Thank you, everybody for sitting down to watch. It lets talk a little bit about shadowrun trilogy coming out on the consoles when other companies were balders, gating us and regaling us with stories around ice windale. I always wanted something different and sometimes we did get it. Our canon of steamworks and a magic obscura mixed magic with the oppressiveness of industrial revolution, magical races, planescape tormund, said screw. It lets just have everybody, be batshit insane and tell a story of a multiverse, but it was shadowrun later than all the others that came to the pc that got me so excited cyberpunk and sly, elves, low life, high tech and high magic. What is this and i bought it? I ate it up. I dived into that world now harebrained has decided to port this over to the consoles a long time coming. In my personal opinion, shadowrun trilogy all three of the games: ported to the console, upres, graphics, game, console controller gameplay. What could go wrong? Well, also, if you like choices, you got three of them. One subscribe for reviews and world class weekly podcasts as well as articles and research game discussion, pieces two subscribe because it helps the channel and maybe ive found you a little money or a cool game. Three make the bad choice. We got ta, discuss this presentation, so shadow run games each bring their players to very unique places, regardless of the game. The cities of seattle, berlin and hong kong respectively, here theyre painstakingly painterly in their style softened a bit than what weve seen in other titles.

They really do engage the eye differently than a lot of other games that you might expect. Even the sharp edges of orc faces against the backdrop of neon has a mixed in painterly. Look that excels always allowing the characters and the environments to be combined more so than some other iso rpgs that weve played their polygon counts are still low even on the consoles 4k upscaled versions. But i cant really fault the art styles, the drags of boat docks with poverty, echoing in piles of rickety boards, all clacked, together with hope and a single friggin nail to join them. The landscape looks as frail as the sad people that even live there with each run going to new location. Shadowruns excellence is in setting the games in particular overarching massive locations that you then travel away from to take your runs. Each unique versus the long travel times that weve seen in other games like boulders gate or ice windale berlin, its a grand failure in homogeneity and the artists. Do this spectacular job, echoing the ideas of the original citys designs with the absolute anarchy that shifts beneath that surface, where you find yourself running into again and again, the dichotomy of various different races, magic and mayhem in an ancient city, hong kong in the third game, Has this player harassing like a cyborg delivery man where everything is free, if its not delivered within 10 minutes, you find yourself exploring the city proper.

Then you go to the heights of the city and its still actually not to the top of the city, and you cant escape the shadows of all of the different politics that are there, the art style. The way everythings placed is fantastic. I like that soft oiled. Look its just the sense of presence that the world has and all of it flows together, regardless of which of these games youre playing thats almost instantly satisfied. I love the mix of the character art as well character, plops thats. The moment when you talk to somebody and their portrait is shown echoes all of this with those across the game, some of them practiced and unpracticed experimenters in mixing man magic machine. Sometimes somebody just says: hey man lets see what would happen if i had a toaster for a face, you may be wondering man, these cities sound awesome. What about everything else? Well so heres the issue when you dive into the world, it looks fine battles, look okay, but be aware that these games are aging into puberty now and never looked amazing when they actually got released on a technical aspect spells and magics look decidedly worn and threadbare Representations that really do show their age even the largest spells in the summons. For the most part, look like everybody bought the walmart knockoff version of fireball. You know what the port doesnt go out, to try to redo that or fix that, and youve got to expect it.

The real problem is with the upscale, graphics and performance changes. First, the game has just a tremendous number of performance issues. First, no matter what you can do, you can never really zoom in as much as you want or strangely enough, even as much as i saw in the trailers which cut to scenes in discussion and seem to use a zoom in the trailer that isnt really available. No matter what i chose within the actual options here, youre still in arms arms length, away from even the closest character. But what is terrible are the presentation bugs first on the series x, the game would freeze for longer than 5 10 15 seconds randomly in spots, with nothing going on no enemies. This is just walking around. Sometimes, when getting into battles, the game will have you playing turn after turn and then freeze for 15 seconds, as if someone somewhere is doing something only to well be done. This happens a lot in each game. Worse still is the excellent art style, hertz controller movement, and this sounds weird, but bear with me presentation the characters, especially the first and third game. Getting caught on geometry is completely a regular experience trying to navigate some of the docks in some of the busier locations. In the game is a mini game in and of itself its just a bumper car simulator, the shadow run games issue that half screen narrative log down kind of display that we see when youre picking choices situations occur beneath the center of the screen and a lot Of rpgs and choices are driven by statistics that you can see right there here.

