4 of the total area of la palma, with a perimeter of 53 kilometers. The situation is too much the mayor of las lanos de eridane, noelia, garcia, told el pais on september 22nd. This is very serious. Its very, very tough. The lava has also created a new delta in the sea, starting from september 28th, with 42.8 hectares of new territory. Up to now, the widest part of the lava flow expelled from the cumbre vieja mountain ridge measures as much as 3, 200 meters Music, as well as this surface area. A further 2.5 kilometers have been declared an exclusion zone by the team of experts monitoring the phenomenon. The volcano risk prevention plan pivolka. The objective is to avoid gases and pyroclasts rock fragments produced and ejected by the volcano from affecting the population. So far, the eruption has destroyed 1184 homes. According to land registry figures. Those are the dreams of 2120 people. The number of residents in the exclusion zone, according to data from la palma cabildo as the island authority, is known. The anxiety, however, is being felt by a total of 7 000 people, the number of residents who have had to be evacuated since 3, 13 pm on september 19th. The moment everything began on that sunday, the canary islands regional government urgently ordered 5 000 people to abandon their homes Music. Five days later, a further three hundred fifty people were evacuated from tajia to conde de habajo and takande to ariba on october 12th.

Another ordeal began for around 1 200 residents of laguna the neighborhood, where, on september 23rd, king felipe vi in queen letizia of spain said that they were left speechless by what they had witnessed on a visit there, canarian government has prepared two hotels in a number of Other facilities for those who have been displaced but barely 483 residents have made use of them. Blues 33 is one of them. She lives with her two daughters in two rooms in a hotel in fuen caliente located to the south of the island. I dont see anything positive in being here. She complained on october 30th. I would like to be able to rent a house, but i earn 900 euros a month and the price of rent has shot up theres, no subsidies for this. The remainder of the evacuees are doing the best they can in the homes of relatives or friends. The problems, however, are not limited to people losing their homes or their businesses. Up until now, 66 kilometers of roads have also been damaged among them. One is particularly important. The 2.1 kilometers of the lp2 that have been cut off by the lava there are just 15 kilometers between los lanos de airedane and fuencaliente Music after the eruption. In the blockage of this route, many people are having to travel halfway across the island every day before the volcano, i took 10 minutes to get to work, explained bus driver juan jose lorenzo on october 6th.

Now it takes me an hour and a half: hmm Music, Music, Music, Music, Music.