Some people call it the beast three. In any case, this is the successor to the uh sg906. Pro 2 and what does this bring to the table? Well, if you look at the top of this drone here in this picture, you will see that it’s got an obstacle avoidance sensor on the top of it so uh. Let me tell you a little bit about the drone made some notes here, so i get it right. Uh, so it’s got a three axis gimbal, which is important that’s the primary thing uh that we’re looking for, because that gives you that good stabilized video uh. It also has electronic image stabilization, so uh we’ll see how well that works, and then the that obstacle avoidance it shoots out in about 120 degree, fan in front of the drone so i’m really anxious to check that out and see how it works. It’S, a it’s, a it’s, a pretty cool little device they put on top of it. It looks cool, i guess, that’s, what i’m trying to say. Uh and it’s got a range of about 20 meters, so in other words, 20 meters away from an object. It should detect it. I don’t know how quickly that would bring the drone to a stop, but we’ll see when we get out and test it uh. The other big thing uh is the remote control. Uh has a 500 milliamp battery in it. Now, instead of the older versions use triple a’s or double a’s, this one is saying a control, distance, distance of 1200 meters or 1.

2 kilometers. That is an improvement over the other one and we’ll talk about that. A little bit more later and we’ll see how and why that could possibly take place and then flight time, they’re saying 23 to 26 minutes. These drone manufacturers are always optimistic, i’m telling you if you get 20 minutes flight time, that’s going to be awesome and i suspect that’s about what it would be, maybe even a little bit less uh. So then they’re calling the camera they’re, calling it a 4k camera. It’S 4k. In pictures, the uh, the the video resolution is 2048 by 1080. Now some people call that a 2k camera. I would call it a 1080p camera, but regardless that’s what it is. It is not 4k in video. It is, however, 4k in pictures. Uh. Then let’s see with regard to uh i i guess i should mention that it will shoot in 720p as well so other bit rates and i believe it is yeah. It is says right here, 25 frames per second, so uh, you know that’s that’s, pretty good. I mean i’ve seen some of the bargain drones that are down as slow as 15 frames per second, so 25 that’s good enough and uh, and – and i like that so uh yeah, so it’s telling us more about the obstacle avoidance system here, uh between a half A meter and 20 meters so when that brings to the drone to a stop i’m, not exactly sure uh, so uh then let’s see it.

The there is uh i’ll tell you what comes in the box, you get the you get the quadcopter, the remote control uh. You get a battery spare props charge, cable, screwdriver and it says two remote control sticks, but on this one that’s a little bit different i’m saying they must have the list from the old one here and eight spare screws and an obstacle avoider and user manuals. So the user manuals is another thing. We’Ll talk out talk about, so let me get this box open and and we’ll show you what’s inside. I do want to show you that you get a nice case with the drone, and i always appreciate this. It allows you to keep things organized and everything in one spot, and this is a pretty nice looking case. It’S got a handle on the top, which i prefer a shoulder. Strap i’m, not big on shoulder straps, but it’s it’s there. If you need it – and it does have a little zippered compartment on the front here so quickly, let’s talk a little bit about the documentation. You get a warning not to mess with the gimbal uh. I evidently people have broken gimbals by moving them around with their hand, while the while the thing is energized. You don’t want to do that and you want to use use the gimbal cover. While you have it in storage. Next, they give you a little uh operator’s manual for the obstacle avoidance sensor that goes on top of the drone we’ll talk about that a little bit later, and then they give you several owner’s manuals in several different languages and of course, the one i’m looking for Was english and that’s signified by the british flag at the top here’s my complaint about this manual and i don’t know if i’m going to be able to get it close enough to focus on the camera here i’m telling you it is so small and it is So hard to read to the point that it’s almost impossible and in fact what i ended up doing, was reading this with a magnifying glass so and i realize i’m – an old guy.

