Sharper Image – DX-2 Stunt Drone – Review and Flight

Hyperlink to buy from Amazon.com: RTF ($48) – http://amzn.to/2focdxn That is Sharper Picture’s first micro quadcopter, and it flies fairly properly, and appears nice.


  1. Like if you searched this video because you don't know how to fly the drone

  2. I have this exact same one for my daughter. She flew it up and crashed on grass it wasnt a hard impact. The drone turns on but it wont pair with the remote. Any tips on whay to do to get it working again? Or should i just keep my daughter away from drones and buy her rc cars instead lol. Kids are expensive😭😭😭

  3. Dude you are awesome, I suck at controlling drone, I bought one and it literally flew away outside, it went up and flew off at least 150' high and north it's gone with the wind, on someone's roof or yard. Worth the laugh with son. Thank you, I bought two so hopefully don't lose this one.

  4. Just ordered one.. had to keep my Target acct open… I have been studying how to fly my DJI Mavic Pro.. as a noob I took a pretty big leap.. this one will give me some indoor practice… great flying in your kitchen! I'd have smashed it it 10 seconds.

  5. I got one and it does not wanna charge I’ll have it plugged in all day and when I turn it on it only flies for a couple seconds then blinks as if it was dead and sometimes it just flies by itself when I don’t even have the throttle up I’ll have it completely down and it just starts going higher and higher on its own

  6. Don’t waist your time & $ with this drone, I got it for Christmas & it’s extremely difficult to control, when it lifts it will do what it wants to do not what you want it to. Ones it lifts it has zero stability, it will not stands still in one place ugh

  7. My drone keeps blinking what do I do

  8. l have this drone but i broken in 2 days

  9. I cant charger mine, the light
    Keeps blinking..sick of it.

  10. Bro I love the tutorial thank you so much for the help!!!

  11. Been flying rc planes for 35yrs., picked up one of these to get used to the control directions of a drone, before I fly my Mavic pro. I know the Mavic will fly itself, but I'm a manual flyer type myself.

  12. How do you get it to fly at slow speed?

  13. i got one for 8 dollars at target weird

  14. I bet you have the tello drone, my next purchase I'm thinking, if you can prove to me I can figure out how to fly it easier than this one. I think maybe I got one that won't calibrate or I'm just really uncoordinated ..

  15. He's flipping out over the flipping.

  16. You are better then my cousin and he is 20 years old

  17. Does anyone out there that just a controller for a sharper image dx-3 drone? And is it possible to uses a controller from a different quad?

  18. have some respect, i love that drone

  19. i just got one and so far im happy.my main bitch is the fact the bat cant be swapped which means at some point this is trash.rechargables have a limit on how many times they can be recharged before they wear out.

  20. it's hard for me to control I need help

  21. mmm must have upgraded the battery mine only take 40 minutes to charge and last about 7 minutes of flight time

  22. I picked up one of these today at Toys-R-Us during their closeout sale. I only paid 14 bucks for it. They had plenty more on the shelf, I might go back and buy several more to give out for Christmas or birthday presents to younger family members.

  23. I have the same drone and it sucks

  24. Why does have a big control because I’m getting a type of shaper image

  25. We took our dx-1 back and got the Dx2 thanks for the help… the birthday boy is much happier

  26. lost it the first 20 minutes. I pressed the auto land and it shoots all the way too the sky and never came back. 😂

  27. The sharper image controller seems to suck, definitely not for the beginner!

  28. I had one of these, it was nice but something happened after a couple days and it wouldn’t fly right anymore. Decided to try the AirHogs DR1 micro racing drone next to it and much nicer. I’d like to see a review of it from you.

  29. the blade protector is hard to screw in but it is good to have on

  30. Mine doesn't do smooth take off. it's running around in all direction even after calibration. Any idea what the problem could be.

  31. This Stupid thing cut my neighbors finger SHE IS NOT HAPPY <_>

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