Kai was first to say first in one of my recent videos and this one’s just shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the really. This is a neat drone. This is the sg907 max version. Now there is another version out there, the sg907 pro, which has a smaller battery on only a two axis giveaway. This is an improved version over the pro and i’ll go over those improvements here shortly, um two of the biggest ones being this has. This is a three axis gimbal and a much larger battery for longer flight time, but let’s go over the the max the 907 max. It is a smaller drone, okay, uh smaller than normal, for what you would expect at this site or this price range here. Normally, these are a little bit larger, a little bit heavier, but this folding drone let’s put it show you fold down it’s relatively small. As i said here. Unfortunately, it still weighs 309 grams okay. So that means it weighs more than 350 grams and it does require registration in most countries, but they’re they’re, getting close here with this one. Pretty soon they’ll have the ones coming out right and left under 250 grams, with all the bells and whistles like this one. Supposedly has let me go over those some of those bells and whistles. First off let’s start off. It has brushless motors. These are uh 1503 1700 kv motors on this particular drone for improved durability over, say a brushed motor drum.

It does include gps with automatic return to home capability, return to home and landing capability on loss of signal on command and on low voltage. I is powered now i mentioned the difference being between this and the pro. This is a larger battery than what the pro has. This sg906 max has a 7.6 volt 2600 milliamp per hour battery is stated here. I believe the max only has an 1800 milliamp per hour, so this gives it extended flight flight time over the um pro version. Um they’re predicting flight times up to about 25 minutes of flight time for this uh drone. With that this small drone with that large battery now i mentioned mentioned the gimbal on this. This does have a 3 axis gimbal 3 axis stabilized gimbal, to provide stabilized video from the drone. Also, it records video from a micro s2, a micro sd card slot right there on the belly. Now i got to say one thing, though: this card reader that’s for this drum is very finicky. Okay, i tried using 32 gigabyte card uh i well. I start with 64 gigabyte. I wasn’t surprised it didn’t work with that, but then i tried a 32 gig of some 32 gigabyte cards didn’t like that it wasn’t until i got down to 16 gigabyte that it was finally happy. So what am i telling you folks is what i’m inferring is this card writer on here is a rather older version that doesn’t seem to understand larger size cards like 32 gigabyte should understand 32.

It shouldn’t have a problem, but didn’t like it. So again i had to use a 4 gigabyte and 16 gigabyte. Then it had no problem with the card. So keep that in mind if you purchase this and your card doesn’t work, try a smaller size card and it just might work. Okay, um let’s see what else oh, while we’re under on the belly. Here, i forgot to mention here in addition to gps, this also has optical flow. The max version has an optical flow sensor right here for uh indoor flying. If you wish to fly this indoors, it will automatically be able to maintain a hover position by looking directly beneath the drone and using that what it sees to help maintain its position. This also would come into play if you lost a gps signal, while at flying or you run into problems with the gps, you know and switch to uh non gps mode by the press of the button on the controller. If you’re saying it goes into toilet bowl effect and then it gets larger and larger and you’re starting to lose control of the drone just turn off the gps. Let the optical flow system take over and then manually fly the drone back to your position and land. It normally redo a compass calibration if it’s doing a toilet bowl effect. Okay, um let’s go back to mentioning the camera. Let’S talk about the camera. Okay, we mentioned that it has card card writing capability to the sd card.

Along with this three axis gimbal. Now the sensor, the image sensor on this, i believe, is only 1080p folks in that i was only able to record 1080p video to this card here, um that was 1920 by 1080p at uh 30 frames per second, i was getting. However, it is advertised with a 2k sensor. You know it’s advertised supposedly have a capability of doing 2048 by 1080p. However, i think they were. That was what they were planning, but what they actually got installed in this turns out to be just a regular 1080p camera. So, however, that camera’s not too bad what i saw so let’s see how it you know it looks when we go flying so don’t hold your judgment off on this camera. Until we we see what we get when we go, take it flying. Additionally, it is able to take still photos of resolution, uh 3840 by 2160. it’s advertised with a 4k capability for still photos of 4096 by 3072. But again i was only able what i’m seeing from the images recorded on this sd card they’re only 3840 by 2160. So, keep that in mind so 1080p and close to 4k still photos from that 1080p video um let’s talk about the app now. This uses the xil pro app available on google play and itunes, and with that in mind, this drone requires your phone to have 802.11 ac wi fi capability to use that app. Now, not everybody, as i stress always not.

