I also cover a little bit on how you can get it and what to pay attention to when you buy the drone so lets get into it. Whats up my biker friends and welcome back to another video lets, talk about drone tech again and lets talk about the skydio2 drone. Now those of you guys that follow the channel a bit know that i purchased a drone in the summer of last year of 2021. I added another drone to the mix. I already have a dji mavic air 2 drone and i added the skydio2 now in this video im going to talk to you about what the drone does, what its really good at and how my experience has been with uh working with the drone and im going To show you a few clips of the images that that drone takes its uh, absolutely fascinating when you look at what the drawing can take in images, so stay tuned for that Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So before we get into the experience that i had with the skydrone im just going to talk to you a little bit about how the drone works and why i added it to my dji mavic 2 drone, which i already have and im still intending to keep. Now the skydio2 drone you can fly that like you, can fly with any other drone, so theres a controller available. But what sets this drone apart, its its autonomous flying features and the tracking features that it has its still the best drone out there that can track.

You and fly autonomously in basically all the directions and and do really good tracking shots when you have sort of activity, type tracking shots. The drone isnt really new to the market, was announced uh at the end of 2019. So for a drone tech, it is relatively old, but its still – and this is the beginning of 2022 february – for that matter – its three degrees outside by the way, while im recording this, it is still the best thing out there by a long shot now in order To understand how this drone works, uh you have to compare to how dji is set up and the skydio2 drone. It has six 4k cameras that its just using to get an image, a 360 degree image of its environment and its using a lot of smart software. In order to understand where it is and where obstacles are a little bit like a tesla when you think about it and in a sort of autonomous driving feature, that drone is using visual sensors only to understand where its located, if theres any obstacles and its got, The software in order to get the drone to dodge these obstacles now it doesnt work for all the obstacles, especially really small ones like wires or thin, twigs that you have on tria at the moment, its winter time. You can see theres no leaves on the tree, so there are. There are moments when the obstacles are a little too small for the drone to discover.

But overall it works really really well and because of that, because they cant see obstacles, it can fly in any location relative to you as a rider. It can fly in front of you and get these really beautiful images from you from the front. It can go. Sort of sideways – or you know at the 11 oclock or two oclock sort of a front angle of the motorcycle, so you get really really nice angles of the motorcycle and then fly backwards or sideways and avoid all the obstacles. Now, to some degree you can do that with a dji mavic drone as well. It is not very good when it comes to flying sideways or flying backwards, because it doesnt have all the sensors either so its not it. Doesnt have a 360 degree obstacle avoidance systems that even the latest iteration of djis mavic drone. They dont have such sophisticated obstacle avoidance and thats key when you really want to let go and let the drone do its own thing. So the skydio has these six cameras that its using to understand where its located uh relative to its environment and its got the seventh camera thats an actual recording with its a 4k camera. It can record up to 60 frames per second, so pretty similar to what the dji the modern dji drones can do. It has a beautiful image coming out of it um. It is basically on par with the dji dots.

You dont have the same amount of control, so getting sort of different sort of color profiles on there that doesnt really work theres very little uh with regards to customization of any of those options, but it does take beautiful images, not another feature that sets the skydio Drone apart from the dji drones, and that is that it has, in addition to the normal controller, a thing called a beacon that looks like a remote control and the beacon connects to the drone and it transmits the gps signal, your location of the bike or wherever You are to the drone and thats really really important, because the skydia drone, just like the dji drone, when its going into tracking mode, it will do visual tracking. So the camera basically identifies an object and basically locks onto the object and then just kind of flies. The drone around so very similar to dji, but of course there are times when the drone loses that optical signal or the signature of whatever youre, tracking and thats precisely the problem that you have with dji drones, because it will lose you and once that happens it Just starts hovering in the air and its losing the tracking signal. Now the skydio drone will also have a gps signal, so if its losing you and it cant see you anymore, it can still find your gps signal, which is great now, with these two features, the gps tracking and the visual track.

The skydio2 drone will ensure that it stays on the object much much longer than any dji droid can at the moment, so that so much for the theory behind it. Now, when i got the drone, you know it takes a little bit of time to sort of trust, its abilities and obviously youre, not just gon na fly it up in the air and then keep going. But you know you kind of test the waters and you take small steps to see if it really does what its supposed to. Of course, ive watched many of these videos that you can see on this platform here where people have used it also with motorcycles, and they got fantastic images out of it, but um a lot of times what they dont show. You is the stuff that that goes wrong and as it so happened, my maiden flight with the skydio2 drone. I actually got it stuck in the tree and i will show you footage of that. What happened so it was the maiden flight. I got the drone out and it took me a while to sort of connect the beacon to the skydeer drone. It still takes a while to fire it up a bit longer than i would like it to be eventually gets it. It connects to the drone. Also. I would connect my mobile phone with it, so i have some kind of a visual signal that is then transmitted through the beacon to the drone, and then you can see what the drone is doing.

