I just made this video, which you can see that the result is just about to acceptable. It makes 1080p video. As you can see, the file details are on screen and with 25 frames per second, it does not make 4k video at all. I have no idea why these drone makers lie for nothing. The 3 axis gimbal seems to be works as not too bad, but video shakes, because the stabilizer does not seems to work. It has the video result exactly the same as sg906. Pro 2, which i have already reviewed earlier, the sg906 video camera reviews link is in the description and also on the top right side on your screen. Please enjoy the video and watch very carefully this video, if you are planning to buy one of these drone models of sg906 or sg908, because these both drones are identical, function wise. There is a tiny bit difference between them shape wise from the front top of the body. The battery of sg908 is slightly bigger than sg906 pro. 2. sg908 battery gives truly a flight time of 27 minutes in windlass conditions and sg906 pro 2 battery life is around 22 minutes. The motors and all mechanical system is same in both drones: Music, Music, Music.