But even if you’re, a younger guy that’s going to be pretty tough to read. So zl give us a good, larger format, owner’s manual. We would appreciate it so then the drone itself uh here she is let’s – let’s unfold it. So we can take a good look at it. As with all of these drones, it’s got the the beast signature on the front there uh and then uh as we turn it around here you can see there’s the sd card slot right there, uh now, because it’s only a 1080p in video, i think you’re, probably Okay, with a class 10 sd card, i put a u3 card in it, but you know: class 10 is probably going to be good enough uh and then you’ve got the the gimbal cover here. Let’S take that off and that just slides forward and there you can see the three axis gimbal in all three axises uh pitch roll and yaw. So so that should give us some nice smooth video and should point out that we do have brushless motors here and folding props. The other thing is you’ll. Look on this guy on the top here: there’s a cover there and that’s. Where that obstacle avoidance sensor mounts and we’ll, look at that in a second but first let’s talk about the battery here: 7.6 volts, 3, 400 milliamps, so so that’s the battery and i don’t think it’s a smart smart battery, but it does have a battery indicator.

You do a short press there and you can see the charge state of the battery. So this is the obstacle avoidance sensor itself, and i see that it has a warning on the back and it’s in pretty small lettering too. I had to use a magnifying glass to see it, but it says it’s a laser, so it doesn’t want you to look directly into the thing. So keep that in mind, especially if you’ve got kids, but what this guy does. Is it, like? I said it rotates back and forth at 120 degree angle and that’s how it does its obstacle avoidance. This, i believe, is the transmitter and the and the receivers on this side here, but what it does hold the drone up here, so you can see it. It simply uh snaps into that spot that we took the little cover off of and that’s how it sits on top of the drone, and also they tell you not to mess with this guy either because it is a motor that moves it back and forth. So they don’t want you, you know manhandling it uh that that could end up breaking the mechanism uh, but you got ta, admit: it’s, a pretty cool, gimmick and i’m looking forward to trying it out now. The other thing i wanted to talk about is the remote control and man is this: a vast improvement uh over the the beast pro 2.? Let me get it all unfolded for you here, so these are just handles down here.

Your your phone goes in the top here, and i can tell you that my iphone 11 pro max fits in there, no problem, even with a cover on it uh. But a couple of exciting things about this guy is that you see that micro uh usb slot there, that is, to charge the 500 milliamp battery in this guy, so it is self powered. It’S gon na have more power than the old remote. The other exciting thing is – and i don’t know if you’re going to be able to see it. But if you look at this gap in this antenna here, it’s got a wiring wire going into it. It is actually a functional antenna. Now this one has no wire in it, so you could leave that down it’s not going to make any any difference, but this one you’re going to want it extended because it is actually a functional antenna and – and i quickly want to show you the difference between This one and the other one and by the way it’s got permanently fixed gimbal sticks in here and that’s another big plus on this remote control and the reason i’m telling you that. So this is the remote control from the previous sg906 pro 2.. Oh, i do also want to point out that you do have a nice uh led display on the max or the the sg 9063, and this one just had a smaller lcd display. So this guy is going to give you more information but to point out what i was looking at before.

If you look at this guy, you see no wire going into either of these, so the the the antenna was not functional at all, therefore range limited. The other thing is uh: it took double a or aaa batteries. I can’t remember so it didn’t have a built in battery not as much power in the rc. The other thing that just bugged, the heck out of me in this one, these gimbal sticks, were not permanently affixed on the remote itself and i was forever these things were forever falling out on me. Now you you have to kind of twist them: they’re, not they’re, not screwed in they’re, just a force fit, and so you kind of twist them in there to get them in there tight and even then i would have them fall out once in a while. So not good when you’re flying your drone so i’m really grateful that they addressed that so yeah. So this new remote is far superior to the old one and i’m looking forward to taking this guy out and see how it affects the the range of the drone. Hey okay, so i guess that’s about it for the preliminaries here. Let me get this thing out in the field: we’ll, take it up and fly it, and and our first flight we’re, going to be mainly interested in seeing how this obstacle avoidance, sensor, works and we’ll test that out, and then i want to take it out and Just do not not a range test per se, but i can tell you with the previous version when i was in an urban environment in a park in a city park.