Everyone has 802.11 ac on their phone before purchasing this drone. I strongly suggest that you first verify that your phone, indeed is capable of using 802.11 ac wi fi and a way to do that is just simply. Google search your phone’s name model name along with the terms 802.11 and the term specifications and see if 802.11 ac shows up in the search results: okay, that’s, how you do it um, but mentioning that xlxil pro app with that app you’re able to see the video From this camera on your phone, while it is flying that’s fpv video in real time additionally, that app will give you the advanced capabilities of, follow me where this drone will be able to follow. You circle you circle position and waypoint, flying where you fly points on a map automatically using the app okay. Now, um predictive ranges for this drone they’re predicting fpv video range of up to 500 meters that you’d be able to see on your phone more realistically. I would expect around 300 meters, but depending on your phone’s uh and wi fi antenna, you can get up to 500 meters with this particular drone they’re, also predicting control range with the controller of uh up to 800 meters. So that means you could fly further than what you can see the you know in terms of video, but keeping in mind that this is recording to a micro sd card. You can still fly out further and record that video, while you’re flying blind and that point you probably want to hit return to home automatically, now keep in mind if you’re flying blind a lot of countries don’t, let you do that, especially in the us.

So i would not recommend you fly blind like that. Okay, well, let’s go over what you get in the box with this particular drone. You get instruction manuals and they come in many languages. We’Ve got german, we got french, we got italian, we got spanish, we got japanese and also in english, so those are the manuals that come with this you get the drone and its battery. I believe you can also purchase additional spare batteries up to three. I would recommend you do that if you’re considering additional batteries with this drum, do that at the time of purchase, have them bundled with the drum, because you’re going to have a hard time getting them afterwards. If you don’t get it with a drone because of lipo shipping restrictions, you also get a cover for the gimbal to protect the gimbal um. I forgot to mention on this battery. This battery is charged with a micro, usb cable there’s, the plug for the micro, usb cable, and you use the provided cable. They got a micro. Usb cable comes with this, but you want to plug this into a phone wall charger. I would recommend two amp wall charger: do not try to charge this through your computer or you’ll, be waiting a couple days to charge this large battery through your computer board, as your computer board. Just doesn’t have enough oomph to charge that in a timely manner. Okay, it’s, i believe most computer ports are only 500 milliamp, so that would take quite a bit of time to charge that battery uh you get the obligatory uh micro, phillips screwdriver for changing propeller blades on this particular drone.

If you dig up the blades and you get spare a full spare set of props, along with more micro phillips screws to put in those props into the uh to change those props and you get the controller okay, i had to recheck the manual just to make Sure i got these buttons correctly when we go over them, but here is the controller first off um, the phone holder – and this holds my large phone, so they’re getting a message out there to increase these phone holders so that i can they can hold larger phones Than just iphones folks, because most of the time when i get with these, i have to use a rubber band to hold my phone in it uh this time. This one i don’t, you know it holds my large armor, 6e phone very nicely. Let’S go over these antennas real quick! This one is a fake there’s, no antenna going up inside it. However, this one is real folks it’s a real antenna. This is how they get the 800 meter control range. I recommend, while you’re flying to keep the flat portion of the antenna, pointed toward the drone for maximum range. So, if you’re holding like this, you know make sure this. This is always pointing toward the drone to help you get that maximum amount of range. Okay, uh let’s go over the buttons now on the back. We have these two buttons on the right side. The inward one is for down.

