It comes in a nice package, a case. It has everything in it with the instruction book for the sg 108 gps, smart drone user manual inside we have the controller, get a little bit closer here and controller battery other battery and the drone itself. Now what i most like about this drone and the reason one of the main reasons i picked it was because of what it weighs take that off here switch the scale on and set it on here, and it reads: 2′ grams. So that puts it underneath the 250 grams needed for registration, so no registration needed no license needed unless you uh use it commercially. I intend, as you, the nomad monster, keeps uh on the road ill use the drone for navigation. So before going into say, a unknown area for boondocking then ill use the drone to investigate where were going before the vehicle goes in now. I bought this drone online from aliexpress, and the dealer that i dealt with is a registered or an official dealer for the company and the reason i one reason i chose that dealer was because they uh promised a fast delivery date and they did. I got it fairly, quick as a matter of fact, it was about three or four days before i expected it. It came so very pleased, theyre, very pleased with the dealer who has responded fairly quickly to any inquiries. I had so what well get into next then that one and the feet first, then that one and there should be so – we go over the instructions here, and this is so from the users manual of the sg108.

We first of all need to put in a fresh battery, so i have here a battery that is full nice little way of finding that out, and then that goes in Music here setting up okay, now instructions say to do a short press. Do this checks that and then do a five second press and thats set up okay, then we take the remote and open the right side to turn the remote on. So now the remote is on the gyro ive done before, so we dont really need to do that for this, but the gyro will do that way too. I should do a fast flash to see if its done, but its not doing that. Okay, compass calibration that part ive done before so that if you dont change locations, you should be good with it. Uh now for wi fi and im going to take my phone here and well look at uh settings and for connections. We go to uh mobile hotspots. No, we dont want that david usage. Now mobile data access internet through your mobile data, was supposed to turn that off so that doesnt interfere with the wi fi and then thats working and flashing. So i should be able to go into back here and go into wi fi and wi. Fi is now on and searching for wi fi network, and there are no wi fi networks here so the unit, the sg108 is not locating wi fi for me, so here is the problem.

The earlier problem was same thing: it wouldnt recognize wi fi and then, when i did manage to get it to go and go into flight mode, it still doesnt do that it doesnt go into wi, fi mode. Doesnt, do anything other than sit there and flash so somewhere theres a problem and lets turn this off because thats off so maybe we try again and see if theres any luck with it. So a short press – and we know the batterys there and then we do a five second flash press. It active there we go and so weve got a fast flash and then that okay, so now its done the um gyro calibration and were still searching for wi fi and the wi fi is simply not there. So its a problem again, the it does. Do the startup and the blades turn but im still not getting uh any wi fi here. So if i try that unlock the flight mode again, uh lets see where its free there take this and then put that way. It does that and if i hit the take off and landing button, it would take off but were inside the building, so thats not going to happen. So my question to the dealer, the manufacturer, is: why doesnt it read: wi fi, okay, im going to test this once again. Ive done this several times with several different different phones, but this time im going to take a look at the batteries.

So this one here, if i press the test button, weve got all the lights flash that should be full, get this one all the lights flash, so that should be full and well get this one, nothing there. But if i hold it, it counts up so Music. That means its full or whats going on. Here i put that one back on the charger. No, that was on the charger, so it should be fully charged, but its a problem so well. Take this battery here, which shows that its full and put it into the drone the right side up. So you do a fast flash or a fast press, and then you press for five seconds. Let that set up – and you get uh fast flashing to say its booting, and then it turns to slower flash, which means the boot was. Okay, so well set that there and then the next stage is to take the controller and open that to turn it on Music. So the controller connects. You can see the lights flashing there for the connection of the controller and then the next one is youre supposed to do a gyro test. So we do that goes fast flashing to say that it was connected to gyro, maybe thats what they mean. Its, not clear. Compass calibration is next, i did compass calibration before so that should be okay. So then the next step is to connect wi fi. So on here i went through connections and let me turn the data usage and access mobile data turn that off so now its getting.

No, no, no mobile data at all and then back here onto wi fi and turn wi fi on so scanning for networks and theres, none so thats, where we stop theres, no wi fi in this area, so its not picking up others um in other areas. It does pick up wi fi, so the phones working ive tried this on several phones so and they all work the same way.