This is set seven six one, nine five spider, mans drone duel im very excited to get this its been a while since ive done a set review. So i thought you know im gon na make three, and you know this one has been a really long time coming. Obviously this suit is so cool. Looking ive been waiting to get this for a long time. Uh. This one is his suit flipped inside out, and then it looks gold and black. It is sick and then we get a new vulture. We get this really crappy drone and its all licensed under spiderman, far from home im joking, its from spiderman no way home or homecoming, we dont actually know um, but who knows uh, apparently mysterio might be in the movie again uh, which i actually believe, because maybe There would be like uh, you know a variant of him thats, just kind of like hiding in the shadows. So you know lets get into the share review: Music, hey, yo, paris. They say hi, boy, Music. She love me, but i know Music, um, Music. All right guys welcome back to uh the lcu. Today we are going to be reviewing um this spider man set. I dont have the box near me, so i dont remember: the number were just gon na put out six nine, six, nine four twenty. That is the set box number. If you wan na buy it, it is uh three hundred dollars im joking, i think its like 29.

99. Honestly, i have no nothing near me to figure this out im just going off of im doing a set review without you know, like the box number or price, like most people do just for this video uh, because i this is kind of a rushed video. Its kind of late, i actually filmed that first part you saw like a full week ago and then now im working on this. Finally, i was busy uh, but yeah lets get into this set review. All right were gon na start off with the uh smallest part, and that is the vulture not gon na lie. This is probably one of the best parts, and it is not because of the back thing. I will just put this now down now, if you guys want the vulture out of this set, do not get this one, spend the extra money and get the other vulture. This figure is probably better, but this thing is so crappy. Actually i have the other one. Let me quickly show you so heres, the other one right here, this its kind of broken its missing like its wings, but this thing when you put this guy on the back, this is much better. It stays together than this. This thing, if you see, if i shake it a little its not doing it right now but like it will just like this part right here, will just fall off. It is its not that good, its a very good looking thing, but its not that good for, like stop motions, i probably wont, have the vulture in any of my spiderman style motions.

In fact, throughout the past week, ive been making more stop motions than you know. Reviews or videos ive got a few videos ready, but theyre not going to come out for a while and thats, because ive been working on stop motion and during the stop motion i could have used this, but i just really didnt want to. I also have been saving this figure for some other stuff, so thats. The reason why, but you know its a good its a good build. This is the back uh its pretty wide. Actually, this ones um not as wide as this one was. I think, because this ones wings were wider. I dont i this things completely broken for me, but its wings were wider, but this ones still a pretty good size for a like what is like a 30 set and you get a full drone. Like literally one of the coolest spider, man suits weve ever gotten and a full on vulture. Oh, but lets look at the figure itself here. So it comes with this. Oh look: it happened right there when i moved it yep it fell off um. So this new piece that they have is this pilot piece, which i hope they use a lot, because its really good um, it is just very nice looking and luckily it came with an extra so ill be using that for a figure. It also comes with this background of the head, with his face.

Um not gon na lie this little like thing right here. It looks like to me this little thing right there, an eyebrow and i keep thinking that hes like confused or something and then on the front. You know we got nice green eyes that could seriously be used for some sort of thing. We got the you know, classic aviator helmet thing. He comes with a jewel and this silver stud shooter gun, um thats, really all it is to is hes, got this nice little printed torso, as you can see right there, its kind of blurry and on his back hes got the other side and im not going To take that thing off so lets move on to the drone. Now all right guys, this is the actual set um. This is the drone. Its pretty crappy so were just gon na quickly, look at it and then were gon na actually focus on the figure. So you know the drone wow its got this web thing. Oh my gosh bro its so insane uh. It also has this little cockpit right here. Its last word um. It also has this little back area: crappy, stickers, um, but its you know its trash and stud shooters right there, another sticker, and then we have these propeller wings right here uh. This is really useless like. Why is there this fin right here and then this? You know what were done with this lets move on to the figure, so the figure is the only reason i bought the lego set.

Yes, i bought a 30, like i said, for one figure um this figure right here i like to call him the ames spider man uh, because thats what a stop motion will eventually be on him. Hes golden this is the flipped uh um around spider man. If you flip his suit um in out like from the first movie, i think – or maybe the second its it looks like this, and that is the suit that were getting so yeah, i think its kind of, and then it gets like. I think it has some sort of like add on to it with um like powers, but in like the normal figures, theres a red hand, so i dont know why thats gold, thats kind of weird, obviously its got this spider insignia. You can see theres like a lot of details right there. You know just to try to make it look like itd, be the inside of a suit, and then we have you know his head um. This is the back of the head, looks very nice and theres. The front – and that is the figure so yeah thats the uh, set basically ill. Show you one more thing: these are the web pieces, one of the greatest things about the set was i got all these web pieces in that extra one aviator thing, so i got this main one which has you build, but you can you know you can mention Mix match this thing you could, i dont know do this and then do that.

I guess somehow, but yeah you can mix and match a lot um its its good to have new web pieces like black ones, especially because you know racism, im, joking and um, so yeah thats a set uh like and subscribe, also go subscribe to planet pluto studios, Unsubscribe from quarantine, cinematic universe, theyre, really bad guys, theyre, honestly theyre, probably the worst disease.