It is a one with the vulture, as you can see, it has um and a cool ship, its a seven plus set it and set six one, nine five, seven, six one one: nine five spider mans drone door 498 pieces. It is um spider man nowhere home set. You know i dont think the vulture is going to be here, but its like um inspired, i think with suits you know, im not sure, but in a box you can see its the iron spider cool nice one and um little spiderman logo down the bottom. You can also see uh its like these white bricks and theyve got comic. Look its quite cool um. I really like the chip, its really cool ill talk about it in um, maybe a minute or two im, not sure, but its really cool black and gold. Really nice color here are the minifigs black and gold suit, amazing, printing on the legs and the porto for the spider man, i quite like it it its got: really good gold and um, really unique soup. My opinion and vulture with a cool um mask and a cool jacket with some belts around it and stuff hes got a cool mask with the um thing taken behind the sky. Breathing thing i guess uh. Obviously he hasnt put his wings on right now, but you can see theres this invisible piece showing that thats, where his wings would be if they were on him.

I quite like these minifigs um. You know its spider man. Everyone loves spider, man and um. This minifig just looks really cool and uh. The sets only um 18 pounds, which is quite good in my opinion, for this uh and here ive got to talk about this, but golden webs that is so cool like how the spider man, thats golden gets golden webs. But i feel like thats really cool and you can see instead of having like a web piece for the web, uh theres like a weird line of gold on the underneath, the ship you can see. The vulture also has these cool wings, and the drone looks like a drone, obviously because its a drone and spider man, he can be in it if he wants to – and i really like these um things, and i quite like the the drone and and the vulture It looks really cool, it is cool wings. I really like them green thats, a really nice color right here is the back of the box with a lego version of the iron spider and the exact same place, and you can also see you can like fire stuff. Uh bullets from the ship and in the boxes, obviously um them fighting and thats normally whats on the back of the box, not like all the time and theres, always a lego version of the front cover which i think is actually really um, clever and obviously theres Marvel inside of the box, because its marvel and im not sure what that is, i think yeah.

No, he can sit in a ship which is yeah, really cool, and i i like this set its only 18 pounds and if you really like spiderman, i think i would recommend it its because this also comes with really cool gold webs anyway. Thanks for watching this video uh, this video uh took some time because i didnt have any. I didnt have enough time to video it.