Maybe you can’t see them, but you’re going to see them in the video. So i have with me the sg108 pro. This is the pro version: it’s nice, bright, orange color and on the arm. I love what it says. It says 249 grams on the arm, but in actual fact it actually weighs more than that. They just wrote that on there for the heck of it i don’t know. So let me tell you really quick about this drone. It has a two axis: camera gimbal in the front, it’s got some pretty cool, led lights up front. It has a range of 800 meters which is not bad for a little drone like this it’s, a budget drone flight time of 25 minutes. It takes 4k photos and 2k video and you can put a micro sd card in it and it does have an optical flow on the bottom for flying it indoors or if you want to do gesture mode or anything like that. Now, with a two axis, gimbal it’s not designed to fly in the wind, it requires like no wind at all, because a two axis gimbal is not gon na do too well in the wind. Yes, it is windy out here, but it’s, not super windy, so i’ll just try not to fly too high, where it’s really windy, so uh let’s take it out for a flight now. So as i unfold this, do you see what i mean about dandelions? Can you see them everywhere, they’re all over my lawn at home too, and i spend most mornings just like plucking them out of the ground and weeding the lawn every year? It’S like this all right, so here’s the controller for this drone.

It is a different design, and one thing i like about this controller is: when you pull the right arm out, it turns on it’s automatically on which is pretty sweet. I can power up the drone, so one press and then a second press. I don’t know if you can see the lights going there we go, it will set itself up. Next thing it says, is try to get the drone as flat as you can. If you look at my landscape here, i’m, not flat i’m sort of on an angle and then it says, take the two joysticks and pull them in to do a gyro calibration. There we go so this here should be doing the gyro calibration. You might see some lights flashing in the front. I don’t know if the camera’s picking it up next thing you have to do is do a compass calibration and on the remote there’s, a little picture of a compass over here pointing north, an arrow pointing north hold that in wait for a beep there we go Now the drone is ready for a compass calibration and it just means you have to spin it three times a typical thing once twice three times wait for a beep, maybe four times, maybe five times there we go. I heard a beep now i can never remember this. If you watch my videos, i don’t know if the nose goes up or down, i think a lot of times i put it down.

I’Ll put it up this time, let’s see what happens. Let’S spit it three times, i don’t think it really matters. Maybe it does. But honestly, i don’t know with these drones there’s a beep, so our calibration is done. It’S ready to fly, i don’t even have to attach my phone. I could just fly it like this and fly it line of sight, but if i want to use the app and the phone well, then i have to connect the phone, so let’s do that now. So the next thing you do is take your phone and connect. The wi fi from your phone to the drone – if you do this at home before you come out to the field, then since there’s, no other wi fi in the area, it will automatically connect and find it. You don’t really have to do this step, but i’m. Just showing you on my screen that i have connected to fly this drone, it uses the hfun pro app, so you just start it up i’m, just showing you on my screen. If it’s recording these are the settings, i have on the drone right now in the app all right, so we’re ready to fly just pull the joysticks down and out like this, there we go and we’ll take it on up, it does have altitude hold. So you just have to get it to a spot, you like it and it will stay right where you leave, it see i’ll, leave it right about there let’s, take it forward and fly it through all these little dandelions here let’s go around this tree under the Tree that was close Music.

So how does the image look it records at 2k and i believe it records at 25 frames per second, oh, the sun has gone out. So did the image get darker when the sun went out here? Let me just bring it back, though, on my on my screen, it looks like the image is really really dark like it’s it just i don’t know. Oh here comes the sun, you see it coming there. It is it’s coming this way. Watch this i’m just going to have that i’m going to look into the camera and watch what happens when the sun goes over me. Do i get brighter? Is it lightened up? I hope so all right! This is your typical drone with the typical features on it. So i’m, just going to show you a few nothing exciting. So the first one on here i don’t know if my screen record is working, is the follow so i’ll just take it up. Put it in follow for these follows it’s best to have it high and then to bring the camera down. You have two little buttons. They make the beepy sound and find me there. We go next, just put it in follow mode, so your follow mode is the little icon over on the right hit that and then the bottom icon is the one you want to hit. So here we go. I hit that and let’s see it follow me. Is it coming it’s taking a while? This is the follow me function, i’ve got it up high, it seems to be working.