Control of the gimbal will point the camera lens downward and the one on the right is for moving the camera lens up. These buttons, on the left side of the controller, do nothing okay, at least in the manual. It says they do nothing so um. Keep that in mind. Now let’s go over this button here. This is your rates button. If you want to fly faster, you can go for beginner intermediate and expert to increase the pitch angle on the drone to make it increase speed and also, if you hold it down, while the drone is on a flat level surface on the ground, not running hold. This button down and the drone will do a compass or a gyro calibration, particularly that comes into play for flying when you’re flying in optical flow mode. That’Ll help keep the drone steady uh in hover. It does have automatic return to home bike on command by pressing this button here. So if you lose sight of the drone, you want to bring it back home press that button and it’ll do such you can take photos with the drone by pressing this button here, and this button here is for starting and stopping videos. Also, if you hold the button down for three seconds, the drone will enter into compass calibration mode, so you can do a manual compass calibration of the drone, while it’s on the ground. Okay, this button here is for automatic takeoff and automatic landing for automatic takeoff.

I believe you’ll need still need to start the motors and normally that’s done by moving both sticks down and outward like so and that’s puts the motors into idle and then press that button, and it will do an automatic takeoff again. This button here is for turning the gps off. That is, if you want to fly indoors using the optical flow system. You can press that button, and this button here is for a headless mode. This does have headless mode capability press that button and you can use headless mode for particularly for doing panning shots. I like to use it for uh crane shots where especially up and away screenshots and i’ll, try to demonstrate that when we go out in the field, uh let’s turn this on the on off switch is on the right here. Let’S turn it on here and i’ll. Show you some other things. We have battery power of the drone battery power of the controller um, also reception, quality of the drone and the drone’s reception quality. From of the controller, and additionally, we have uh height of the drone distance of the trunk telemetry information height of the drone distance to the drum number of satellites we’re receiving for the gps, and if the gps control is on or off let’s press that see, if It yeah it doesn’t work there we go, you hold it. You have to hold this button down to turn off the gps. You have to hold it down for three seconds, let’s see if it turns back on again.

No, it doesn’t so keep in mind. If you do turn the gps off you’re, going to need to restart the drone landing on the ground and reconnect it to the controller to enter back into gps mode, but again this zero here shows the number of satellites we’re receiving. You want to wait until you at least have eight satellites before trying to take off otherwise you’ll be flying without gps, and you will not have automatic return to home and landing and rates button is tells you right now. We’Re in low rate let’s see if it’s focused and you can adjust that by pressing that medium and actually it’s just low and high rate. So beginner and expert rate and right now, we’re in mode 0, which is optical flow mode. And if we were let’s turn it back on see if we can go back into gps, it still says mode 0., so i’m, not sure what the mode 0 is folks, uh i’ll, look that up hold on a second let’s, see if there’s any info in the Manual hold on okay, i looked it up, it said mode zero. No, it means you’re, not in any mode mode. One is optical flow, let’s, see if we can enter into mode one. Turning on the drone turning on the controller and there it goes into mode one. So we’re right now in optical flow mode, and then when we get eight satellites connected when this goes up to eight it’ll automatically switch to gps mode and that mode one will change to mode two telling us that we are definitely in uh ready to go to Fly and we’re in gps mode, so wait until that mode, 1 switches to mode 2 before even attempting to take off in gps mode, okay again, if mode 2, that means you’re in gps mode.

Okay, that is the sg907 max um, very capable drone on paper. Let’S. Take it out in the field and see how it actually performs so hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101, here on a beautiful but somewhat breezy day here at pleasant ridge park. We’Ve got a wind here about seven eight miles per hour: i’m guessing uh, but we’re going to see how this well. This flies in the wind, okay, 908.. Uh. To start this up, all we need to do is press and hold the top button. Until we hear the esc’s and then we put it on the ground on a flat level surface and let its gyros calibrate and you should be good there and then turning on the transmitter and making sure we are connected. And you can tell if we’re connected by looking down here and seeing if you got the battery bars showing from the drum okay. First thing we need to do while we’re connected is through the do the compass calibration to do that. We press and hold the camera button for about three seconds till we hear a beep and pick up the drone and notice that its lights are flashing, one two, three, four one, two three four, so we do rotations like so until we hear another beep, okay heard That beat from the controller, so we go vertically like so and do some more until we hear another beat now you need to do this with all gps drones.