It was tough to get out 200 meters and i would lose connection. So if this guy will get three or four hundred meters – and i know they’re advertising a 1200 meter range – but in a drone of this price point – if we can get a good, solid connection for three or four hundred meters, i’ll be tickled to death. So that’ll be great and then also we’re, of course, interested in uh. What kind of uh video we get ultimately uh and i see i just about lost the sd card there and i don’t you can take a look at that. I that sd card sticks out quite a bit, so it’s really easy to push it and then it and it comes out so you’re going to want to be aware of that. But in any case, let’s uh let’s get it out and try it out and the main things two main things we’re interested in three main things is uh, better range obstacle avoidance and video quality, so we’ll take it out and check it out. Right now: hey! Okay, everybody so uh we’re out in the field with the uh sg906 max or beast three as it’s called uh hey, i got a little bit of a confession to make uh. This is the second time i’ve come out with this drone to do the flying part of this review. The first time i was out here a couple days ago. There was significant wind and i don’t know if that was the issue, but i had nothing but trouble with this guy, the obstacle avoidance sensor.

I could not get the drone to fly forward. It always thought it had something in front of it, even when it was facing nothing and then i also had several connection issues a couple times: the rc wouldn’t connect to the drone, then the the app wouldn’t connect to the drone, etc. So uh we’re going to start all over again here and there’s, not as much wind today and we’re, going to give this guy another shot. So let’s quit messing around and let me get this guy in the air. Okay, so i’ve got the the drone. All uh fired up and i did both the compass calibration and the gyro calibration on it. So we should be good to go says we got 11 satellites uh, so let’s go right in here to uh to start to fly, and hopefully hey look at that. We actually have uh yeah looking good, so we have a connection on the rc and we have a connection on the app. So we should be good to go. Let me see if i can start recording and i’m going to try that on the controller here with this button, and it did perfect so it started uh that started up fine. So we can also unlock the motors on the drone on the app and then we’ll we’ll hit the take off button on on the controller here and let’s see how it does so. Uh, unlocking and the motor is fired up and let’s hit this button and there it goes, and you saw a little bit of a sink there, but that’s all right.

You know in this category of a drone. I i don’t expect it does have optical flow on the bottom uh, but it doesn’t have any kind of sonic, sensors or anything and i’m, not hearing any beeping to tell me that it sees an obstacle in front of it. So uh, rather than use, do our usual drony i’m, just gon na move straight out with the drone here. Yeah. Look at that there it goes okay, that’s better! This is better than we than what we saw last week with this drone. So i am uh i’m. Very um very pleased here, uh or the couple days ago. I i could not get the drone to move in forward flight the other day and it may have been because of the wind. It occurred to me that you know the wind might have tilted the drone in such a way and i’m yawning it around here facing towards us. Let me see if i can drop that gimbal down wrong way. Okay, let’s bring it back and that’ll help we’re kind of face towards the sun. Here, let’s bring it back and we’ll we’ll uh we’ll, try that obstacle avoidance there and it looked like we were getting a little bit of that wasn’t it didn’t. I mean i heard a beep there, so we’re fairly high here, let’s uh i’m, going to bring it over just a little and let’s see if we can get. This will fly over the top of where we’re at here doesn’t see those trees.

There i don’t know i’m, not hearing a beep and i’m not going to try it. I don’t want to fly it into a tree, so let’s back it up i’m gon na bring it over and drop it down and you’re gon na see me here. This is uh. This is a much better result than i had the other day. Uh and let’s bring it down just a little bit more and let’s, bring it in here and let’s see. If it sees us yeah it does. Although it’s still flying forward still fly yeah there, it finally stops so that’s good and then let’s back it up. Let’S. Try flying forward now when it does not have an obstacle in front of it so i’m getting that beeping and it stopped well. No, it kept going okay, we’re, good, okay, i’m in full, reverse! Now, let’s drop it down again, and i want to point out. We’Ve got another individual here that introduced himself to me, that is a fellow flyer it’s first time he’s flying his uh, his mavic air, too let’s uh turn around see. If we can get a look here, i don’t know if we’re going gon na be able to see it on screen there, but uh there’s, uh uh, one of the idaho quadcopter viewers dave, is his name and and uh first time out flying his uh, his mavic Air ii, so congratulations, dave, see if we can get up here.