So i was flying it up in the air and you can see what its doing and i was starting easy. So i was going very slow finding. You know different modes and i was going along this long stretch of road that had pretty much no trees on the side of the field, to my right hand, side. But i knew there was a line of trees coming up and assets. That happened with the first flight. The drone went into the trees that avoided the trees, but um there were still sort of open branches and it kind of got itself stuck in amongst the branches and the thing that i did know wasnt quite sure what it does. When it sort of flies itself into a corner, what it wont do is retrace its depth, so it doesnt have this sort of intelligence to see how it got into that position and then it can back out. It just keeps going and its trying to follow you and sort of find the best way until it can um. So the priority of the drone is still set to not crash or not hit, anything which is great, but sometimes it gets so stuck in it that it cant basically free itself. Now, if you see some of the footage, it was pretty heart wrenching. I didnt see that on the phone i didnt – i didnt see it until i downloaded it to the computer, and you can see that its already starting to clip some of the branches its not crashing yet.

But you know these little tiny little thin twigs in there. Its hitting a drone a few times you can see its kind of shaking up a little bit, so i knew it was stuck because i could see the image on my phone, so i had to turn around and then manually get it out of the trees so That was a pretty heart, wrenching first experience with the drone, but in a way it was good because it shows you the limits of that drone. Its a piece of technology, most pieces of technology have some kind of limit. You have to be a little careful how you fly it and to see that it wont get stuck in some kind of tree. Now, if you look around, this is uh february, uh middle of february right now, its 40 degrees really cold. You see theres no leaves on the trees, so this is the kind of thin branches that can get the skydio drone confused and you can crush it uh. It will do much better with more solid objects like rocks or, if you have you know, lots of leaves on the tree thats much easier for the drone to see, despite six of the 4k cameras, getting the visual image, its still, probably not just the right resolution That it would need to see the finer objects which is completely fine so another day i tried something else. I just wanted to see what it looks like when it sort of flies to the side of you or when its doing a shot, where the drone is in front of you and flying backwards.

Recording the motorcycle for the fun thats was something that i just like. The way these images turn out and i wanted to see what the drone does and it does a really good job, even when its a bit dark out, you can see its definitely darker out. There was at the end of the night as a probably a weekday or something i just took the bike and the drone out and just wanted to see what it does, and it does really an amazing job and especially when you have flown dji drones before you Know that dji drone cannot do that. It cant fly backwards like that, especially not at that speed and its really having a hard time going sideways as well, because it doesnt have any obstacle avoidance sensors on the side. So these shots, you cant, see them with people. Doing that, but they usually make sure that there are no objects in the way, no trees and um. It looks really cool and sort of these objects are sort of pushing by through the picture when its flying really low its recording it from the side. Theres lets say bush or tree in the middle of it: thats, really cool, dynamic shots and thats the kind of stuff you dont get with dji doors, no, it wasnt until i took it to a tour uh through the balkans in october um. For those of you guys that have followed the channel know that i was out with a shoulder injury, because i crashed a mountain bike, so i wasnt able to ride the entire summer.

It wasnt until late fall that i had a chance to go riding again and i went on tour to go to the balkans if youre actually interested in the balkan series ill leave the link in the description ill leave it up uh here on the field. If you want to check it out, theres more motorcycles out there today its uh, its really kind of cool to see, i mean its not the time its three degrees now, so it is cold today, its definitely cold its good to see other motorcycles out so falcons. I had a bit more time and had sort of different scenery around me to try it out. You can see as im progressing to flying it more and more often, i trusted the drone a little bit better to do the tracking shots, especially something that really screwed me up. Initially, it was because it would lose me a lot through this visual. I mean you would think that it had a clear visual on me and it would not sort of lose the visual information of tracking you. But that happens quite often, and it kind of throws you off at first and you just have to trust that with the with the gps signal that will find you again and it will. It will find you and also will start locking onto your signal again, and it will show you different graphics on the phone to see if its now tracking you visually it, has this little circle going around off its tracking you with the gps signal.

