You can get it from banggood for 118.. We’Ve got discounts down below uh, but let’s talk about really what this is and it looks a whole lot like the zl beast, and that makes sense since they’re, both from the same company. It is a smaller version of the popular beast lineup. Now the beast drone. You know they come in somewhere between 150 and 200, but, like i said you can get this thing for less than 120.. There are some pretty important differences and things you need to understand if you’re looking at this smaller drone. Now one of those differences is this: one is a brushed motor drone and if you don’t know what that is stay tuned because that’s kind of a big deal now, first let’s talk about this camera. Now i think the camera, the actual camera, is the same. Whether you get the 906 or the 907, this is the 907 remember now they say: it’s 4k capable and it takes 4k photos. The videos are basically 1080. Although it’s some strange aspect ratio, you’ll kind of see that you kind of have to crop it to get it full screen, so it’s not really a 4k camera and i think 4k is kind of a misnomer it’s, not the important stat right. What you really want to look for is sensor size and bitrate. Really we’ll just show you the quality coming out of this, and you can kind of decide for yourself now.

The other thing that’s important to understand is these motors are brushed motors now brushed brushless what’s. The difference well a brushed motor isn’t, quite as efficient right. That means it’s not going to be as powerful and you’re not going to get the flight times that you would with a brush motor drone. That said, they’re also less expensive and that’s. The big reason why this is a cheaper drone now zll makes a good beginner drone if you’re just kind of looking for something to learn how to fly. This thing has gps, it has orbit, it has follow me now we tested those modes and they work. Most of the time and that’s pretty much par for the course when it comes to most drones in this price range. If you’re going to spend less than 200 dollars, you’re going to get something that flies uh the flight modes they’ll work when they kind of feel like it um, but otherwise don’t expect to get something that you go out there and take professional style, photos or videos. You know this is a toy. This is a learning tool. This is something to get started with, but this is not something that you want to start as a professional with you’re going to need something like a dji, mavic or maybe an autel evo, but that doesn’t mean this is a bad drone. I do like this for what it is a beginner drone. Now i also want to let you know there are some limitations of this drone.

So if you’re, one of those people that doesn’t like to hear bad things, turn away, because i give them all to you good bad ugly, and this thing does have some ugly now. I can control this gimbal up and down for my remote controller, but only until i take off. I have no idea why that is. I tried it through the app i tried it through the remote. I tried multiple batteries. I tried it different times it just it. Just wasn’t having it so that is a pretty big limitation now. Could that just be my drone yeah? It absolutely could be. You know zl and companies uh, like this aren’t known for the quality control, so some other products work a little bit better than others. The other thing is the video quality. Now, yes, it is on a gimbal that does help with some of the stabilization, but this being a smaller drone and brushed motor drone, just isn’t powerful enough to handle some of the shakes and the vibrations that you get when you’re flying, especially on a windy day. So i found uh the video to be fairly shaky, now pictures that’s a different story right, just snap a photo and that works out okay, but you know if you’re looking for something to take video, i don’t know if this is where i would go now. Speaking of video and pictures, i found it difficult to get them to save to the sd card.

I don’t know why. Sometimes they did sometimes they didn’t. I tried a couple of different sd cards and i kind of found the same thing um. You know i tried recording through the app i tried recording using the remote. I don’t know they always save to my phone. So i did get that image, but the image is going to be better coming off of the sd card, which isn’t included you’re going to have to provide your own. So when it comes down to it, would i recommend this? Well, you know for 118 dollars, it’s, not a bad buy. You do get gps stability. The follow me is fun, although i kind of a hard time using the follow me with the shaky video again personal preference, but so you know as a tool to learn how to fly sure. You’Re thinking about you know. Do i really want to spend money on a mavic? I want to try something. First yeah. This is a decent option there, but there are some other options. You may want to consider. Let’S talk about this. This is the rise tello and you get one of these. For less than a hundred dollars again it has the brushed motors, but the image is actually stabilized electronically and it does a pretty good job. I would say it’s actually a little better than that two axis gimbal. This does not have gps, but it does have gps stability and a handful of intelligent flight modes.

That kind of mimic that you can also program this thing to fly autonomously from your computer or from an app. So if you want something for less than 100 bucks, this is a good beginner drone or if you want to spend a little bit more and still stay under the 200 range. I do like the beast. The 906 version with the brushless motors right, more powerful it’ll fly further on the camera, is stabilized just a little bit better. I also like the mjx bugs lineup the 12. The 20 do a really nice job. Those also like the telo are electronically stabilized, but if you want this 907, this 907 pro there’s also a max version that has a 3 axis gimbal i’d, probably avoid that yes, it’s a little bit better, but again, with these brushed motors it’s going to have a Hard time stabilizing your video, so this thing is a decent drone. You know you’re going to get about 500 meters of range and a flight time that’s up to 14 minutes. Mine were right around 10 or so so kind of keep that in mind. You know you fly this thing with a remote that you get it’s nice. It has some telemetry and some information right there on the lcd screen, and then you connect uh this via an app. So you can kind of see that video, so it’s a good beginner drone but i’m. Not so sure that is the best option.

Right kind of depends on what you’re, looking for one more small grip that i have is this battery just never seem to connect or to snap into place, so i could always just kind of pop it right off, no matter how hard i push it just didn’t Ever click into place, and while i’m not going to flip this thing, upside down and gravity will hold it in there. It just isn’t something that i’m super keen about again: quality control. Now this thing also is 285 grams, which means you do have to register it right, something like the the mavic mini or the mini 2 is under 250 grams. So you don’t have to register that with the faa. Save you five bucks, um and i just feel like that was kind of a lazy move by zl. If this thing was under 250 grams, then i’d really probably consider recommending it because then it’s in that category, where you don’t have to log in spend your five dollars and register this thing to fly. It just seems kind of like a waste i’m, pretty sure they could have knocked off 35 grams somewhere, and we got these leds in the front that we don’t need in the back. Maybe you’d probably want that one, but there seems to be a lot of extra plastic in the design here that they could have probably shaved off somehow, especially with the brush motors, because those are saving some weight as well anyway, it’s a fun little drone, it’s crashable It’S, durable and it’s fun to fly, but it’s, not a perfect model, so keep that in mind anyway.

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