If you havent figured that out, um so yeah super hyped and because of super hype, we thought we need to make this video to let you know rich and jazzy stamp of approval, yes or no Music. Believe Music. Maybe you got me. Music was ready to try this fried chicken. She was like shaq, but all right, im gon na tell you already im already disappointed, because i thought i was good. That means fried chicken leg, fried chicken wing she wanted, like fried chicken like pieces pieces right. She didnt want. Am i right or wrong that before we on the ship it said pieces? No, i didnt see that yo. I must have been dreaming because i could have sworn i saw that they would go for a fried chicken. I thought for breakfast theyre doing the chicken biscuits they got the biscuits. What is cool here is that breakfast goes straight, till 3 p.m. So for the late risers like us, you can get that chicken biscuit right, im, not sure if its on a biscuit its, not a biscuit its, not a business yeah or you can get with an egg um. Yes, you can get breakfast options pretty late. The latest on the ship, so thats pretty cool. So what we got is the lunch dinner, which is we got all. There are four options for these chicken um sandwiches, crispy chicken, sandwiches crispy chicken sandwiches. What do we got so before i get into it? You can also have a grilled chicken sandwich if you request it, it does not have to be fried.

You can ask for grills, so what i ordered is the mde. The mde is this one. The npe just has the shack, sauce and pickles on it. Its the plainest thing you can get aka think chick fil, a um um. The other sandwich that i got was the chef attack uh. The shack attack has pepper jack cheese, which i love on a sandwich a little bit and spicy chipotle barbecue sauce, oh yeah, and the coleslaw is a jalapeno coleslaw and it comes with a side of their fries. What did you get rich? You all right. So one of them has bacon so thats this this one. So this is the big aristotle, so its got some monster. Cheese, crispy, fried onions, its got bacon, sweet and smoky memphis barbecue sauce. Okay, that was the kind of cheese monster, cheese yeah. They melted the cheese and brought the thing out and popped it on there with the cheese fully melted. So okay, then i got the uncle jerome, this ones supposed to be the spicy chicken, its got natural, hot sauce, uh, nashville, hot chicken, lettuce, mayo and pickles yeah. So the chicken is different, it means nashvilles. Hot chicken means that the chicken breast is soaked in that um sauce. They do in nashville. They soak the its actually thats like hot chicken in the hot sauce right after its fried so im gon na get straight into it. Im gon na try the fries first.

First of all lets talk about the fries. Are the fries are shaped very differently than ive? Ever seen a fried shake before – and i love a french very weird – well damn these are salty as soon as i bit into it my tongue, they were a little too heavy yeah a little bit, damn very salty. How about you high blood pressure? I dont know if salt leaves your high pressure, i know thats just a stain in the black community. Oh it does. These are like hell. You stroke eating these fries guys. The fries are good. The five stuff is good. The texture and the thinness i like, but the salt – i think i almost – can i get a batch without salt on it please. I bet that thing is im not going to say theyre bad, because its just all about the person whos pouring the salt, the person who pulled the salt on this match heavy handed very heavy handed right. All right so were gon na get into these sandwiches. All right, i, like the pot yeah, just wait too soft. I like because its thin it got deeply fried you know what im saying all right lets go. Well, do one at a time all right, so im doing the um, the one, the mdg right, the plainest one. You can get pickles shack, sauce a nice. I will say the chicken breast is nice and thick. It reminds me of that popeyes chicken breast, how big it is yall know popeyes beat out chick fil a right, so this its good wow im, not mad its nice and thick nicely seasoned its not over salted.

