Do you like unboxing videos? Do you do you really? You need therapy, then, because i hate unboxing videos but i’m gon na make one right now, because in my area of the world right now, i’m in ontario canada, in this place of millions of people, there is a stay at home order due to coven 19, because Our hospitals are getting too full, so i’m allowed to go out, but i have to have a purpose and going out and standing in a park i’m, the only guy there uh flying a drone sort of attracts attention, and you might see it in some of my Future videos, people coming up to me and say: what are you doing, anyways for now, i’m, going to make an unboxing video of this? The sg906 max? Because a lot of you keep asking about it, i know it’s out, you can buy it now if you want, but i haven’t flown it, but i’ll unbox it right here in this video, so here we go and before i get to the unboxing, let me just Pull my laptop over and tell you the specs on this baby, so um. How far does it fly? You wonder? Well, it is an sg906 and sg906 fly about just a little bit under a kilometer, a thousand meters flight time due to the little sensor on top for obstacle avoidance that reduces flight time. So you get any the max you get is about 26 minutes according to what i’m looking at here and as for the camera, it says that it does have a full three axis gimbal and it shows the movement that i see here but um.

You know for the recording capabilities. It says it takes photos at 4k. But when i look at the video it says, your video mode in hd is 2.7 around 2.7 k, so it’s, not a 4k video. All right, i’ve got three cameras happening this one in the front one over here you can see my fingers and one over here. I should be able to show you the unboxing. So here we go. Let me spin this around and show you what it says for features. It says: foldable, gps, return to home point of interest, waypoint flights, intelligent app mode, automatic obstacle, avoidance, ultra hd aerial, photography, 3 axis gimbal, electronic image, stabilization and optical flow positioning. Actually, you know what i will say: there’s, nothing else in here, let’s just throw that down. I will say for a shoulder bag. This one’s, actually kind of nice. Put this down open up the zippers and let’s see what comes flying out of this thing. So if i open it this way, can you see it in there? So i have the drone and uh looks like props and accessories here. That’S, probably your obstacle avoidance here and that’s your controller, so let’s take everything out, here’s our drone. It has foldable props and brushless motors, and it has this protective plastic on top, which is like sealed on that. Let me just get rid of this let’s unfold. This baby, this arm says ultra high definition, electronic image stabilization sg906 max so there’s.

The bottom optical flow sensor going up – i don’t, see anything here, there’s a spot over on the side right here to put a micro sd card right there. So, of course, you want that and of course, our three axis gimbal in the front. The top feature right here is where you’re gon na put your obstacle: avoidance, module and we’ll get to that in a bit battery on the back removable, your typical battery. What size is this well right there? It is a 7.6 at 3 400 billion hours taking off the gimbal protector. We have our three axis gimbal right. There there’s our three axis gimbal, so we have our normal up and down movement right. There that’s axis one access to side to side and axis 3. Is this the tilting now let’s take the next item out of the box, which would be the controller hey check that out there’s a display on it. Look at that a controller with a display. I’M glad everybody’s getting into displays, and we must do this. People love this. I don’t know why so looking at this controller, it is not the same as previous models. This one here is upgraded. Obviously it looks a lot nicer. It is rechargeable you’re not going to put batteries in this thing and the arms come out down here. You saw how i did the arms and, where you’re going to put your phone is not on this side, but on this side right here you can put your phone in here and point blink just fit it in.

There probably fits a seven inch phone normal size. So looking at the buttons got our joysticks, they are attached. You do not have to attach them after the fact i’m doing this upside down. I can’t really see what i’m looking at so here. This button is gps on or off that’s pretty sweet here’s, your takeoff and lan button. This almost looks like a headless mode button but i’m, not really sure that’s your speed button that’s your return to home button trying to do this upside down. That’S. Your take a video button and that’s your take a photo button and let’s see what’s on the side. So on the side right here i have a switch. Is that the on and off switch let’s see haha it’s the on and off switch there? We go hey nice display, so if i remember the old sg906 you’d have to use the two buttons over here for up and down. I think it was this side and on the other side, i think this was putting in headless mode and outer headless mode. Something like that. I can’t really recall you charge everything by usb and they do include a cable we’ll see that in a bit and if you want to see a better picture of the display what’s on it, it looks like that you know it’s pretty decent. You can see this outside i’ve seen these displays before they’re. Pretty good next item is this box here and it has a picture of blades on it and i think accessories usb and blades so i’m sure that’s what’s in and on the back.