I don’t know if we’re going to be able to see it on this drone, but he’s hovering right over there and his first flight he’s doing a great job. So again, congratulations so let’s uh let’s uh. Well, i promised we would do a dronie boy i’m having such so much better luck with this drone. The other day i i’m kind of gon na attribute the problems uh i had the other day with with wind. We had some fairly high winds: okay, let’s bring it in and it’s. You can hear that obstacle avoidance working like it should let’s bring it over again and we’re in 50 power mode, which it tells you that in 50 power mode, that is when the drone will be able to stop in time if it sees an object. In other words, it still works in a hundred percent power, but they warn you that the drone may not be able to avoid an object, because it simply cannot stop in time at those speeds. So let’s go uh, reverse and up now reverse and up and again we are in 50 power. I think this thing is top speed in this mode. Is two meters per second something like that which is okay perfectly okay. With me, let’s see how far we can get the drone back here: okay, we’re up in the air here i’m going to switch the speed mode to 100 percent speed, so uh i’m going to push the button this button on the app here hold it down.

Well, maybe or maybe not yeah, the speed button is not working. Let’S, try it on the app well, i can’t get it to change speeds on the app either that’s interesting, holding the button down nothing. Well, we had it for a second there on the app yeah. For some reason, it just does not want to change into that high speed mode. So i don’t know what that’s about i can’t. Do it either on the app or with the with the controller, and i was able to get it in high speed mode the other day, so i don’t know what’s going on there we’re going to try that one more time. Well, i don’t know what i touched there, but i did manage to turn fpv upside down. Oh shoot. I didn’t even touch that spot that switches, fpv or the screen, but okay, there we got it. We got it into 100 speed mode. I think what i was doing was holding the button down long, so i just did a short press and and that that seemed to work so, and it gives you that warning so let’s uh let’s grab some altitude here. Yeah that’s better got a little speed here and we can fly this baby oops and we had a little break up on fpv there. There we go let’s, move it on out and i’m getting some a little bit of break up on fpv, but the drone let’s see six meters per second that’s, pretty good i’m gon na move over here move the drone sideways and i’m watching the drone up in The air and i’m getting a lot of brake up on fpv here and that just shouldn’t be so that’s an issue that makes it really hard to get your shot when you can’t, when you can’t trust what you’re seeing on your screen.

So what i was trying to do was point towards the costco here, so we could get a look at that. I take this shot with a lot of my drones, so you can kind of see it, but the one thing that i that is encouraging is uh. Yeah we’re up to seven meters per second that’s, pretty good. So this drone, i can tell you with because this drone has a more powerful rc than the previous versions of the sg906, and it actually has one functional antenna on it. That definitely has better control. I i am 195 meters out with the drone right now. I could not have done that with the previous version of this drone uh it, but it would. I would lose connection at about 150 meters and let me add to that now, as you can see i’m in a semi well i’m, in an urban environment here and and there’s a lot more uh, wi fi interference. Now fpv is problematic. You saw it breaking up there on screen, let’s go to the other corner of the park here, and we got a little bit of a tilt down when we gave it some some forward. Uh motion there, seven meters per second, so the drone is moving out pretty good, getting pretty good power out of the drone so i’m pleased with that, like i said i i really do wish, though, that it that we had uh better fpv. This fpv is uh.

You definitely get that robot action and that makes it uh just doesn’t, give you the confidence uh that you’re getting your shot that you want. So you know i find myself i’m kind of guessing as to as to where exactly i have the drone placed, but in any case let’s uh yar around here a little bit and look at the boise front, uh and i’m going to pick up the gimbal. Just slightly, maybe oh, that was the wrong direction and again because the fpv is so spot yeah i’m holding the button down, but i don’t think i’m getting the desired response here. Uh and we are 269 meters away right now, yeah. I am completely locked up. Oh there we go. I got some fbv back and i can see i’m pointed at the sky see. I didn’t know that by looking at the screen here – yeah i’m – sorry about this guys, because the fpv is so spotty here, it’s uh, i don’t – i don’t know where i have the camera pointed so what i’m going to do is i’m going to hit uh return To home and i’m going to bring the drone back and i’m going to do that on the controller and it’ll come home here and hopefully we’ll get a better yeah there we’re getting something i can see. It’S turned around but we’re just looking at the sky there. We go and it’s coming right back so now i’ve got some fpv.