Folks, there we go recommend doing it before each flight for all gps drones, that’s a compass calibration and it’s important for stability of the drone uh when flying a gps mode. Okay, next thing i need to do now is connect my the drone’s wi fi signal to my phone and then open the app so hold on. While i do that folks, okay, this is the xl pro app available on google play and itunes and we’re going to hit start play. We already did the calibration, so we don’t need to do those calibrations and we’re going to pay attention, get no closer than three meters to the airplane. Okay, so okay we’re set to go. We actually have 14 satellites gps mode, as the app shows here and it’s. Saying mode: two: on the controller, so everything’s good to go here. Let’S start the video recording by pressing the video button and making sure we see the numbers showing up here before i do that i’m gon na stop the video and hit the photos. One more time. Just to make sure we’re recording you know if you see saving hd photos, you know that the card is recording so starting the video camera one more time and starting the motors by down and out and pressing automatic takeoff and checking the stability of the drone. Getting into the camera syncing up the cameras and saying how do you like my shirt today, folks, okay, so we see the is bouncing at her about a bit around a bit, but the image stability looks pretty good on the uh.

My phone, although i do am seeing lag of about a second there’s, about a second lag showing up here. Okay, let me put my camera or my my goggles, putting on my glasses and setting it up in a way and see how it does so going up. A bit yeah at the same time, the fly is rather slow but again it’s going into the wind right now yeah. Looking at my fpv, the fpv signal looks nice and smooth flies rather smoothly. Everything is smooth about this drone it’s actually doing a nice job. How high am i 20 meters let’s, go up a bit higher up to about 30 meters, so you can at least see lake erie let’s see if we can get to the road here and i’m, pointing my um antenna toward the drone. I don’t know if that’s going to help her go out and right i’m going to stop it right there, because i want to lower the gimbal just a tad. So i can see the road a little bit better and then pushing forward again and then toward the road distance. It says 80 meters, that road is about 180 meters let’s see if we can get there and did i lose signal here. Let me turn to the right: yeah, apparently i’ve lost fpv signal there. Folks, okay, i gained it back here for a second going forward again pushing forward okay, i do have fpv signal it’s, just that it’s so steady that i i thought i lost oh, i am losing it every once in a while there, 145 meters, i can still See that drone and 168 okay, we should be at the edge of the road right about now and stopping it right.

There let’s see if i can turn it back toward me again: i’m gon na turn the drone okay, i can see it turning so the fpv is working it’s, just very smooth but choppy at the same time. Okay from that position, there let’s do automatic return to home and landing folks. So i’m gon na press that button automatic return to home let’s see what it does. It’S it’s risingers are flying back it’s flying back to me coming back rather fast too. So let me get away from the pad let’s see how close it does. This automatic return to home later slowing down now i can see it. Okay, i’m. Stepping back from the pad see how close this is see it up in the sky i’m, not holding here i’m, not controlling it, as you can see here and we’re, going to see how close its return to home is. Okay, now it seems to be turning back to its original direction and it should start descending here shortly there. It goes now i’m not going to let it come all the way to the ground. Folks, i’m, going to press that button before it touches down, because i want to continue flying when you see how close it is, it seems to be actually rather close, almost like it’s going to touch touch the pad so there it is not too bad stopping it. Right there right over the pad, so very accurate, open landing.

