I know youre on not on the committee tomorrow, but senator what questions do you have, first of all about this report from the new york times that that drone strike went terribly wrong and the withdrawal in general well lets lets deal with the the drone strike first And i want to get to the bottom of this as well, but i think your previous correspondent, mr engel you know, laid out what appears to be the facts and we knew uh in those waning days actually in some level of collaboration with sharing intel from the Taliban with the taliban that there was going to be an isis strike and the tragedy of losing 13 americans and literally hundreds of afghans. There was a huge concern that there might be another attack so that doesnt excuse. If there was this kind of gross mistake made. But it clearly was a chaotic exit and i can tell you the intelligence committee. We are already starting our review. We are going back and our committee will be meeting this week to get the facts of you know. Where was the break? The glass plan um and was it fully kind of red teamed out and was it ever fully implemented? Why, for example, was there still, you know some credibility given to the former president ghani, who clearly was not taking any of the american advice about consolidating their forces around kabul? Uh again, i think an error there, so we need to.

We need to find out that, but we also need to recognize that there are. You know there are. The american military in particular did a remarkable job of getting close to 125 000 people out of afghanistan and that and clearly there is a – i have no faith in the taliban, but we are still in this extremely delicate time frame when it does appear. Although subject obviously to the recent uh stopping of the flights because of the health concerns, but there have been a number of flights that have been able to leave afghanistan, bringing out other americans or other individuals who worked with us. So you know navigating this very treacherous path over the coming weeks, as we still try to get people out some of these people that were people that candidly werent sure they wanted to leave even a couple weeks back, but obviously, with the changes. Maybe now wanting to leave and at the same time recognize that were going to have greater constraints on us in terms of monitoring afghanistan, because we are going to have to do it over the horizon. If you were to have a drone uh overview, you know its going to take half the time of the drones flight time, literally just to get to afghanistan. So we we do have a lot of tools in the toolkit from 20 years of fighting terrorism. That weve got but um, but its going to be a challenging period and speaking of challenges, north korea, now a new style of cruise missile theyve promised that we knew they were working on it.

We dont know if its nuclear capable, but they are known to have a goal of at least miniaturizing a warhead, so it could be carried on this cruise missile, which landed about 1500 kilometers 973 miles or so in the water um. What are your concerns about that? There are no talks going on there. Havent been for two years since the failed hanoi summit with donald trump well lets face it. I mean i actually supported um trump initially reaching out to kim jong un, but he so blundered that initiative that what youve ended up resulting is youve. Given the regime and north korea time to build up its capacity, we get intel on this on a very regular basis. North korea has been remains and will be a challenge for regional stability and long term could be a challenge for our country, so uh. This is on a list of a series of challenges in a very dangerous world. We are just showing some pictures from last week of kim jong un looking dramatically different. Do we have any idea whether hes just been on a great diet or whether hes suffering from some illness um great question, andrea and i actually dont have the answer to that? Theres been a lot of speculation, but you know north korea still remains, even with all of our our capabilities of trying to find out whats going on. It still remains pretty much a black box. I want to also play something that president george w bush said.

On 9 11 at the ceremonies in shankville, where he compared the insurrectionists at the capitol attacking our capital to the 911 terrorists lets watch. There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and violent extremists at home, but then theres, disdainful pluralism in their disregard for human life in their determination to defile national symbols. They are children of the same foul spirit. Your reaction to that, i think president bush said it more eloquently than frankly i or most everybody else who have been you know calling out against the insurrectionists on january 6.. So i commend him for his comments. I commend him who, as someone who was president during 9 11 for president bush, to have the courage to call out this similarity. And it is outrageous to me that uh with the 20th celebration or anniversary of celebration, the commemoration of 9 11 just being two days ago, that there is a group coming to the capitol next saturday to try to celebrate the insurrections of january 6.. Thats outrageous. To me, do you fear for the do you have any concerns security concerns, or do you think the capitol police are on it? Well, i think the capitol police are on it uh, but the idea that that uh – and i i dont, know whether theres going to be the re establishment of the defense perimeter um. But you know if any elected official gives credence to this group of thugs and insurrectionists, i think they should be wildly condemned and i hope they will listen to president bushs comments on saturday senator mark warner, the chairman of the senate intelligence committee.

Thank you very much for being with us, sir. Thank you. Andrew Music.