It is a side screen system and its noticeably a bit creaky. We see it in disco, elysium and some other titles, but they do a very good job with font use a little bit less so here you may find yourself bouncing around, especially because the games, exact choices for coloring of those fonts for inner monologue and exposition are Barely different than the action moments which can see you reading one line, looking to see what theyre referencing on the screen and then looking back but because its not really directly in line with your view, you might find yourself in the middle of a sentence for a Second – and it can be a little bit chaotic – and i do have to point this out – nobodys gon na say the third game is the most technically proficient of games thats like arguing a cave painting versus a oled tv, but it does step it up with a Couple cut scenes and better presentation than the original two did, which makes sense on how they were created. It is upscaled, but its still pretty soft and even with zoom, like i said, i would love to have gotten a lot closer to these characters. This is all filtered through the lens of whats, going on almost 10 years ago. It wasnt a beauty pageant contestant winner, then its overall look and styling and unique world where what gathered its accolades and certainly not its technical presentation, thats fine, because the cityscapes, the harbors harboring, questionable, havoc, causers and magic user form and deep, dense drug use and humans Have that awesome look to them that i adore its just that technically this game has some issues i mean there were times when i was playing the game that i was saying men im, seeing a port that spent less dollars on the port than the total number Of titles i was actually playing.

How does that impact gameplay, though shadow run games are always turn based, rpgs telling the story, the shadowrun universe, half cybernetic future, with all the trappings that you would expect there and half magic gone wild. You have fantasy races. You can expect more of the slightly altered histories and attitudes that maybe give the game a little bit of freshness, but it doesnt exactly turn the world on its side with the fiction it presents for those races, an rpg that has you exploring large cities talking it Up learning world lore and facing increasingly dangerous stories both based around their main narrative, which changes for each game as well as the consistent side, jobs and runs that you will find yourself doing. Shadow run has always been incredible in its handling of a unique world and flexibility and how it put it all together, and we see that here you start out each game on a run. A job gone bad with a small group of people, or maybe just one or two and the major story then beats are handed out from there and it starts from bad goes to crap goes to worse and thats how the game starts. You pick your archetype like a decker, a drone machine operator, magic user street samurai and some others. Each one then opens up and lets you put attribute points in a ton of locations. I got ta point out here. I love this version of shadowrun and i did since day one attributes in the same sections as skills are visibly very easily readable.

You can look and realize what raising your charisma skill is going to do to an instant bonus somewhere else, as well as how it feeds into magics and allows for you to raise up those skills and each of the attributes. Does this escalating in prices matching whatever you want to get so level five for five level? Six for six jumping in you notice, right away just how well that readout works. It may take a while to sort of know what attribute impacts, what skills but having it all there on one page is a massive boon. It reminds me a little bit of what we saw in mass effect 1, especially in their character generator. I just like the way it reads out its very easy to understand. You can also spend karma points like experience points whenever you want to by leaping into the side menu anytime in the game. Now the best part about shadowrun and something games years later have problems with. Is the flexibility in handling jobs and shadowrun nails it its not deus ex level one level, but it is god damned close. Not only do you have missions with various ways to handle them, but many steps in them that also have various ways to handle them and that doesnt even include the different people you may bring with you some having seven eight different ways to progress. If you want to talk to somebody help, somebody in the level use magic as a diversion or a drone.

For example. One mission is where you need to get into a showroom floor in one of the titles, and the way to do this are fast. You can use drones, you can threaten people, charisma money as well as doing a job for somebody nearby. Who will then also help you in seeing two or three ways to do something that you dont have a high enough skill to do when you are looking at the narrative sections also helps you feel that open in ness at every turn, and its quite often and Thats not even getting into the battle system when things go raw, you set down into a turn based game that we all expect each character has action points it lets them move fire, heal, use, specials, many of which have their own cooldowns. Like large group areas of defense skills raising everybodys ability, you have areas of attack skills like launch and electricity into the guts of three hardwired assassins, with just one single line of code to kill you from the first game to the last game. Thats one of the strongest parts of shadowrun flanking works, the enemies use an assortment of weapons against you so spread your guys around, because that grenade carrying dinner server will launch a grenade into your group, and you can see yourself whittled down to death with the quickness. However, this is something that youll notice in the original game as well as this one. Sometimes the ai character is just like man.