I can actually see, but i apologize. I couldn’t see what i was doing. I didn’t know if i was getting a response from the gimbal or not so uh again i apologize for that uh. But let’s see just how close it gets to its home point and the you can’t point the camera straight down on this guy. So i don’t know how far down i can point, it we’ll try yeah that’s about it so and that doesn’t show you much so i’m going to pick. It pick it back up and i want to make sure the drone doesn’t land on top of the picnic shelter here and it is going to be. It looks a little off to the side, but i can’t tell for sure and again uh. The fpv is locked up, so we’re gon na get a fairly accurate landing here. It looks like, but you guys, aren’t, really seeing much on fpv i’m, hoping that there we go, we got fpv back and we got a fairly accurate landing. It is. It is right. Next to the pads, so uh so good deal. Okay, we still have some batteries, so let’s uh let’s take off again and uh. Maybe we can try out some of the uh some of the flight modes on this guy. In fact, i’ll tell you what i’m going to do i’m going to take off, and i want to get you guys, a close up of the uh there we’ve unlocked the motors hit, take off and there it goes.

Let me see if i can pick the gimbal up and closer. I get. I get a lot better control when i’m in closer, so we have decent fpv here now: okay, i’m gon na get you a picture of that uh obstacle avoidance center sensor, close up with the camera here: okay, there’s, that bad boy and and the drone is sinking For whatever reason but uh, but you can see that sensor moving back and forth, i think that’s kind of cool that’s, one of the cool things about this drone. Okay enough of that okay. So something else i want to show you on this guy is that you can look uh. You know i talked about pointing the gimbal down, you can’t point the gimbal down, but you can switch to the bottom camera. That is not what i wanted to do. Let’S see how do you switch that camera looks like we’re getting low on battery too. That switches my view upside down, vr sd, no that’s, not what we want. So i was pretty darn sure that this uh camera button at the top switched to the bottom camera. Oh there we go. We got a menu down there, okay, so there we did it so let’s see we’re low on battery here i’m gon na see, if i can do a manual landing above the uh, the landing pad here with that bottom camera. Now i know i realize you guys are just staring it yeah, so not going to be able to do it that way, because of obstacle avoidance, so we’re going to back it in let’s, bring it down and let’s see i’m.

Looking for that landing pad there. We go see if we can get it over the pad too far. Okay, let’s just hold that stick down close enough. Okay, let me get everything: uh shut down and uh we’ll. Do a quick conclusion: okay, guys uh the zlrc sg906 max beast3 uh had a lot much better result with it today than i had the other day. As you can see, the obstacle avoidance does work on it and you got ta admit that is pretty cool to see that thing sweeping back and forth. I just love that it’s a great gimmick, and i applaud them for for coming up with something kind of innovative. Like that and fun now, with regard to flying the drone, i struggled a little bit to get it into high speed mode there. I don’t know why it wouldn’t work on the app it did. The other day i kept touching that it didn’t work, however, pushing the button on the controller, i believe, was my own fault, because it just took a quick short press to get into high speed mode and, and once i did, it was fine uh, and then you Know other than that it it it performed. Okay, we had some significant fpv breakup at distance and that’s disappointing. Now i want to also tell you – and i, as i said, uh during the narration there’s – a lot of wi fi interference around here, so that can affect that particularly on these kind of drones.

But i can tell you they definitely improved the range on this compared to the previous sg906 ii, what they call it the pro two uh this one definitely has better range, the the pro two when i was in the same spot, i couldn’t get more than 150 Meters or so, and you would just lose uh control and a complete connection uh and this guy i had. I had uh control connection to it. The whole time now, if you were out in the country out in an open area with less wifi, interference. I’M. Quite sure you would get much greater range than that and and we’ll probably try that uh one of these days but uh but i’m i’m uh. I feel a lot better about this flight tonight than the flight that i had the other day and i’m gon na attribute that to that that i was out on a a very windy day, and i just don’t think that it coped with it very well. So yeah guys, i guess that’s about it. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel and most of all, i really appreciate you taking the time to look at this video and, of course, we’ll see on the next one.