You see, i think its a dji mavic mini clone. So i folded it. This is the drone get a camera here. Are the things? Oh, what is what is this bruh very bad here i have the controller. Oh its working, so good here are the protectors for the propellers. You can do it. So yes, like this and Music, the charger um, i have a charger in this plastic: Music, quadcopter and its very good, very, very nice chinese, so uh yeah yeah chinese yeah um. This was this was the unboxing. Now we gon na do the review? Okay, guys! I charge the battery so uh the batteries for this drone. So lets start it and lets see here. I can turn it on and this one. This oh sounds good: Music Applause, Music Applause, so yeah it was a little review, but i used it before so uh. The battery is low now, but uh yeah its the drone um, okay, its very good, i dont know very good camera and theres an app so um on the phone for all your ios and android, and that app you can do with the camera.