I just did a review on this kato, soldering filter and this kato soldering helping hands things both of these are great products. Um definitely get these. If you do a lot of soldering or do your own drone builds, this thing is sturdy as heck. This thing is solid steel, and this sucker will whisp away any soldering smoke its great um. I bought these with my own money, full disclaimer. No one paid me to review these. I just love them think theyre. Awesome i want to share with you lets get on to the creek. I am excited, i am excited. What do we got? Um hq prop heads up racing prop r38c, clear um, doesnt say what the pitch is, but its got it written on there. Four point: wow 4.9 by four by three ive, never seen a four point: nine interesting cool um; oh a smoke, stopper thats, cool xt30 and xt 60. That is cool. I almost bought one of these just the other day. Thats neat, very cool cool cool, save that uh t shirt red is not my color, but ive been known to wear a red shirt or two. I like it. I like it look at that thats cool man that is cool. I will definitely wear this red or not, that is cool um. Ah, oh, no, oh no hack, rc, f7, 230 d thats got to be a flight controller dang it dang it dang it. What does that have dji built in no thats flight controller? Is it s? Bus ground, rx, tx, ground, nine volt, maybe that i dont know oh its got a usbc thats cool.

That is the way things are going these days very cool and theres your gummies and your cables dang it yeah all right so um. I think when was it? Maybe july fpv crate, we got a xylostax um f4 flight controller and i threw a fit because i already had one of these and i was hoping for the jb f7 and i was not shooting too high, but all in all thats, the uh, my daily quad, Has a xylo f4 and i love it its great. The reason why im upset now is this: this this quad is all um, fpv crate parts, its got, the jb frame, which is killer. This frame is awesome. Its got the velux motors, which i just love. These motors they look, awesome theyre, cheap theyre unibill, i havent flown them, yet obviously still putting finishing touches. Last month we got the hack, rc esc, you see thats in there, man them uh theyll stick out far dont they those motor pads. I know it sat this morning, but its still within the frame so whatever and then um what else thats a old vtx i got from my one of my older builds before i switched to dji and then ive got a rxsr. I threw in there and then theres a xylo mutant camera from one of my old builds and then theres the xylo f4 that i got that second month sitting on top there. So oh and loomis gets oh thatll, be neat um, yeah im! Actually, building this to give it away not not to you to a family member but uh, this is all spare parts from the fpv crate, so i just thought you guys should see that ive been subscribing, for.

I think this is my fifth box and ive already built a quad with it, so yeah, very cool plus i got all these cool t, shirts and stuff. So Applause, oh dang it! This is an f7 though oh shoot. Oh i dont want to fly. I dont want to switch out the controllers ill, save this for when he needs it well, swap that out to an f7 hes, its hes still flying uh tiny hawks little, the baby hawk whatever little guy one inch props one and a half inch so im building This for him to step up and im sure hes gon na wreck it a few times, and now we got a backup controller cool. You know what wait a minute: wait, a minute, theres, no coupon code in this months box. No thank you card! No contents list. Okay, well um yeah, i just triple checked its not there either they missed it or they just didnt do one this month, thats all right.