Let’S all go to the lobby. Let’S all go to the lobby to get ourselves a treat today, we’re going to be taking a look at the sharper image, folding pocket drone and it’s in this ginormous box and alls. It is is right there that’s. The only thing is that thing and a little charge cable. All of this for nothing boy, oh boy! What a waste! Okay, let’s, get it out of the box and check it out; Applause, Music, all right guys! There! It is out of the box that big giant box, or this little bit of stuff anyway, it does have a nice size battery in there. I will give it that that has a 550 in there, which is pretty decent size. You got your little charger. Spare props silica pack don’t eat that you got a manual and you got the quadcopter itself now. What i have figured out is that this is just a rebrand of something from a long time ago called the odyssey pocket drone which had a zillion youtube videos on it four years ago. But i had one of those and it died after two flights. But i still have the controller now this is a phone flyer, but this controller will work with this because i already turned it on and tried it out. So when i fly it i’m not going to be using the phone app i’m going to be using this. So at least i’ll be able to make it fly a little bit because you know with me with those phone flyers.

You know that’s not happening so uh. Let me get the battery in here and turn it on and show you the app and stuff all right. I got the battery and here’s the on and off switch right here, so you would turn it on and look for the wi fi over here and the wi fi is going to be called 360f flight and you would turn that on so that’s going. So then you would come over here to the app which is right there and there it goes right there after it syncs with the app. Then it you know quits flashing repeatedly on there, like that, so you see on there that it is recording, see i’m. Looking at me there, oh, i didn’t comb, my hair yet see how messy it is see. How bold that head is see that camera’s crappy, but it’ll pick that kind of stuff up right. Okay, so there you go i’m, not gon na fly it in here, we’re gon na. Take it upstairs and fly it so, but we are going to be using that. Okay, we are not using this we’ll record the video with this, but uh we’re going to fly. It with that all right guys let’s go fly, it man let’s, see how it does we’re out here with the pocket. Drone yay and we are gon na, hopefully take off hold on. Do i have to okay, i get it. No video, no video.

Okay, i get it so if i want to use this with the controller i’m not going to be able to record video, because once you load the wi fi app up, it overrides it. So let’s just start this over there’s the level calibration and there’s the start and stop so you don’t have a choice. You want video, you have to use the phone Applause Music that was kind of like a crash. Did you see that thing whizzing around me? I had that thing in the third rate, that thing was pretty quick man – okay, so it gnawed up one of these props, so i don’t know how it’s gon na handle from well a couple of them. So i don’t know how it’s going to handle from here. On out so it’s a it’s, a crap shoot from here on out, so we’re just going to have to play it by ear, and i am going to slow the rate down a little bit that’s a given. Let me re level it Applause. Okay, i’ll put it in the second rate. Now what is this uh little button on here? I guess this is a return to home here. Yeah there. It goes okay, so that works. Okay, let’s go out there and let’s go to the return to home. Okay, it’s! Coming back, which return to home, you know, is just going backwards. That’S all it is okay, so there’s this little thing that goes in a circle.

I don’t know if that’s a flip or it just does some kind of rotating let’s. Try that yeah that’s headless mode. Okay, we don’t want that, so we turned that off. Um there’s trim buttons there, Applause, okay, so let’s, try the this little thing. It says a on it uh. I guess that might have been automatic land or something because it looked like it was going to land Applause. So now those lights are flashing. For some reason i didn’t think the battery would be dead. By now i mean there was a 550 in there. So i’m, not sure Applause. This is a quick little sucker right here, i’m telling you. This is only in the second rate, this thing’s pretty quick. Now i don’t know why the lights are flashing. I didn’t don’t recall hitting anything Applause. Well, maybe that’s a flip button right there hold on Applause. I don’t i don’t know beeping for some reason: Applause nope that ain’t doing nothing then there’s the trims and there’s the shoot, the video that’s basically about it. There goes the battery it’s dead boy that really wasn’t a lot of flight time for uh a 550. It seemed like it was pretty short i’ll put the flight time in there, but uh. You know there won’t be any video. So if you happen to buy this thing and you already own the the odyssey um, so you can’t use both once you load the app it overrides that deal.

So you know at least you know that going in. Let me fold this up because i’ll probably you know, never fly this thing again, all right, boys and girls. There you go. You guys have a nice day.