So you know what its doing, and if you have your phone hooked up, you can see what the drone is seeing and it will follow you theres one thing: i have to say that i i dont really like so much in that setup. It is the transmission protocol thats, using its using something similar to what the first dji mavic air had and its a wi fi signal. Now you can have pretty long transmission range with a wi fi signal, but dji then started going with their proprietary sort of with their proprietary signal, which gives you a lot longer sort of distance and length of the signal. Now the skydio2 drone is using some kind of a wi fi signal, so there you know there are times when the beacon is losing the connection to the drone and its not really that far away. All it needs is that, if youre blocking this line of sight between the beacon and the drone, which is easy to do when the beacon is sitting in front of me and the drone is behind me, it will start losing the signal much much earlier than a Dji drove into so i wish they had something that would go uh. It had a more robust signal. I mean you, dont have to fly it three four kilometers out, if youre doing tracking shots, but something where the signal doesnt get lost. So there are ways around it when i first had the the beacon i had a on the front of me on the tank back, you know with a velcro and exactly when it was going behind me.

It would lose a signal so now i have it up here closer to the mirror, so that helps a little bit of keeping the signal in it. So thats one thing that it can happen and it will happen when the drone gets stuck. So i will show you a clip where that actually happens when the drone gets stuck in the tree again, and i saw that coming up and then, when you sort of move away, it will just start using a signal and then you have to turn around and Try to find it Music so select the front, give it a tap more distance and it doesnt know where i am right, because i havent moved so it doesnt know which direction im going. Music lets do see forward Music. When you see it zooming around, it is kind of crazy what it does and how it flies so its gps tracking me because they cant really see me – and i hope the next turn is gon na catch up with me and start finding. My new me again, i was pretty nervous at first when i did this, but uh Music. It got me there lost me again, so lets see what it does with the trees, its so scary, its incredible its still keeping up 47 kilometers an hour still uh. Very much tracking me so awesome Music. I get nervous when i see all that tree cover um. Okay, i got got stopped stuck in the tree, so when the skydio drone does lose its signal, what it will do, depending on the setting you have different setting, you can have it just hover in the air and you go back and pick it up or it Will go back to the last gps point that it recorded from your location thats how i have it set to so when its losing me, its gon na, find its last spot where it had sort of a solid gps signal.

It will fly back to that if, if it can free itself now in this particular shot that was in italy, uh on tobaldo very close to the montebalder area, you can see its kind of stuck in the tree and i am getting off my bike and then Just kind of parking in a really bad spot in the middle just trying to catch it. I was still afraid that you know would do its funny thing and fly off and do something stupid. So i would go back and try to find it, and then you can see in the meantime the drone freed itself and then its going to higher altitude and then flying to you know trying to catch up with you. Basically, and then you know, when you sort of walk towards it, the beacon will get a signal again and once you have the signal, then you can take over manual control and use the beacon or the phone to fly the drone and set it down and thats Kind of what i did in that particular case, as you can see in the videos this drone takes some amazing amazing images. I wish there was a drone that did both so i didnt have to carry two drones. I already had the dji drone, so im gon na bring two drones for the time being until theres, something out there where i can just use a single drone to do the tracking shots and then do the landscape shots that i still prefer to use.

My dji drone with because it has longer range – and it has this just that the controls, the menu controls – are much smoother with the dji theres. A reason why theyre a market leader they have great drones, uh they fly long distance, theyre, pretty robust to go up to high speeds, but for the tracking shots, the sky dear drone is amazing. Some of you might ask how fast the drone is, how fast it flies, so the tracking shots it can do up to just over. I think 50 kilometers an hour, and that really depends. If the drone is following you, it will go much faster if its following. You than it is if it has to go sideways or if its flying backwards before you and that kind of makes sense. When you think about it, because if its sort of dodging an object, it will speed up really quickly to try to catch up with you and that just leaves that extra reserve in the tank in order to keep up with you if its a dodging object. So if youre flying it sideways or any other location, actually then at following shot, then you have to go a bit slower, but you can see that on the phone you can see how fast its tracking you. So you know if its putting too much distance between you and and the drone, then you just have to slow down it, but its its pretty easy.

So at the time of the recording, the skydio2 drone is only offered in the north american market. So you cannot buy it in europe, yet if you want to buy it in europe, you have to buy it in the us, have it shipped to europe and thats quite a bit of sort of shipping costs that are associated with it. Also, you have to you know, pay for taxes, so the best way is, you know to fly it to the u.s and then just kind of pick one up yourself. Now i had family buy it for me in the us and ship it to me, and i did pay the shipping costs and all the customs, and there was a lot of money. I think it was. I dont know north of 600 euros for shipping and tax taxes and customs, so theres a lot of money to pay on top of the cost of the drone. So i would not recommend doing that its cheaper to buy an airplane ticket to pick it up in the us guys. I hope you found this useful before you sign off ill leave.