What type of product is it a gadget? Is it a food? Is it a clothes or what mostly gadget gadget or electronics that’s? Not my price number review. Hi. I’M. Sorry is this you on the shoppie that chat with me, yeah, sorry for suspecting you. I was wondering if you would like to sponsor my youtube channel that have talked to over 1 million views some product for me to review in my video, and i will make advertisement on youtube and also instagram. My client sales also boosts up by 99. My channel total view is 20 million Music companies, Music, Music, Music, okay, Music, Music, Music, Music. Just make Music Music um this more attractive product. You can share with your friends as well. If your fans like it, i look forward to you coming to me for sample tests, so Music 800 will be about 1k for a video review on top of sponsorship, of a few choices of adobe items. But do let me know if this is okay as i’m open for negotiation for any other arrangements? Music. So did you guys, thank you so much for watching. Thank you so much for staying with our videos with your video and see you guys in the next video smokey morning.