Uh theres also an a version which is a little bit cheaper and i dont have that one, but basically it doesnt have the um display here. That shows the temperature its a little bit uh sort of a watered down version of this one and the price difference is the a version is 29 and this one is 36 or 37.. Now i did um. I did review the higher end version about nine months ago and at the beginning of january, at the beginning of 2021, its this one here, its the zero zero sq001, which is basically a ts, 100 clone um. It takes the same firmware and everything operates. The same way, build quality is pretty much the same uses the same tips and ill link that review in the uh video description, um its uh, its a good iron. I i mean ive been using it on and off. You know when im on the field, this is mainly for travel use. I have a hakko very nice hakko soldering station that i use for my normal builds its about a hundred dollars. This one here is about 50, 51 or 52. I believe right now. Obviously, prices change a little bit fluctuate and theres discount codes. All that um this one. When i reviewed it came in a kit with a bunch of soldering tips and some other goodies for, i think extra money. But if youre looking for something a little bit higher end this for around 50, something is a pretty good deal and at the time i thought this was probably the cheapest soldering iron worth getting that, basically anything cheaper, i didnt think was really worth spending your money On uh, if youre gon na, if youre gon na be in the hobby for a while – and i was offered the d 60 at the time same time as the sq 001, but i was like well, this is coming in under 30 dollars.

I wasnt really sure if it was going to be any good, so i was like well ill just pass on that ill. Just review the you know the one thats about 50, and i think that was i thought that was pretty good value um and since it was a clone of the ts 100, which is a well basically a well known quantity, i mean people knew where that was That people would would go for this, but it turned out most people didnt actually go for this model uh. They actually ended up buying this model, and a number of you guys told me to. I should review this one and compare it to the this um. The oh, this sq001 and after ive been using it for about not too long a couple weeks now i actually built a seven inch drone with uh the um d60 here this iron, and i would not say that its the performance is pretty pretty much identical to The sq 001, i didnt really notice a whole lot of difference. They use the same tips and then, basically, the power output is slightly different. This one is 60 watts max and the sq001 is 65 watts. I think what theyve done here is in order to create an iron that is even more budget friendly coming in this one here coming in around 37. I think what theyve done is they stripped out a lot of the sort of um, the programmability thats in the sq 001, this ones very programmable and the um the top temperature is lower, so the top temperature this ones 400 celsius versus.

I think you can go up to 450 celsius with a firmware update on the uh sq 001, but i think 350 celsius is going to be good for most purposes so thats. Why i went ahead and requested that they send this to review, because a number of you guys asked me to review this, so this is why you have this video and just to make things a little bit more interesting uh they are offering a giveaway. This is an extra one they sent me. I told them to uh, not send it to me, but they sent me so i guess ill ship it out to the winner. Um. Details on this will be disclosed a little bit later in the video. This is brand new unopened and yeah. Basically, this is the same tips. This one comes with a different power setup, so it has a usbc connector here in the bottom, which you can use uh with a usbc power delivery type of power supply. So if you use a five volt power supply, it wont work with that. You need a usb c power delivery type of power supply. They do actually have as an accessory. You can purchase separately if you want to buy that, but obviously comes the barrel connector here on this end, and you can use the barrel connector to xd60 to power this up in the field, which is what i recommend for you guys are using this for travel Purposes and i recommend using a 6s battery – you can use as little as a 3s battery or 4s battery, but it will take longer for the tip to heat up and you can order this with your choice of tip.

So this one here is coming with the bc2 tip um. I think this other one here is this tsc one tip, which is this tiny for fine work, and i dont really have a use for that. Not sure why youre gon na send that one to me, but the i think the bc2 is this one here its like a sort of medium sized chisel tip and um. Basically, they go in the same way. You have to use a little set screw to hold them in, otherwise they could pop out so actually ive been using this one here. Im gon na switch these im gon na put this one in instead, this is the bc2 and you have to. Otherwise, you got to probably wheres the set screw well its behind this little sleeve. You slide that down this little hex key is included, and then you just tighten this down to secure it, so it doesnt slide out well, okay, that didnt work so tighten it down. Some more okay, so now its now its nice and tight, not gon na pop out and then just slide this little sleeve back up and now the uh soldering iron or the tip is secure now and then go ahead and plug it in oh by the way. Um you do get this little stand that came in the package im going to use the one that came with my sq001. Its the same one same parts then were going to turn this on.

Okay, so once you plug it in uh, the display turns on it is in standby mode. This is the ambient temperature 25 degrees celsius. If you press the a button, so theres an a and b button here, press that and it should power up and then it will go to the preset temperature of 300 celsius. So you can adjust that if you want so like, for example, if i want to go to 3 50, so the b increases the a decreases so im going to go up to and its a little okay ill go to 360.. Okay, so now were set at 360., so you can adjust um things like the sleep time and the working temperature and all that all the all the instructions are in the manual. So im not going to go over every single one here, um, but then yeah basically set the temperature and then it is going to be its basically ready to use it. That is actually the temperature its set at okay. So basically, the bottom line is on this. Um iron at uh, you know 30ish dollars. This is probably the lowest price um soldering iron that i could recommend for rc hobby use. Now you know i i have used this to build a whole quad and everything went fine. I dont know what the whole longevity of this thing is going to be over time now i have heard from a lot of people. This is totally fine in the long run it will itll it has held up, but i cant attest to that.

So but you know, theres been a lot of people that have bought this and have told me and said that its a perfectly good iron for the use in the rc hobby, so im going to trust the opinions of a lot of people out there. That have already reviewed this, even though i havent put the time on this particular model. It seems like its going to be okay anyway, im going to show you a quick little demo of this in use on an esc, with some with a little bit of a tip here on how to um solder up an esc without doing some sort of noob Damage to it that a lot of people typically do you see a lot of burned.