Is this the top secret drone that they didnt want you to see? Maybe so this is the heq swan pro. It is a drone that james bond himself wishes that he had. You can pull this out of a briefcase assemble. It within seconds and do a vertical takeoff like a drone and then transform into an airplane and fly off for a flight time of around 45 minutes, also with 4k video on boards. You can pretty much do anything with this type of drone for around the same price as something you can get from best buy lets go ahead now lets take a flight test and lets check out the swan pro Music, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music. So diego has never flown fixed wing before hes flying thick swing. For the first time ever Music. There you go dude its like flying a quad right. I dont know a little scarier a lot scarier. Where am i, i dont as long as youre, not on the ground were good Music, so Music, Music, thats, big Music, that was cool, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music. All right guys, welcome to our secret lab lets. Take a look at this now. What you have to know about this swan pro is: this is around a thousand dollars, but its interesting, because this company atq has made a vtol thats ready to fly for around a thousand dollars and if you know anything about vtols well, most of them are under Commercial grade or professional application, which means theyre in the range of two thousand to eight thousand to ten thousand dollars.

They come with multi spectral cameras and all kinds of bells and whistles, but whats really cool about this. One is that it does come in this small case. It all breaks down and out of the box, its pretty much ready to fly the controller that comes along with this one versus the original one. This one is awesome because it has an integrated touch screen. It has android on board and it has a slot for adding a sim card. If you press this long press here, this will start the transmitter up and check that out. The screen is full color. It will show you the map, location of the drone and itll, show you all the satellites we get it to about 20 satellites on this drone, which is great. This pushes the drone forward the right stick. This makes it go left and right. This increases the throttle up and down if youre in multi, rotor mode, it makes it go up and down – and this is the yaw switch right here so now, its coming on and itll start beeping once it comes on its going to be looking for the signal Coming from the drone, but it automatically connects because its its already connected from the factory, so you dont have to bind this up but check this out. This is the map you can also switch over to the video mode here. No video right now because its not on, but it shows you all your telemetry up here.

It shows your battery voltage distance from the home point how fast youre going. It also has a tube on the very top that has an air intake, and it shows you actually the the current mile per hour, speed, which is really cool, and it also shows you in the bottom right here your flight time. So all the telemetry that you need here is on these maps and you can change it to street view as well. So right there its not on so its showing me mainly in china. You want to make sure you you let the home point low because it might think its in china now this is everything taken out of the box, and you do also get a charger in the box which charges up your battery in about two hours time. It is a lion battery thats in here and thats why it is so efficient compared to some of the other drone batteries on the market. This is actually a 15.2 volt, and this one is um 5500 milliamp battery. It has a little connector right here, its a barrel connector, and this barrel connector plugs right into the charger. You never have to use this xt60. If you want to you, can on a standalone charger. If you have one of those, if youre into rc airplanes or helicopters, it also comes with four propellers in the box four motors – and these are very similar to the phantom series drones out there.

These, i believe these are 2312 motors with brushless core. It has a speed tube on the very top. We have an fpv camera in the front and a space for a gopro on there as well, and what i like to do is i like to add a little bit of what we call wing tape in the fue wing world. We use tape on the wings to keep things together. That is pretty much all it takes to put the drone together, so quick to assemble, putting the props on is pretty easy. All you have to do is find the right one. They do have just like the phantom original series theres a little tiny divot in the very top of that shaft, and this one is solid, so im thinking that the silver ones go on top of the solid ones. Well, just double check that i spin this motor and you can spin it tight by hand and you dont need to turn it super tight. The divoted one is for the blacktop propeller and again you spin one way or the other and without tools you can assemble. This and have this ready to fly so i get it nice and snug. I dont over tighten them, and we do the same for this one back here, thats opposite of that one, and this one goes on just spins down into place, and these are pretty durable. We did a crash test with this drone, we flew it straight into a tree and it did survive.

I did have a second one of these, and so it made a really loud crashing sound when it hit the tree and we didnt even break a prop, which was pretty amazing, because this has a lot of props. But i think this is cool for people who just want to fly a fixed wing fpv aircraft, guys that are wanting to fly like an fpv wing. You dont have to mess around with a flight controller, because this already has it built into it. Gps full on touch screen. You can also put dji digital fpv on here, replace this camera, which ive seen another reviewer. Do so add your gopro on there or dks gopro. I also flew it with a dks gopro and the weight difference. Doesnt hurt the flying characteristic of the vtol, which is super cool, so good price on these, and even for the original version of this one for around 700 for everything and um, the thousand dollar version was the pro version is the one i would recommend so ill Put both links down below you guys, and hopefully you enjoyed this sort of overview and review of the swan k1 pro super super cool and highly recommend it just miles ahead of some of the other fpv wings out there, and you guys have been asking for stuff. Like this, so here it is im, justin davis, guys take care and ill see you on the next one. Please subscribe were giving away a fema, x8 mini comment on this video to get entered into that contest.