Glow stun drone look at this there we go now it’s very stable. Look at this thing here. It comes you don’t move. Oh, my look at that i’m saying ufo: do you see how stable, yes, that’s amazing? Look at that holy cow yeah what’d, you think of that this thing glow stunt drone that thing lights up so bright, guys, it’s, really whoops, really cool at night. I tested it at night before daytime so we’re gon na test it in the day right here before your eyes. Again. Here is the drone. It is a sharper image, glow stun drone, look at that thing, it’s, actually really cool and one thing that the battery’s built in you can’t, remove it and those little rubber feet, make it land very soft like on hardwood floors or tile or whatever you have in Your home anyways one thing that’s weird about it to me. I don’t know why, but i thought this was the front, no that’s, the back and that’s the front. Let me see if you look down on it, it looks kind of it’s weird but anyways that’s how it works. Here’S, the controller sharper image right up there with the logo. It’S got your speed, your stun, if you move down to the left hand side this here, is your power up down and spin left, uh, uh, tilt, left and right. This is spin, left and right and forward, and back okay, this here’s, your auto orientation or otherwise known as headless mode.

Your emergency stop take off and land right trim left trim. Your forward german back trim is right there and then you have light effect light on and off. You will see that, right after we get done with this daytime version, you got the speed and the stun it’s got speed. Three speeds and stunt is flip forward. Backward left and right, let me call, and it comes with the charger like i said, battery built in you, cannot replace the battery and you cannot have extras unless you want to open it up. Let’S flip the box over well, basically, that was the back assistant landed. Gyro stabilization flight control, auto orientation now i’m gon na tell you this so far. Guys it’s one of the best little drones i’ve had for beginning flyers, see variable altitude, auto orientation, flight control, gyro stabilization flight control, an assisted landing on this side. Oh there they are safety, landing, pegs, those little rubber pegs. They do really work well led lights, they are blue and green and 2.4 gigs. So becca is going to grab the controller i’m controller uh camera and i am going to grab the controller let’s see how this thing flies all right. Here we are there’s the drone there’s, the controller i’ve been over that i’m gon na push the power button on the drone start, the controller you push up and down and that’s how it binds and then we’ll fly. It see how it works.

Okay, so we’ll put it right here: power nice power up down, it should be binding. Okay. Now i will push take off there. It goes let’s. Try to keep it right here in front of you, becca it’s got. It is a fan it’s, a massively stable drone, guys look at this to move into the left a little, so i will hit right trim. Okay, there we go it’s, not moving to the left. No mote now speeds is here. You will hear the buttons. The beats two that’s speed: two okay speed, one see how it tilts that’s, how far it tilts speed two tilts a little further then speed. Three look at that. You get a little further and that’s the way you like it there’s a car coming that’s the way you can fly it and, like i said guys, she’s no speed demon, but she is an extremely i mean. I will literally stand here, she’s an extremely stable drone. I i can’t believe just how stable this sharper image thrown is. Okay, you want to see a stunt. Now you will have to watch your trim guys because see now it’s coasting to the right a little bit but that’s okay, it’s the wind. There. We go ready stunt boom. Did you see it here? Let me get it. I got it. Okay, we’re going to go forward with it, see that wow yeah left. You see how stable yeah, that’s incredible in front of us and it’s literally now, i’ll show you what headless mode is so that’s forward.

So if i pull backwards, it should come back to me yes now, but if i turn it to the left and i pull backwards, it’s going to go that way because that’s the bet headless mode is, if you put it right here, then push auto orientation or Headless mode, it is every time you pull back, it will come to you, no matter what, even if it’s, spinning in a circle let’s try it auto orientation. Now i will spin it in a circle and pull back on the controller. Yup see how it goes. One way when it’s spinning – yes it’ll, always come back to us, even if it’s spinning in a circle it’ll always come back to us so that’s, headless yeah, i don’t care for it. I like to fly like a normal drone guys flight time is around 12 minutes. Wow and charge time is around 45 30 to 45, depending on you that’s great. Well, i can’t i’m gon na have to show you the lights after this flight because it’s not dark uh. What else emergency stop let’s? Do land that’s the land button that easy take off that easy now i’m, going to pull all the way down here and hit emergency? Stop, i think that’s it like it gets caught in a tree. Let’S see i’m getting too far away. Yep it just instantly stops you hold down the emergency, stop and it’ll cut the engine. Oh look, here’s. The light show ready, look it’ll, just flash like that, while you’re flying it and flying out in the front yard at night.

Here we go there. We go now. It’S very stable, look at this thing here. It comes you don’t move. Oh my look at that was saying ufo. Do you see how stable yeah that’s amazing look at that okay, i’m gon na go out in the front? This is how i like to fly it you know, but see how you can see it and green is front. Blue is back look, so you know exactly what to do. Look at that dude. That is so awesome. I mean it’s, so controllable, guys major. There are some sharper image drones that i do not like and ready, but this one is a for sure winner. I mean you just look. He told me something on the inside and this is why i wanted to come film. You see it watch the green lights. Are on the front, look for someone that is learning. This is a perfect drone to learn on yeah and it’s for 34.88 in walmart and that’s, because the reason i say that is because it’s so easy to fly, i mean this is top speed, see that’s top speed right there as fast as it’ll go now that’s. Pretty fast, but for somebody that’s learning and like indoors or just want to fly out in the front yard it’s, absolutely i mean you can do look at the flips it’s so low too. Look i’m almost done! Look at that yeah i’m, almost on the ground! Wow! Look at that i mean it’s amazing.

I can get up here on the porch and just hover right above what’s scary. Is you can turn them off? Ain’T no good, but i don’t know why anybody would want them. I guess the same battery but me i am a straight up light person, perfect flyer, it’s, a perfect flyer guys and we will fly it uh in daylight, so you can see it fly in the daylight. Did you like those night shots hey it’s day again we shot that before this anyways guys it’s bright, it brings lights up, it’s it’s super cool. You saw it it’s a nice bright, cheap, not cheap. Sorry, i hate the word cheap, it’s, inexpensive, it’s, a nice inexpensive fun. How much was it 34.88 at your local walmart? Now, if you want to learn to fly drone, get it guys it’s there. You look at look how many drones i’ve flown go back and look at all the reviews. I’Ve done some of the sharper image drones. I do not like some of them. I do this one’s a very, very nice one. Just take a gander. Take a gander. I mean it’s so much like so nice and it really really do you all right, you guys, we love it. Two thumbs up for the sharper image glow led stunt drone. We will see you on the next one thumbs up share it’s, never too late. To do anything you want to do, just go, do it and we will see you.