If you purchase it and we’re going to be discussing whether it’s worth the money so make sure to watch the entire video until the end and anyways let’s get into it, alright, so not to state the obvious, but it is obviously a gps drone. But this one has a three axis gimbal, which makes this interesting as you can see right now. It has the gimbal cover on it. So let’s look to take this guy off you just pull it well, it’s a little bit difficult to take off and there we go so the gimbal covers off like that. It has a range of one kilometer to go along with its 26 minute flight time. It uses brushless motors as well as a 4k camera shooting at 25 frames per second, it weighs in at 564 grams, and this thing is also foldable, as you can see, it’s folded up right now. If you want to unfold it, what you do is you do the front arms first and then the back ones like this so we’ll turn this. This way the front one and the back one, and let me set this guy down not a whole lot of room on my table. As you can see, it records its video to a micro sd card. It comes with a smart battery and a charger. The controllers do take double a batteries which does kind of suck it’d be nice if it was able to recharge using the same charger as the battery.

The app is h fun pro, so you can download that from the app store or the google play store make sure your camera is set to hd when you have the when you’re in the app, because you have the option to be in hd or sd mode And hd mode will give you the best quality of footage, so you want to be in hd mode. It also comes with a shoulder bag, that’s, very nice. It holds your drone and the other accessories. The shoulder bag is right here, and this is what it looks like. It fits the drone, the battery and everything you need with that, and it comes with a mini screwdriver as well, so that’s pretty nice. If you need the mini screwdriver and it comes with many different instruction manuals, this one is the english instruction manual. As you can see, it is in english. So that is obviously my language but um yeah. It comes with many different languages and you get extra propellers as well, so that’s nice. If you crash it and your propellers are damaged, then you can exchange them all right. So let’s give you a quick run through on all the features that you get with this drone when you’re in flight. So it has auto takeoff in auto. Land is return. Gps return to home follow me circle mode, waypoints, camera zoom, but the camera zoom only records your phone, so not the sd card, so that kind of sucks but um i’m not going to be using the camera zoom because it’s, actually, once you zoom in it’s, not That great of footage, speed, controls, headless mode, headless mode, isn’t really my thing, i think that’s for people with no sense of direction and optical flow mode, so that’s nice.

If we look at the controller right here, you can see right in the middle. This is the power button right there um this button is right, there is for videos and that one is for photos, and that is return to home, and that is your speed control right there, alright guys. So this is everything packed up in the bag and, as you can see, it fits in there perfectly and all you need to do is close. It and zip it up. There’S. Also this little front pouch right here. That has a zipper, which i mean you could fit um some stuff in there if you really wanted to, but it fits all in there nicely that’s the carrying case, and it is very nice, so that is a plus all right guys with me right here. I have the sg 906 beast pro 2, so we’re going to take this guy up we’re, going to get some videos and photos, we’ll try out the return to home test and some of its other features so anyways let’s get into it so that right there was The footage – and i got ta say i am very impressed. This thing made great videos and pretty good photos too. The gimbal made it super smooth and i was really impressed with how crisp and detailed the actual frames in the videos were very smooth. The range was good when i was flying it. The fpv didn’t cut out too bad, it was pretty clear.

Return to home was accurate. The features were awesome. This drone is definitely one to get for the price you’re not going to get a much better drone. This one is definitely worth every ev, all the amount of money that you pay for it, because this thing is a steal, in my opinion, for the price that you pay. Now i made a mistake when you turn on the controller you’re going to see the battery life on the controller on this reading right here once the drone is connected to the controller you’re, also going to see your drone’s battery life. When you don’t see your drone’s battery battery life, then you know that the controller is not connected to the drone, so you want to make sure the controller is connected to the drone. I crashed this drone because it wasn’t connected at first, so i had to turn everything off recalibrate it and that’s why you can see there’s some scuff marks on the propellers because i crashed it, but just make sure your controller is connected to the drone. So, in conclusion, i would highly recommend picking up this drone. I think it is a steal for about two hundred dollars. I think that’s, a very fair price point, so great camera flies super smoothly. Great for beginners i’ll leave a link to buy this guy. In the description below i’d highly recommend you check it out, so thank you for watching my entire video, please consider subscribing to my youtube channel and like this, video and i’ll definitely be making more videos about the sg906 beast pro 2 in the future.