The sauce is nice, the pickle is nice and the chicken is nice and big. If this was in a drive through in atlanta, i would drive through and pick this up. I got ta that one well go through the rest, but that one this one real good. All right, let me not hide no more, but i really enjoyed that, but very good. Well, go back well, go back! You can finish the rest of it. Dont worry! Go ahead, go ahead! All right! So now im going into the shack attack chef. He said he attacked this one all right. This is probably his favorite one, all right so its peppa jack cheese. It has jalapeno slaw and it also has a spicy, chipotle barbecue sauce. All right, i told you guys whats the man. I have a full sword, but im not sure if id like this folks up. Oh all right lets see, got some seasoning on it: its vinegary yeah, thats, good, theres, vinegar and water vinegar. We got some flavors in there. Okay, okay, yeah, all right guys lets jump into the big aristotle. This is the one that has the monster cheese, melted on there and the bacon. Let me cut it inside. I got the bacon on thats a happy chicken sandwich right there thats, like you know when you eat a burger and youre full and a chicken sandwich. Sometimes doesnt do that. Thatll fill you up the sweet and smoky barbecue sauce on it makes it a nice little pick: Music Applause, another one.

You like it yeah now dont forget were going to have to decide which is your favorite, so keep a little keep a little mental note. Are we ready cleanse your pal a little bit? Dont worry about whats in this cup. Now, okay, secret secret recipe. Here Music, it wouldnt be a secret. If i told you all right so now uncle jerome! This is the one with the natural hot chicken wow. That looks look at this. You got the hot sauce. Okay lets see. Yeah lets see what someone did. Okay tastes like a french, i agree ill go ahead and say thats my favorite thats, my favorite thats good. So if you go to popeyes were gon na keep talking about the popeyes and chick fil, a cause, thats kind of the gold standard for chicken sandwiches these days right, nobody is more popular for making a chick sandwich chicken sandwich than them. It used to be chick. Fil a then popeyes came on the scene, and they said now we out here so actually theres a better, but this right here, because it has the hot sauce on there. This is good. This is just right that one is a lot, its filling its good, that one is good, its flavorful, that one is standard. This one is but good. I like this one, okay, my top two would have to be the mde, because its simple plain, good safety chicken. I love the pickles and i love the shack sauce.

My second, my first favorite, obviously is the uncle jerome, because i like that pickles could go on here would make this killer. Oh yeah, i mean it has pickles on it already. Really. Yes, all right! Well, extra pickles all dont never hurt all right. So if i could eliminate one whos out, there shack attack yeah now shaq. This is your restaurant youre supposed to have the best one, its all his, but i mean the one with his name on it, its his his name and his joint. I get it, but his name is on shack attack. I think they were going after that shark attack its a play on words, kind of thing. Well, they all should have shaq shaq. Indeed, shaq aristotle, shaq, shack uncle jerome. Maybe uncle jerome is one of his favorite uncles, who knows, but the one that says shaq attack on it yeah i could do without so. If i had to eliminate one, i would eliminate that one. I would eliminate this one. If i had to okay yeah, i would keep the shack attacked, for that would be my next one to go, but so whats, your top two favorite. My top two is the same, its the same. Look at him so, but i think what it comes down to is. This is a spicy version of that so like when you order, you know, like chick fil, a you can order the spicy chicken sandwich or a chicken sandwich.

This is a spicy chicken sandwich and thats the chicken sandwich right. These are specialty, sandwiches and remember. If you dont eat fried you can always have grills. You just have to request it right all right, guys so thats pretty much it oh wait. We also have the chicken tenders, okay, chicken tenders. They are just literally like the patty chicken patty Music Music im, not mad at it, its not full of uh, a bunch of thick cottage or rock batter. I like that right, its not too twisted right, not yeah. Ive had chicken tenders right, wait for the kids as well right. The brain is clearly enjoying it all right guys so um chats with chicken, i would say, walk at a fast pace, but dont run dont run yeah pace because, like a one to ten on our scale from outtakes buzz to eight and a half, i would agree. I was going to give it eight and a half and a half i like it. I would say any carnival cruise that im on i would come. I would just hope that whoevers salting, my fries, would put a little bit less salt and we would be good. You know what i could do without snow. Maybe i could be like no salt and wait for fresh right right, because the salt is its a lot and remember youre eating more than you, normally Music, very salty, not a little too soft. But yes, the shacks chicken joint, we will return.

Yes, we enjoyed it shout out to you, chad, shaq, you did your thing. Dont, you think yeah we were worried. We were worried about you a little bit. We didnt know but yeah we like it. We, like it, yeah all right guys, so until the next video we got more cruise vlogs coming.