It shows you a picture like this right here, just showing you use a tool to take the blades on and off inside yep. Usb, cable right here, also included. You get a full set of props next box in my bag. For some reason i got the version with two batteries there’s a second battery in here i don’t know if they all come with two batteries. It says it’s right here: yeah 7.6 volt right there and the last item in this case would be the obstacle avoidance. It says laser obstacle avoidance right there, laser obstacle avoidance, there’s, our module, so there’s our obstacle avoidance laser. Let me take this out. I wonder if i can use it as a laser pointer at my next meeting. So here is the unit here and let me spin it around, so you get a good look at it, there’s our laser right there in the front, so this unit is going to fit on the bottom. There should be some pins right there it’s going to fit. Let me just grab the drawer it’s going to fit in the top of our drone right here. So let’s uh let’s attach that so there should be some connector pins up around here there. We are all right, so i’ll place this little laser item in here, and it should just pop and connect right in well sounded like it was a nice solid connection. There we go so that’s not coming out and how the heck do i get it out.

Then. Oh, i see on the side there’s little ridges here, so you would take those ridges on the side. Put your fingers press inwards and then pull straight up. Let’S see how the laser so let’s see how the laser works i’m going to power it on let’s, see let’s, see if it moves or does anything here we go power it on there we go my camera’s moving let’s see laser you doing anything. I got this little thing flashing flashing, so i don’t see anything happening with the laser. But let me just pick this up and check out the gimbal. So you can see the camera in the front and if i move the drone either way see how it stays straight. And if i go this way and this way it looks forward. And if i turn this way in this way, kai it, it tries to stay straight a little bit. If i go fast, you can see it it’s. It should be delayed to try to catch up to me. Moving like this. There we go so three axis gimbal seems to work okay, but my laser, my laser is anybody going blind? Do you feel like you’re being shot with a laser, so other items in the box? I do have the instructions which is going to tell me what the app is. I assume it’s the same as the last one, and i also noticed that you get an obstacle avoidance, uh instruction manual here, how that works.

So let me check that out all right. So i’ve looked through the instructions for the app uh it looks like my documents are all in mandarin because it’s a new release. I know the english documents are coming because uh, the company that sent this to me, actually sent me the english documents. But i do not have them here: anyways it’s, an sg906 pro, so it probably uses the h fund plus app and they’ve, probably updated it. I did read the obstacle avoidance again when you are flying. Can i show you in here so when you’re flying over? Am i pointing the right spot yeah over here? You see uh where it says low, in other words, low speed, it only works in low speed and it does say in the instructions that it says it shoots out: 20 meters. It says when taking off there are. There are obstacles within 20 meters ahead. The uav cannot fly forward, so it means it stops it then, but it can fly to the rear, the right or the left and backwards. That already said that, as long as it is within 20 meters of scanning, so this here area, where i am here, everything is like within 20 meters, so this thing’s probably going there’s an obstacle everywhere. I just wanted to see it like spinning and turning. I don’t know how it works. I don’t. I have no idea anyways. Let me i have two phones here.

So i’ve got an iphone and i have an android phone. I’Ve already checked it on the iphone that i have the h, fun, plus app and it’s new. It was updated as of the 11th of january and the android one i just had to update. I don’t have a sim card in the android phone. Let me go and just go. Wi fi see at the top where it says connected. It says i’m on the xl, something blah blah blah pro. Ah h, fun pro, not plus, okay, there. It is so i’m going to click on that and that’s. What i get so you’re, probably all familiar with that. Okay, so you have two options: to move the camera. Let me just see here, so you can move the camera up and down i’ll go to this one over here some second, you can move the camera up and down with your uh cell phone there’s. A little thing on the side where you can move it up and down smoothly or you can do it not so smoothly and annoyingly with uh there we go going down and up so you’d have to tap it like that, but it’s smoother. If you do it on the phone, just moving the phone, so on the h fund pro app, i notice there’s a new setting as well. It says stability and it’s got three options, so i’ve got it on there’s off and there’s. Something called compare.

I don’t know what that is so that’s, probably just something in between but that’s, for the eis electronic image stabilization, so that, apparently, is included with the three axis gimbal. So it should be a good image. So let’s see how good the image is. I just turned the record on and i’ll show you what the video comes back from it: it’s very colorful. On my phone, my phone looks great look at the colors on my phone. It looks awesome, but i don’t know how it’s recording, because it’s so close it’s pointed at the 179 back. There i’ve got the gimbal bouncing around because i’m knocking the table all right. Take this out of the case, and you can see the little uh obstacle. Avoidance still stays on top, even in the case all right power. This on my remote says, gps is on let’s connect our wi fi to the drone. There we go this time i’m using my iphone, not an android phone kind of windy back here in cold find the app and we should connect to it. There we go let’s, go to settings, it’s, all good english record on anti shake i’m going to put it on. I think that probably means eis. It probably means it closes in the image crops it in a little bit fix photos i’ll, leave it like that. Setting complete and then you go to prepare to fly and we have to do a calibration, so i hit calibration.