Let me back up again man let’s. Stop that video recording right there it’s taking a picture and tell them to take a picture but let’s stop the video recording. Now i wanted to take a picture. Let’S. Take a picture Music, okay, one one more hd card, and one more so that’s its camera let’s try the advanced flight control features now folks, uh we’re gon na go over here and in the upper right corner. Second, one down is the follow me and we’re gon na do gps follow me, which is the third one down. It looks like a controller let’s go up a bit higher too and pressing that button and follow me is activated now it seems to push itself back a bit. There gives itself a little bit of distance between you and it so let’s see it. Follow, oh by the way, let’s start the video recording one more time, video recording has started syncing up the cameras and going for a walk, let’s see how this follow me works it’s following what about? If i walk over this way – and i walk over this way and i’m gon na start walking toward it and we’ll see, will it recognize that i’m walking toward it and when will i recognize it and it seems to recognize it now it’s moving away. So this does work well as a follow me stick up one more time as you can see, it’s falling rather nicely.

This is actually not a bad drone folks from so far what i’m seeing it’s. Actually a nice drone um. I think the price is reasonable, too. On this particular drone, so there we go that’s. The follow me. The next thing we need to try is circle position. So coming out of follow me. Follow me stop see if i can bring it over toward me and going up above me a bit and let’s hit going up a little higher, actually and let’s hit circle position and it’ll just orbit and submit and it climbs, and it turns itself. This is where it was. It goes over there still recording, let’s, lower the gimbal and now it’s. Circling now can i adjust the height of this circle yeah i can so. I can show myself in the circle syncing up the cameras. Now it goes up and down with the wind let’s come down a little lower because it’s using a barometer to uh measure its altitude, i don’t know i want it to go out. Can i increase the speed of rotation yeah you can by pushing the lift on the control? Stick, you can increase the speed of rotation. So, as you can see there it’s now rotating rapidly, can we adjust the radius of rotation let’s push outward? And yes, you can you can make bigger circles but pushing outward on the right. Stick let’s go up a bit higher too, since that’s working and raising up the gimbal, so circle position works well, everything’s working, well, let’s! Try uh, wait points next, i’m curious.

If the waypoints are going to work, that’d be cool, so i’m going to come out of circle position now, stop it there we go let’s, bring it over closer and put it right there, lowering it a bit actually not a bad drone. So far, what i’m seeing? Okay, next one here, i want to stop that video recording and restart it restarting coming down a bit syncing up the camera, camera sync let’s, try waypoints point selection and, as i feared, sometimes everything works most of these drugs, but sometimes waypoints can be a problem and It appears to be a problem because there’s i can’t center it on our position. Okay, there’s no means the center position, so wait points. Is the issue there’s a single issue that i can see with this because again, where is the drone? And where is my position? So i can put it that it won’t center there’s no center selection on the map, so ah we’re gon na have to come a lot of waypoints and forget about waypoints. So for the remainder of this flight let’s. Do the follow me one more time, i’m. Gon na get into the picture and move out a bit and we’ll try follow me. Some more people like follow me a lot and follow let’s have a closer look at follow me sticking up. So apparently i guess this is the closest you can get to it. While i’m following me, it maintains a a distance from you, but again this could be used for nature walks or, if you set it up high.

I guess you it’ll follow you on your uh bicycle or whatever, but you’re gon na need to bring the phone. It is following the phone now. It also has the capability of doing uh following uh optically. But to do that, you need to put the drone in optical mode or not optical mode, uh yeah. I took a flow mode and i’m not going to do that. Folks, i’m. I’M. Really, when i take it out here, i’m testing, the gps, maybe i’ll hold on hold on let’s. Try that let’s come out of this. Come back toward us. Let’S try optical flow mode, since this does have optical flow let’s plop it here and i am going to turn the gps off folks let’s see what happens holding down the gps button. I didn’t want to turn off we’re still in mode two pressing it again. Huh, apparently, you can’t turn it off once it’s in gps mode. Holding that button down can i do it in the on the controller using the app? No. So i was wrong folks. This does. Apparently, you can’t turn it off once you’re in the air once you’re flying gps mode, it stays in gps mode, so yeah that’s something good to know. Okay, well, let’s, try uh one other thing i want to try. Let’S go back over here. Give me a little distance here then point it back to me going up a bit higher now. Does this have i’m looking for uh headless mode yeah, it does have headphones.