This pillar looks awesome. Lets do ring around the rosie for three minutes. It can happen. It does happen its just something that, for whatever reason, is in the games, ai and you will notice it popping up from time to time. But what else pops up and even more often, is just how many cool missions there are. You got your main missions, but you also have the runs, which sounds terrible. You have runs that you can go on. This allows for you to not only choose sometimes the characters that need to go with you on these like side stories, but you also get to hire mercs mercenaries. Want a magic creature, summoning warcaster to go with you. Fine hiram just make sure the enemies dont also take control that same spirit, but this is shadowruns, meaning theres, just this whole layer to everything, and that also includes a completely separate layer for it for the grid, the matrix, the system, whatever game, you have whatever game, You played they all caught something different. You leap into this crystallized looking technical world using a completely different skill set and attacks when youre inside the computer, with your deck or character, raising defensive. I o digital demons to guard you, as you try to hack your way into valuable data, its a tremendous feel and a split world, and it handles it quite well. Even the quests can feel different, for example, in hong kong. They have you play against type a lot of times for the characters, side, missions and their skills and abilities alternating into moments that, instead of really elevating the strengths that character may have and playing to them, you actually are helping that character, because the mission is showing Their glaring weaknesses – and i got ta – tell you that is a huge point that this game hits that most rpgs do not understand.

While you have shadow run, you do your runs, you do your main missions, you have these unique elements. We dont see in a lot of titles, for example, you may find weapon dealers everywhere death dealing merchants willing not to give you some new suit of armor at any time or a better drone or some digital bit of programming that can corrupt the bad programs. That hunt you down, but you can also become a data broker. You can sell information you find in the quests and while exploring to others on the web, or sometimes just trade it to dealers for special items. Shadowruns handling of the ip is where you notice, just how awesome it is the presentation of the fiction, the thick pros of their storytelling, explaining how tech and magic added on to racism and war a bit like somebody got water and oil, and then somebody else said It lets light it all on fire and see what happens its, that many things kind of mentality that works so well here, selling that data or trading. It feels like a perfect step that some other games, just dont, really think of as they handle everything you get pretty much its all just money here could be that, but you can also trade some of those side items and it just feels really cool each of The main games tells a different story in its location, with the shortest main story being around probably 10 to 12 hours in the longest well over 20.

Just for that main story, but you take on the side quests and depending on the difficulty you choose, it can go from wiping up enemies and getting through it without a ton of difficulty to watching each one of your carefully thought out moves be encountered by nut. Crunching difficulty, if you choose the higher end, so be aware of that, despite its age, shadowrun is the place for well thought out deep thoughts well burned in rpg elements, more questions and phenomenal choice, results than youve seen in a lot of other rpg games, and you May be like man, this sounds like its gon na. Be awesome. Ignore everything i just said, though, because the chance are you experiencing any of this in a slick way is damn near zero right now. This games issues make it look like an iron galaxy port would be called the slickest piece of software youve ever seen. The bugs are incredible, for example, during main quest for the storyline nothings, better than being in one of those main quests and the last part of multi enemy battle freezes. And you lose all that time and it happens an extraordinarily high number of times because of the way that the game saves, which is not really the greatest. In the first place, you can lose a lot of hours, and i did. I also had a couple full crashes, and you guys know me straight up. One of the worst things can happen in a console.

Port is a straight up crash for me. I absolutely hate them and it horribly horribly disfigures what could be a great experience at its best, its a great rpg at its worst. It is a bug infected of a port that feels like they didnt, even know what language they were trying to port it to. Well, lets talk about the audio presentation for a second first up: Music Music, the audio isnt the greatest now. This is also a reflection of the ancient days in which this was created, but it is mixed a bit. Oddly, you will have to go into those settings and adjust it, so you can hear anything because many times the music will start and stop at different times and when it comes to samples for magic and guns, its pretty much what you would expect for an older Title this is unfortunate because once again were getting a full console port of this, i would have hoped that they would have cleaned those up a bit and they didnt. When it comes to the music, though soundtrack is excellent. While there may not be any bangers here, thatll have you think man. This is a game soundtrack of the year. It fits and hearing that throbbing techno in a bar or the overarching moody tracks that you get as you explore the dregs of the downtown. It really does help with the atmosphere and sort of solidify everything together when it comes to voice.

There is a cutscene or two with some pretty good audio when it comes to the voice, but not a lot so well, just pretty much say none. How does all this impact the fun factor, so even with the bugs shadow, runs a blast i like the games. Originally i like them now, pausing in the middle of a battle and crashing will ruin a good deal of the good vibes that you have, especially when your neck, deep, which i was but the power curve, the twists and turns, and the stories as well as so Many different ways to get through those missions can a lot of times. Have you loading it back up regardless of the technical problems you have. However, when it comes to the rating, you guys know me, i rate games on a buy weight for a sale. Renter never touch it again rating scale. This is definitely a weight for a deep, deep sale, theres a lot of bugs crashes. In fact, i would say: dont get it at all right now and just wait for a patch on the console, but we dont know how that patches and what kind of support theyll get love for you to subscribe. It helps out the channel.