that Music! Look at it! That’S incredible! I keep saying amazing, but it’s cool. It is cool. I just wish it would lean a little further. I mean even me, i’m completely leaned. You know how like, when you drive a car and you want your car to go somewhere. You lean i’m literally yeah doing this trying to get it to lean like to keep it because i’m fighting the wind. If we were way over there – and i took it off – stand stay right here: okay, okay with the wind coming this way, we’ll see if we can’t get it moving. Oh yeah! I feel no wind right. There turn it that way and you’ll see it ready. Yes, here it comes yeah, look at it, how’s it doing now yeah. This is much better. The wind went away and it is burning up over there. Look how good it’s going wow. Yes, it does that but it’s okay, it’s a little 22 drone, guys it’s a winner, yeah and it’s so safe that you can literally catch it. It looks really cool.

I like the design of it: Music, oh it’s dead, but that’s, okay, yeah 10 minutes. This has been going for seven and yep that’s about 10 minutes and remember we’re fighting the wind yeah, so it would last at least another five minutes so guys let’s go over to the box. Okay sharper image, thunderbolt stunt drone. Do you see it? Yes, it is here’s where it goes just like that 22 at your local walmart major major thumbs up now. I know some people are going to see this so but it wouldn’t go in the wind, well it’s, 22., it’s, true and it’s not made to do that. There are some that are made to do that. This is not a little bit more. You got, ta have stronger engines yep. This is not made for it. It does what it’s made for absolutely wonderful yeah charges fast, don’t, take but 30 minutes to charge really and that lasts about 10 minutes on a flight and the batteries built in got your landing gear built in. I just broke sweat out here. I know it is burning. I like it, i can’t believe it. We love y’all thumbs up shares, never too late. Anything you want to do is go do it. We will see you tomorrow and this sharper image. Thunderbolt drone winner in our book absolutely two thumbs up. 23.