Drone from our san diego affiliate, derek stahl has some insight on how it works from experts with the company that makes it. The u.s has already sent more than a thousand of these small exploding drones to the ukrainian army. Theyre called switchblade drones because of the way their propellers rapidly unfold after theyre fired from a launcher, but the latest military aid package to ukraine includes a secretive new type of attack. Drone called the phoenix ghost it was developed by a company called avex aerospace, headquartered in solana, beach. The reason that we exist is to empower people to make the world a safer place and thats exactly what were doing with the phoenix ghost program, unfortunately, were not really able to discuss the details in any any depth. Ceo brian redeemes leads the company of about 600 employees, hes a retired air force, lieutenant colonel who helped oversee the flagship predator drone during his stint in the military. We primarily focus on special customers who need things very quickly and that have very special requirements, and i guess the current situation in ukraine is a is sort of an example of that kind of an activity. Redeems would not provide any details about the ghost, but the pentagon has said they function in a similar way to switchblades. Seen in this marine corps, training video switchblades are fired out of a tube and theyre mounted with cameras and a warhead. Once the human operator finds a target, the drone dive bombs and detonates some models can blast holes in a tank.

The benefit of those is, you can shoot and scoot as they say, you can shoot the weapon and then leave so that you cant be targeted national security expert ron b says these drones are called loitering weapons. They can hang out in the sky and verify targets before attacking them. The switchblade can hover for about 30 minutes and there are reports. The ghost can stay airborne for several hours. This is cutting edge, drone technology that has not been used before in ukraine. So this is a big step by the biden administration to buy these weapons. The bind administration said it will send 121 phoenix ghosts to ukraine.