Okay, you know get my arms out here. I always do this just to see which way it’s going so let’s see what if i turn to the left, does it come with me? Oh, it comes with me. That’S good it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming there we go next thing i want to. Try is the orbit function. Take a look at my phone screen if it’s recording it is the icon on the right hand, side with the circle you just tap on that and it will go into orbit mode. So let me turn this way and tap on it. See if it goes around me, okay, that’s, a pretty good orbit, except it’s kind of flying, slow and close to me, that’s too slow too close here. Let me get away. I got ta pull back on the joystick see. If i can make the orbit wider, i got ta get in the center hang on got ta get in the center. There we go okay. There we go. I get in the center now, so i’ve got it cracked, oh my god, so that’s. What the orbit looks like on here, but it’s hard to stay in the center of this thing, i got to make it wider. Hang on a second see, if i can make push the drone back farther there we go there. We go. I think that’s better, like that, makes a bigger orbit there. We go now that’s more like it all right.

Let’S get out of that, hit, stop all right, so it’s right there, the sun is in and out i’m gon na take uh a photo there. We go. You see me looking at my phone. How does that? I tried the photos indoors and it turned out quite well they’re really good quality indoors, but i think it needs a lot of light. Let me try it uh. The sun’s coming out again, hang on a sec. Give me two seconds: the sun’s coming out. I’Ll try a photo. There we go now. There is a zoom function on this drone. If you look at my screen, if my screen record is working there’s, a uh, where is it over here, it should be a big there. It is at the top. It’S got a magnifying glass and 50., so if i zoom in, i should get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger, and then i’m too big, and i can go out so there’s your zoom function. Okay, a lot of people always say when i do these videos, they want to see more video and photos. So what i’m going to do for the rest of the video i’m just going to take it up, take some photos and videos, and here we go so i’m, going to turn the camera on now for video and then i’ll stop the camera and then take some Photos all right here we go going up Music.

Okay, this drone has two speeds out of the box. This is speed. Number one uh it’s, you know that’s the speed i’ve been flying at uh on the controller. Here there is a button to change speed. So i’ll change, it that’s two speeds, so it should go faster. That should be the fast speed, yeah that’s, much faster. All right, i’m gon na hit return to home now, and it should go straight up. Hopefully it doesn’t hit that branch. Here we go pressing. The return to home here it goes going up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up there. She goes and there i better get back it’s, going back all right, so it’s doing well it’s right there and my landing pad. Is there let’s see where it lands? Look at this look at this guys this little budget road look at this. Well, it touched the landing pad that’s, pretty sweet, yeah, all right so i’m impressed with that now i want to show you what comes in the box so inside the box is a case and inside that case would be let’s open it up. We have the drone and here’s one side of the drone. Here is the other side of the drone on the rear of the drone. We find the battery and the power button to switch on the drone here’s. The optical flow sensor on the bottom pulling off the gimbal guard.

We see our camera which shoots at 4k and 2k. It is a foldable drone and the arms unfold, like this here’s, where you put your micro sd card in the drone pulling out the battery, we can see it’s a lithium ion battery at 3 000 milliamp hours. Here we see the brushless motors and how the props are connected. A few parts of the drone have rubber on the bottom for contacting the ground now let’s power on the drone and check out the light system. Look at the two green lights on either side and in the front we have this cyborg. Looking blue light that goes back and forth. Now. The remote is rather thin in size, but it’s, pretty cool you pull out the right handle and it powers on let’s check out the button. So you have your take a photo, take a video and then you have your return to home button. Then you have your. Take off and lan button a gps button, then you have your speed button and you have your compass calibration button and on this side we have our camera up and our camera down button. This usb port is used to charge up your controller. Other accessories in the box include a micro, philips, screwdriver, plus a usb cable plus some spare props and plus instructions in many many languages that you can see here all right. So there you have it. That was the flight of the sg108 pro now.

My final thoughts are it’s, just like every other budget. Drone on the market same features, everything you know the common stuff you’re going to use in a smaller design, that’s pretty much it, but it is over 250 grams. The only thing i noticed is my app my h fund pro it kept saying. There was no gps, but there was gps because it was flying around with gps on uh. So i think there’s a little bit of disconnect between the app and the drone. So if you’re in the market for a budget drone with budget features, then this might be the one for you. So i’m gon na put the links below go check it out. There might even be a discount and if you have any questions on this drone, just post them in the comments below and i’ll get back to you thanks for watching the video Music won’t.