Let me lower that gimbal down and going into headless mode and it’s a way and let’s. Try it a crane shot the river flows flows to the sea. I love crane shots let’s, bring it back in reverse screenshot flying fpv. Trying to keep myself in the center here. Pushing forward forward. Try to keep myself at the center of the picture there. It is. Okay, next thing: let’s try come out of headless boat, let’s, lower that gimbal all the way down, get it get above it Music straight under it. That gimbal comes all the way down. Folks let’s try this rocket that worked well, so go ahead. Push it back up again and move the gimbal back up again, gimbals back up, so all in all what i’m? Seeing with this drone, i like it. I like it a lot going forward everything yeah let’s let’s, stick it over here to the center okay. I can see lake erie today beautiful day. I can see it very clearly. Let’S take a do a loop around the area showing how the camera changes. Okay, give it a little right turn turn it too quickly slowed it down a bit let’s. Try that again the right turn and that’s lake erie, okay, coming back down reducing throttle i’m going that side of the field and i’m going to turn it to the left and there’s. My van over there let’s head toward that and coming down reducing throttle. Oh there’s, my wife and dog over there doing a walk, let’s let’s go see them, so everything seems to work with this drone except fault or waypoints and waypoints.

I don’t know i wish the manufacturers would get it right, so it works properly with google maps, but a lot of them don’t. I don’t know what the issue is, but there’s my wife and dog let’s go say hi to them over there where’d they go they’re. Hiding they’re hiding under that tree, getting closer the fpv’s working excellent with this okay let’s let’s go over here a bit, stop right there, so i don’t hit the tree uh. Okay, i can see the branches let’s come down a little lower dang. This is working excellent. I yeah i really like this drone, so this actually might be a keeper if the video comes out fine, oops, overshot. One of the things is there is some dead space with uh the control on in terms of yaw. You have to give it quite a bit but uh there’s, my wife and dog let’s pitch to the right a bit and right there we lost some fpv if he’s getting somewhat choppy she’s waving. I want the high rate i don’t want to go to high rate. Okay, so let’s turn it around turn it back toward me and we’re going to go to high rate and then do a high speed pass by me. Let’S! Try that still recording there. I am one high rate and given a full pitch we’ll pitch forward coming toward me. High speed pass not a bad drone at all huh i like it.

I like this drone size is just right. You know if only they could get this under 250 grams of the excellent drone i like it, um let’s, bring it down and over make sure we got that video, oh, oh there we go is low battery. So now i got a feeling: we’re stuck within 20 meter circle. So let me stop the video and restart it actually, sync up the cameras and stop the video and then restart the video and let’s. Give me my thoughts. Get the sun in my face. Actually, let’s let’s not get this now let’s get the sun on my right side of my face. I want you to see the drone, so i went out i like my shirt again folks and again um, not a bad drone. Everything seems to work. Yeah let’s get the side in my face. Everything seems to work except uh, waypoints i’m. Looking at the uh screen i’m seeing a lot of white, you know there is some. You know dynamic ranges off a little bit because uh, i wonder if you can adjust that, though let’s see, i haven’t tried anything adjustments in the camera. Adjustments. I’M, not sure it does have camera adjustments on this yeah. If there is it’s, probably in the settings, the open opening settings but again uh circle position worked well. Uh follow me worked well with the drone. Only waypoints didn’t work, uh the 2x or the three axis stabilized gimbal seems to be working.

