Sure many of you are spending more time at home. Now than ever. This global pandemic has changed the world and things simply aren't normal. Now it Rota right, we've been fortunate enough to continue our business operations and orders are still shipping out of the warehouse. Everyone that's been shopping with us during this time. Thank you so much for the support, but what we have not been able to continue to do is make videos at least the way that we like to make them where we get together and go on adventures and take you along on the journey. But we wanted to get creative and find a way to bring us all together. So today, we're gon na be checking in with some of the rotor rock pilots and see what they've been up to during this time. How they've been continuing to enjoy doing the things that they love and make the most of this situation? Music, hey, guys, well hope, everyone's Quarantine life is going super. Well, obviously, as you can hear in the background, I am still flying I'm still ripping it out here. Just because we're in quarantine doesn't mean that we can't fly a very blessed. I can fly straight outside my house, come to take you guys to a little bit of a day flying giving some training with the DRL race before, because we still have a DRL season happening. This fall, but I want to get some batteries off the charger here.

We'Re gon na go out. We'Re gon na do a little bit of flying Music. He beaten up practice racer for got all my batteries in there I got my Futaba transmitter and my fat shark goggles some hand sanitizer just in case. I come across anyone out here and, of course I got my water bottle, because hydrator died rate you're trying to fly over 100 batteries a day need to be super efficient about everything. Not just your flying, but y'all see be efficient. With your battery charging here's. My charging stuff right here I got a spectrum power supply. I got two is DT chargers and have another one. Inside there, I'm gon na bring it out here, I'm charging at 7 amps which, when you're charging a 2300 million battery that's only 3 C and if my opinion, if you're gon na be pulling a hundred amps out of these quads putting 7 amps into a battery. I know I'm gon na get a lot hate on that, but that's. Why I charge at and that's how I'm able to fly as many batteries as I do per day, Music. Music. Everybody wants to deliver me a pizza with new, no contact delivery. I don't want no contact delivery. I don't want any delivery. I'M making my own pizza, Music water, that we're gon na be working with is ice cold. This pizza dough is gon na benefit from a long, slow proofing in the refrigerator overnight.

Music. Oh this. What are you doing just show you're putting the scraps back in my hands are clean I'm, making the food Music Applause. Those are gon na sort of settle and expand in the fridge. There are our dough balls from the fridge I'm going to take one of them out and put the other one back in the fridge Music trying to keep it even it'll kind of want to get thin in the center. So you can kind of come to the edge here and stretch the edge and feel for any thick spots and kind of try to stretch them out. Music Applause, Music, we're gon na set a three minute. Timer and we're gon na have a little pokey night, as bubbles are gon na form and they're gon na try to ruin our pizza we're gon na hook, those bowls Music boom pandemic pizza. Look at that that's. What that's a good bottom look at! Oh yeah! Hmm! All right well now that pick up one so five smurfy bit Music, what's up rude right, friends, Shawn here I'm fortunate enough to be able to stay in business during this as an essential business. I am an automotive electrician technically, but, as you can imagine, I'm, probably not as busy as usual, so I've been working on a few projects for rotor riot and I've got some other stuff that me and drew have just kind of needed. For example, we go through a lot of GoPros between the two of us and we're, trying to come up with the perfect mount, not as easy to get GoPros, as it usually is best buy isn't, even allowing in the stores right now.

So I started out with this design and it kept the back from getting destroyed and it helped a little bit with the lenses. But I was still busting lens and so I kind of upgraded it added a little bit more beef to the GoPro mount, not breaking. As many lenses but we'd still hit here and I started making them a little more goofy and sort of added, more and more bumpers to it, this seems to be working pretty good. So far I haven't broken a GoPro. Since I made this mount, it looks goofy but proof of concept I'm trying to see if I can make it more durable and then I'll make it look cool afterwards. Music see I've been spending my time in my blackout, RV I've been mobile. Living now for a year, I've been living, RV, I've traveled across the west coast. In this thing, and is one of my favorite things in the world, I've never actually shown people how this thing is set up. So we have my six foot, workbench tons of gear tools groans my gaming computer. This is my oculus rift playing a lot of half life Alex recently. People are probably wondering how do you get internet? This is my mo. 540. 500 is connected on the verizon network, with unlimited LTE and limited data. No throttling but that's, not the only cool thing about this. Are he, and so it is solar powered on top of that it has a Bay of batteries.

That gives me remote power and I have a generator plus. I can run the whole thing off of the engine of the garvey's, so I have three power sources. I never intended to be a doomsday prepper, but the doomsday prepper life chose me.