Sorry, the fellows over there mowing his grass. If you hear that noise in the background and cars going by theres a lot of people in town, look at the mountains arent they pretty anyways this one today Sharper Image, mock x, video drone or Mach 10 Im, not sure it says, live streaming. There want me doing that well be recording, though max range 250 feet Max altitude 120 feet. This is a 59 drone from Walmart and we will see just how good it is. Video streaming for LED lights, USB charging, Im gon na flip the Box around whoops, and let you see what it says here: there you go there you go and there you go thats all. It says there on this side: digital camera, with a 0.3 megapixel camera with panoramic view, removable, blade guard, you can remove them there Ill leave them on stream, live video and same thing on this side. No, no hold on auto orientation. Flight control, stable hover control, push to fly quick flight button for perfect takeoffs at the push of a button. We will be the judge of that. Now there is a and sorry there is an app that you get its the Mach 360., its called Mach 360 app. You download that and thats how you record video. There is no SD card to put in this. It all records on your phone, so Im about to take it up and see just how just how she does Lets uh lets get her in there and guys.

The first thing Im gon na do is have Becca, hold the camera and were just gon na. Take it up just right here, just right here on the driveway and see how stable it hovers see, how it flies and then Im going to switch over to the app and use my phone to record the video from the camera on the Drone. Oh, let me go ahead and show you this Im very sorry. I didnt already heres the controller. If you look there Auto orientation, takeoff and land spin, shrimp Direction, trim and thats the uh forward and backward trim and take off in Lane were going to hit that button. As soon as we get it turned on and see how it goes lets. Do it alrighty guys Beccas got the camera Im gon na hit this take off and land and see how it how it hovers there? It goes. Oh okay, wow wow, okay, so its going that way, a little bit lets trim it back this way, holy cow Im, gon na tell you something right now that Sharper Image drones have come a long long way. The other one remember the other ones that didnt do vary. No look at that, not The Sharper Image wow. I cannot believe I said that she said backward. I bleeped it out yeah, but I even hit her arm yeah and it still look at it. Didnt even hurt hes got the guards on now. Auto orientation lets see wow.

I see auto orientation. Okay, Im gon na hit the for here lets fly it over there. It says max range is 250 feet. Can you see it yeah? I mean its very, very stable. Wow, look at that all right now were gon na come down and Im going to put it right here in the driveway and push the land button and see what happens. I cannot believe how stable I cant either its incredible for what Sharper Image yeah. Okay! Here we go land wow. That is awesome, okay, guys so far. This thing is a super super winner look dude, especially for the cost. Yes, 59 ready, Im, not gon na, say anything bad about a Sharper Image. Drone anymore, I did before I didnt, like them yeah. This ones incredible so far lets get it in the air, and I dont think that the camera is going to be this. You know DJI, you know this is a 0.3 megapixel camera its just to see things and to show you a little bit Im gon na. Take it up look at the mountains over there look around right over here and maybe at the Patriot Park and well bring it back here. We go foreign, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music! Thank you, Music! Thank you! Music! Applause! Music! Thank you, Music! Thank you. Music Applause, Music, Music Applause, Music. Thank you. Music. Alrighty guys check this out thats how stable this is. Look thats, how stable it is Im literally holding the controller right here.

Every little 59 drone is gon na Drift, But see you have trim right. There see its drifting to the right and forward so button button button button. Sorry I had to hold the phone look at that look at that super super stable drone for 59. Look how staple lets go over the leaves here see if we can blow some leaves around yeah, but look how stable look, how stable it is and Ive Ive said some bad things about Sharper Image drones, but not this one guys. This one is incredible: its um whoop there. It goes you just watched it. The battery died and it landed on its own. You see that button right there thats an emergency, stop button, so theres the controller one more time. Theres the Drone. By the way the red blades are in the front. Black ones are in the back white lights in the front and red in the back and no SD card like I said it, films it off on your phone. The controller is a very nice size and its got your little spot for your phone up there. I love these controllers, six double a batteries, everything you need there and everything worked great guys. This is a winner for Sharper Image. The Sharper Image mock x, video drone two thumbs up from this here Channel and Ive done a lot, and I mean a lot of drone reviews. This things a winner um one hour and 30 minutes to charge the battery and you get about 20 minutes.

For light time, thats the one negative I see on this is the battery you see there is built in and you cant take it out and put another one in when it dies. You have to bring it back in and charge it and theres the charging cord. Its USB charge, so it does take about an hour and a half to charge, but um 20 minutes flight time and its a great time now I I, like I said before you saw the video um Quality and its not that great pictures arent that great but Thats not what its about its about youre capable of flying it up there and getting video and taking pictures and streaming youre capable you can do it for 59 two thumbs up. We love yall, well, see you tomorrow, guys. We got some big surprises on the way. I mean this is life. Changing surprises, YouTube, changing surprises, so just stay tuned. I know we havent been around much lately but thats because of the surprises we are about to show you in about a week and a half two weeks. You will know the whole deal. Alrighty guys we love yall Thunder series go do it.