Well, there is some dead space on the ah here. Let’S show that well they’re concerned. No, i guess i’m wrong it’s working it’s, just maybe that was the fpv i was noticing there was probably some delay in the fpv. I just didn’t notice that, but again everything seems to work with this, so i hope that the video recording is coming out nicely. I hope the photos are coming out nicely it’s being bounced around right now by the wind, as you can see there it’s holding its position in that wind. So it is a breezy day flyer. It can fly in the wind um. But again that is not too bad. I like this drone, so let’s let’s fly it around now, um at high rate let’s bounce into the let’s, see if it does have a geo fence. I didn’t check that yet so i’m, going to high rate high rate and pushing forward let’s, see if we bounce in the geofence at 20 meters away going up a higher just in case we don’t bump into anything and we’re 17 20 meters yeah. So it does have geofence restriction. Let’S go the other way bouncing to the wall on the other side, here i’m going to walk over to this geofence, and i want to demonstrate that dude it’s going to hit that geofence 20 meters away and turning it around again toward me, let’s see the geo Fence in the in the air, now what a geofence is it’s a imagine, a invisible fence in the air that your drone will not fly past.

Imagine a circle: 20 meters in diameter radius around its takeoff position right now, while it’s in low battery with the drone. There it just hit it right now. It won’t go any further i’m giving a forward pitch and just won’t go outside of that circle. Let me try it again: i’ll we’ll go off over here, come down a little lower and show that to you again turning back toward me and the idea is when you’re low battery they want to bring it in close, so that you don’t hear a watch there. It hits the wall. Can’T fly further than 20 meters from its takeoff point, and the idea again is it: doesn’t want to run out of if you’re, at 100 meters, 200 meters away that’s too far for the drone to be able to return. But if you’re with only within only 20 meters away – and then you hit low battery point, then it can easily make it back home and land without crashing without running out of power. So we’re down to 7.14 volts syncing up one more time: 71.14 volts. When the drone gets down to 7.0 that’s, where i’m guessing the return to home is gon na occur most drones at 3.5 volts per cell, since this is a two two cell battery, most drones, uh return to home 3.5 times. Two is seven and that’s when this is probably going to return. So with that in mind, let’s go up one more time and get a view of the area let’s see if there’s any altitude restriction, while we’re in low battery yep about 20 meters can’t go higher than 23 meters, 22 meters that’s going to bring it down to 20.

, so 20 meters seems to be the altitude restriction, while you’re in low power so i’m to rotate around the area, showing the camera one more time, there’s the grass cutter. I thought he was going to cut the grass here today, but he’s, not, i hope, i’m. Not disturbing him showing the area and we’re just almost at 7.0 volts, so not a bad drone, not a bad drone at all. I like it um again now some of you might have get problems again with the sd card. Like i mentioned the sd card writer on this seems to be an old one that only recognizes up to 16 gigabytes. I had problems 32 gigabyte cards, it shouldn’t have had a problem with 32, but it did so. That means this is a real old writer on this particular drone. I guess they did that to keep the cost down. I went through about some of my best cards and my good cards didn’t work. You know the class 10 32 gigabytes didn’t work with us, but the uh cheap, four gigabyte and the cheap uh 16 gigabyte class six cards had no problem, so you know what can i say they got an old card reader in here and again they did that. Probably just to keep the cost down so one more time, let’s take a look at the drone, see if i can get a thumbnail a couple: thumbnails let’s turn it this way, it’s going to head back over there any second now we’re, almost to 7.

0 volts there. We go 7.0 volts i’m, not doing that folks. This is its final return to home and landing final return to home and landing. How high does it climb now? The reason it’s climbing is it’s to avoid any obstacles on the way as it goes on its way. Back but again, it’s only 20 meters away from its takeoff point, so i don’t see the need for them to have done this it’s. Probably to avoid you too, on the ground. You know if it’s you’re, in the way of it as it’s, going towards takeoff point. Okay, let’s see how close its final landing is, and with that in mind, let me get my bag out of the way my uav bag moving it and we’ll see how close this final landing is not too bad about a meter meter and a half two meters. Two meters, i’d say for the final and there it is cutting the grass and let me stop the video. The recording is stopped, so not a bad drone on this one uh the sg was 907 max yeah there you go sg907 max, not a bad drone. At all, let me get my the sun in my face um, i kind of like it folks hope you enjoy it too. I hope you enjoyed the flight, this quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again, hey, if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it’s real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right.

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