What y’all see i couldn’t wait? I ain’t gon na lie. I already broke into it. So what we got here, here’s the box let’s get the box off so here’s the box right here. We have the sharp, sharp image d4 virtual ship virtual flying so um we’re gon na get some footage going right here we can get it out, got some flying put pleasure in there. You tell me what i think, hey so would y’all think man. I thought i was sweet i’m, not gon na lie. I want one that’s actually gon na be able to like. I need one that’s gon na be able to follow me. I’M gon na have to sit here and fly a drone and then do this and do that on top of everything else. You know what i’m trying to say so with that being said, i just think. Oh, my bad i’m gon na stick here.