That was the worst calibration confirm check the calibration button. Let the drone under calibration state, so it tells me spin it and spin it so i’m. Gon na go calibration and it says: do your normal horizontal calibration all right, such usually spin three times once twice and then at a beep, see three times and it says: do vertical. I don’t know if the nose is up or down put the drone in a vertical position, then vertically rotate the drone two or three times now let’s. Try up, i don’t know once twice no idea. Three times could be wrong. It says calibration success. All right, let’s see what it shows on my screen. This is good. The gimbal is adjusting itself everything’s good what’s. It say for satellites zero. It looks like there’s a sensor on my screen. Oh now, it’s beeping, i don’t know what that means. Oh, it says i guess that beep beans it’s good. It says i have eight satellites now, but i see a sensor on my controller, which i didn’t notice before and it’s shooting out. So it must be the obstacle avoidance. I don’t know you probably can’t, see it on my top camera because of all the glare anyways, so let’s fly it it’s all set to go. It’S really dull out here: there’s, not a lot of gps here, because look what’s around me blocking the gps, blocking the gps, blocking the gps block and everything so i’ve only got eight satellites which isn’t great but let’s, see how it flies.

Here we go let’s, take it on uh. Oh these little legs quote. That makes it easier to hold on to all right. Let’S. Take it on up there. We go bring it up. Oh look at the little uh sensor on top there. It is see it up. Top it’s just going left to right right to left it’s, pretty cool it’s moving around now. The drone is bouncing around in the air, because there’s no gps back here, everything’s blocking it so it’s trying to get uh satellites and they’re going all over the place. Okay, let me put it this way. You can see it see it moving around back and forth. That’S, pretty sweet, no it’s, saying it’s, detecting something yeah see won’t go forward i’m in the way, all right so i’m, going to turn the obstacle avoidance off. It says, hit the speed button to turn it off. Obstacle. Avoidance is off, so i should be able to fly forward now, it’s still giving me a bp sound. Oh there we go all right here. We go but i’m getting the beep as if there’s something in the way. I have no idea let’s turn it this way, yeah more beeps. It says there’s too much that way, because everywhere i look, i’ve got obstacle avoidance. Try this way. Oh, i can move that way. A little bit nope there we go let’s try this way. No, it says it shoots out: 20 meters, so everywhere i’m looking is uh.

Obstacle avoidance see if i can get it this way. If i go up, i can go forward a bit: go higher Music. You know, it’s, just seeing everything everything is all around the house, the trees. Everything is uh, causing the obstacle avoidance to go all right. So all i can show you here is the camera. So i’m, going to take it up obstacle avoidance on i’m, just going to spin it around. So you can see what the video looks like there’s my house here. So look, let’s, go! Look this way: Music and looking out at the road there we go. I’Ve got me in the image there. We go all right so uh, this thing’s pretty sweet, but i got ta go. Try it in an area where there’s a lot more space to fly this baby it’s pretty cool, though i like the little goofy thing on the top, so with obstacle avoidance, i can’t fly forward, but i can fly backwards, see but watch when i go forward. It says no, there we go i’m close and watch when i go away there. We go so that’s pretty interesting for such a low budget drone. With this little thing, look at that thing. On top, can you see it isn’t that wild just scanning around that i shouldn’t have looked at it? I’Ve looked at the laser, not much. I can do with this, because i can’t fly it anywhere. All right, let’s go! Take it for landing see that landing pad over there.

If you want to get to it, i can’t go forward because of the obstacle avoidance, but i can go backwards, so watch spin it around and we’re going to go to the landing pad backwards. Here we go so when you get stuck in a situation, just fly backwards. All right, so do everything in reverse: bring it down so that’s, not bad. I didn’t even charge up the battery. I just took it out of the case the case right here plugged it in it came fully charged. I didn’t charge up the controller, and i just did my little compass calibration back here where there’s not a lot of satellites, and it flew quite well. I like the little obstacle avoidance, but the only problem i had is: i couldn’t turn it off. So i’ll have to take this out for another day when it’s sunny out and we don’t have all these restrictions on and take it for a flight and give you a nice review and some footage of flying around. But this was just a short unboxing just so i could show you this drone, because so many people ask – and i will put the links below to where you can find this and buy this it’s, not very expensive. If you watch my other reviews of the sg906 it’s identical, it is identical, the only difference is the h fun. Uh app is updated, so i don’t know if that applies to all the other ones, and you got that really cool sensor on the top for obstacle avoidance, which actually seems to work.

You can’t crash into anything in the front, it’s pretty cool, but you will be doing a lot of flying backwards. Alright guys take care catch in the next Music. Video Music.